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Jan 2005. Any internet forum postings (especially guitar-related) that come after that, bearing this name, are most likely from the same impersonator.

This impersonator is from Singapore and does not write in very good English. He also deals in (sells) guitars, and have used the "hyz" name in such dealings.

Buyer beware.
Latest Updates / Additions
The Guitars of Notable Classical Guitarists (See under "Others" section) - 22 Jun 2005

Essential Classical Guitar CDs (See under "Recordings" section) - 26 Mar 2005
Recommended Music Theory Texts
Having a good knowledge of music theory is VITAL to being a good musician. Click here to see my picks for good books on music theory (Last Update : 12 Feb 2003)
Nail length/shape, and Good Tone Production
What you can do to achieve a better tone production. (Last Update : 03 Jun 2004)
Recommended Technical Texts
My picks on what to read regarding classical guitar technique. (Last Update : 03 Feb 2003)
Tuning Machines
Frustrated with your worn and/or crappy tuning machines and thinking about an upgrade ? I have something to recommend. (Last Update : 15 Oct 2004)
Choosing the appropriate strings for your guitar will make a noticeable improvement to the sound. Click here to find out more. (Last Update : 21 Jan 2004)
Essential Classical Guitar CDs
My suggestions for the CDs that every classical guitarist should consider getting.  (Last Update : 26 Mar 2005)
English translation of French words in Dyens' "Libra Sonatine"
Always wanted to play Roland Dyens' "Libra Sonatine" but have absolutely no idea what those French words mean ?! Click here for a translation! (Last Update : 14 Jan 2003)
Fingering Alternatives/Suggestions for Manuel Ponce's "Sonata Clasica" (1st movement)
Click here to find out more. (Last Update : 14 Jan 2002)
The Guitars of Notable Classical Guitarists
Ever wondered what guitars your favourite guitarists play ? Click here to find out! You'd be suprised at the size of the list. Additions and corrections to the list will be greatly appreciated. (Last Update : 22 Jun 2005)
Frustrated with poor intonation on your guitar? Click here to find out how you can improve the intonation on your guitar. (Last Update : 16 Jan 2003)
Great Classical Guitar Sheet Music Sources :
Guitare Diffusion
Three great classical guitar sheet music sites, that combined together, offer almost the entire published sheet music catalogue for the classical guitar. Guitarnotes has a very comprehensive collection of sheet music (email them to check if you can't find the score you're looking for on their website - they don't have their entire catalogue on-line) and highlights the latest publications on their main page; GSP has a wide collection of classical guitar CDs in addition to their large sheet music catalogue; Guitare Diffusion offers a very up to date selection of the latest sheet music, CDs, videos and DVDs available.
Great Classical Guitar Strings Sources :
Strings By Mail
Low prices, wide selection of premium strings, great reliable service - Strings By Mail is certainly the right place to buy your guitar strings.
Concert Classical Guitar Dealers :
Here are some guitar dealers that carry concert quality guitars, listed here for the convenience of your perusal / research. If you want to save some money, do click on -ALL- the links to compare the availability and prices - the price differences can be substantial in some cases.
Fine and Rare Guitars
Dan Zeff Guitars
Guitar Salon International
Classic Guitars International
Guitars International
Bridge Classical Guitars
Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio
Rosewood Guitar
KS Lay
La Falseta
The Guitar Salon
Trilogy Guitars
Concert Guitars Inc.
Kent Guitar Classics
Asia Guitars
R.E. Brune
International Guitar Exchange
Maple Street Guitars
The Classical Guitar Store (Philadelphia)
Los Angeles Classical Guitars
Fine Guitar Consultants
Rick Falkiners Guitar Centre
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