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The comics and cartoons of Ian C. Thomas (AKA Ian T.)

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Updated: March, 2009

Out now:

Fist Full of Comics back cover by Ian T.

  • The revamped Fist Full of Comics includes my two page graphic poem, Tree, as well as this back cover pic. Read more here.

  • Tango #8 Love and Food is probably the finest Australian anthology of 2008 and was released in December. I have a one pager "Sweet Talk" in there.

  • #75 (the August 2007 issue) of Mania magazine features the latest Moth & Tanuki 4 page adventure, plus the 5 page debut of Ratty Things - read more here.

  • OzTaku #1.3 is also out now, featuring the first half of a 16 page black-and-white Moth & Tanuki story - read more here.

  • Mania magazine features 4 colour pages of Moth & Tanuki comics from #68 (January 2007) on. Click on the pic and spot Tanuki on the cover of #69! For more information on the episodes read here.

  • OzTaku 1.2 has Moth & Tanuki on the cover (and in a 6 page story). Available in Australia at these fine stockists and internationally from Lulu! (Click on pic for closeup)

  • The Ink #3, featuring my cover art and the final 8 page episode of Riffin' to Oblivion was released in July 2006 - read more here.

  • Operation Funnybone book is an essential encyclopaedic anthology of Australian comics artists, in support of a great cause - The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, so please buy a copy! It features a good cross-section of my current work and has Moth & Tanuki on the cover! Read more here.

  • Comic in Listen Magazine - read more here.

  • OzTAKU 1.1 - Moth & Tanuki 4 pager (click on image for preview).

  • I drew the new adventures of Dillon Naylor's Rock 'N' Roll Fairies, September 2005 - August 2006 in Total Girl magazine. Click on pic for a sample from Episode 10 (May 2006).

  • Pirates!, a thick mini anthology containing my 5 page story, Over the Reef (click on image for preview or read more here).

  • Tango (the love and romance anthology) #6, with my 1 pager about swans - read more here.

  • Snack Bar Comics - a vending machine art project comic - read more here.

  • OzTAKU 1.0 - the relaunch issue - featuring the first ever Moth & Tanuki adventure (click image for preview)

  • Head Full of Zombie and One Tiger Day in Sporadic #5 - read more here.

  • Written stuff - 2006

  • Inkspot #46 has my review of The True Story of Matthew and Trim and Jule's Faber's 'Golgotha'.
  • 2005

  • Inkspot #44 has my review of He Died With a Felafel in His Hand and a cartoon I did on the theme of Beer & Crocodiles and #46 has my reviews of Egg Story and Truly Confused.
  • OzComics Magazine #6 - six reviews and interview with Ben Howard, editor/publisher of Phosphorescent Comics

  • 2004

  • Moth & Tanuki, Part 1, in Oztaku #2 and Part 2, in Oztaku #3.

  • The Bunyip & The Whistling Ketttle print and online in Eat Comics, a mini comic anthology

  • Children of the Moon, Part 2, in Xuan Xuan vol. 2 no. 2

  • Riffin' to Oblivion, Part 2, in The Ink #2

  • A creator issue special, featuring my 1 page comic,
    How to Draw Comics and my interview with Dillon Naylor (of Batrisha fame!).
  • OCM #4 has a roundtable interview with Australian comic creators which I cohosted, along with six of my Australian comics reviews.
  • OCM #5 has eight reviews and I interviewed renowned professional artist Michal Dutkiewicz
  • In Inkspot #41, I reviewed Sporadic and The Crumpleton Experiments and in #42 I reviewed Killeroo Book 2, and Bloom.
  • Inkspot #43 has my writeup on the five Australian Manga anthologies around at the time.

  • 2003
    The Ink #1, a music anthology comic contains Riffin' to Oblivion, Part 1.

    Children of the Moon, Part 1 appeared in vol. 2, no. 1 of Australian Manga book, Xuan Xuan. It's an ongoing saga about elves and dragons on an alien world.

    I also contributed reviews (and later interviews) to OzComics Magazine from #2 on, and comics reviews to Inkspot, the Australian Cartoonists' Association magazine, from #40.

    Ancient History

    Busker Jim, along with his dog, appeared in the Melbourne newspaper, City Extra, during 1984 and 1985. There's a sample page of these strips at the link.

    Maelstrom had his own self-titled comic in 1982 - part of an extended tale which I did continue, but most of which didn't see publication (though I did nearly complete it).

    The excellent Australian comic, Reverie, picked up Maelstrom's adventures (a self-contained prequel to the epic) from #4 to #7. It was a substantial Australian anthology comic with newstand distribution and one of the first to appear.

    There's also a page on Maelstrom at Tabula Rasa

    Please free free to email me or sign my Guestbook. Thanks!

    Cartoonist, comic artist, illustrator, painter, writer, musician, songwriter, reviewer

    Note: All characters and graphics are Copyright, Ian C. Thomas.

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