Cindel's Room

Hi!  Have you come to play with me?

Welcome to Cindel's room! This is where Cindel, my adopted Thunderian cub, spends part of her time (usually when I'm in class).

Cindel is eight years old, and a full-blooded cougar Thunderian. She got the name "Cindel" because her hairstyle reminded me of a character from the Ewok movies with the same name. I met her at the Adamante Orphanage, where I was looking into adopting a sibling for my adopted Gummi Bear cub, Spunky. She was pretty shy when I first met her, and not very talkative. But after a little while she began to open up an the two of us got along very well. After bringing Spunky to visit and to get acquainted with her new big sister, I brought Cindel home.

Cindel is still pretty shy and quiet, especially around strangers. She enjoys spending time with her little sister. Fortunately there have only been a couple fights between the two of them, little squabbles over a couple of Spunky's picture books. Maybe I need to take those two out shopping...

June 27, 2005: *shakes head* How could I let two years go by without updating Cindel's page? Anyway, Cindel's settled in nicely here, and she and Spunky get along pretty well (for the most part...siblings will be siblings, after all). She's ten years old now; it's hard to believe that she and Spunk are growing up so fast.
We went on vacation last summer to South Dakota, to see Mt. Rushmore and all of that. Cindel loved the trip, and takes after me in the fact that she's a history buff. I think I'll try to find some books on Thunderian history for her for Christmas or her next birthday.

November 27, 2003: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Cindel's been very curious about this holiday, especially the part about the Pilgrims and Indians. But she's been very helpful in getting everything ready for when company comes over. The only thing she's still leery about is the family dog. I've explained that Maddie is still just a puppy and has a lot of energy, and that she'll settle down eventually (I hope). Cindel's also looking forward to spending her first Christmas with her sister and I. She's been asking me to read her Christmas stories every night since we first saw people putting Christmas lights up.

Interested in adopting a Thunderian child of your own? Or maybe a human or mutant orphan? Then visit The Adamante Orphanage. There are still children there waiting for good homes!

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