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  • okey alozie

  • Publicity Secretary
    Okey Alozie
               ibeku idIBEKU
    Ibeku Egwu Asaa  has  intangible Culture, Education, Heritage, Organization, History, tradition, and promotes these values that  are recognized  in Igbo  Community  . Ibeku  is Umuahia Ibeku  Abia State of Nigeria., with regional chapters  as associations. These values need protection  by education and development.

    I b e k u  U k w u   O g u r u b e !

    In sustainable Developments in Ibeku, we  need help and want to  attract funds, donations, gifts and use aids effectively and integrate information and  ideas for development into our work in Education, culture, health,  heritage, agriculture, housing , environmental

    he mission of Ibeku Organization of America is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth, all Ibeku people` .......more....>>

    Heritage  dance Okonko
    Ibeku Dance 2004 convention

     We have custodians of these traditional values
    in each of the  seven  clans of
    EGWU ASAA that
    has an Eze titled
    accordingly with a ....read more.>>..
    Our Intangible cultural heritage is under their

    Ogurube eze ibeku       Bende war  dance
    Ogurube Ibeku.            Cultural Dance
    Eze  S.I. Onuoha

    The 2004 National Convention was a big
     success for so many reason that we should be
    very happy with.......see who was there !!!

                                 I b e k u   E g w u   A s a a


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