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Aggiornato 10.08.2004
My name is


43 years old, and I am HAM from 1976.....I was 16 years old when I passed my Ham Radio examinations. I like to listen to  broadcast and community radios expecially on 49mb and utility; I like home made and sometime I designed and built antennas

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My shack


I have a passion for Collins radios and equipments. I like all surplus and vintage radios, military equipments, but the passion for Collins is very strong and it come up from when I was young, sice 1976: in the electronics shop I watched Collins rigs but the prices were very high for my pockets.

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I enjoy to hold S79LC  home pages

EH antenna syestem: some personal experience. My home made EH antennas

Informazioni metereologiche: Europa 



IOTA      WRK      CNF
EU           124        85
AF             28        21
AS             34        22
NA             58        34
OC             20        13
SA             30         15
AN            2             2

Total       258       187

These pages are dedicated
 to my wife: Franca.





A New Arrival




Link to PAØJTA

and then choose


watch a beautiful picture gallery

of Collins collectors Hamshack





160         23       3
80           49       19
40           105     53
30           76       21
20           161     110
17           88       50
15           145     101
12           66       25
10           152     115
6              63       45

Country  258     217

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