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I have moved, since april 2005. Please proceed to my new site. Click here.

Hello, welcome, and thank you so much for having entered my humble site, as well as waiting for it to load. I appreciate your visits so much. You have entered here by way of my splash page located at
You are currently viewing the March 2005 layout of my personal site, Confines. This layout is titled Incense and it represents Confines' 8th month online. This site is a personal site owned and created by me, azreen, as is the layout. Since this personal site is where i express myself, it is all about me - my thoughts, views, feelings, and other knick-knacks i keep on the web. I am aware that i am boring, and mostly don't make sense, but that's just who i am. Please feel free to explore, and please please don't forget to leave a comment the tagboard. I'd really appreciate that you explore what is here.

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