Misc. equipment
Calcium reactor
I have a Lifereef calcium reactor to maintain calcium, alkalinity and ph values stable and in optimum levels.
The actuall parameters in my tank are:

Ca  : 460
Alk :  13 dkh
Ph  :  8.3
U.V. lamp
I have a Coralife 25 watt U.V. lamp that helps me to avoid any diseases when I introduce a new inhabitant.
I only turn the lamp on just with new additions.
Wave maker
In order to create a natural current I have one Red Sea Wave maker and 4 maxi jets 1200 connected to it. It provides an outstanding random current which my SPS loves, not being the case of some LPS like my 2 bubbles.
Pic of the wave maker
Below the tank, I have a 66  gal sump in which I installed the refugium, protein skimmer, calcium reactor, u.v. lamp, heater and some baffles in order to eliminate microbubbles.
The sump was designed by me, in order to combine in a single unit refugium, sump, etc.
Between the baffles I located the refugium which has some sand to promote denitrification, it has caulerpa for nutrient removal and some calcareous algae.
This is the sump on itīs early stages, you can see the baffles and the refugium, right now it holds a lot more of equipment, like the electronic ballast, another Little giant and much more.
Click here to see updated pics below the tank
Between the baffles thereīs enough space to add the filter floss when needed, and also I can place some bags with activated carbon and resins.

The sump is a simple designed device which has a lot of benefits in it, making the tank look almost equipmentless and because of itīs design, light can go off with no problems of flooding. I also have a check valve to prevent much water coming down when light goes off but as they are prone to failure, they are not to be trusted, so my sump can hold all the coming down water with no problems.
More equipment