Welcome to my page i built about my love Cristy and I. I am the sky and she is the sea, hence the web title. *thanks to cristy for helping me with the name. THANKS HUN* On this web page you will find everything on here having to do with the two of us. Oh and a side page of sailor moon, since that is what brought us together. Go to the page about the two of us and you will see how we met exactly.XP As i was saying...this entire page *except for the sailor moon part is about Cristy and I. I really hope you enjoy it. if not...please either leave a comment on my guestbook or e-mail me regarding what you think. ANd if you have sujestions....please let me know...some of them may or may not be included. ^_^ Enjoy one and all ^_^

Btw. I just wanted to say...that this page is dedicated to my angel and she knows who she is, cause if it weren't for her i wouldn't be able to make this site. and plus i wouldn't have gotten all those kewl images and such for me that are placed every where on this page ^_^ LOVE YOU MY SWEET ANGEL And this site is for you!!! ^_^

Click the links below to go to the site.


Click here to read about me

Or click here to read about my wife Cristy.

*image yet to come*-Click here to go see pics of my wife. Pics of me to soon....hopefully XD

Here are some drawings i have done. Enjoy.

A site i made of me and my Michiru (Chris) *pic made by Chris Bryant-Chubey* UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Take This girl-mine and my love's online diary. Its mostly entries by her and the odd one from me ^_^

My wife's site

Mixed things

Here are some ITests i have done. And i thank my lovely wife for supplying the links on her sites from her tests for me to take these tests ^_^ ANNNND i would ALSO love to thank cristy for letting me use her link for her itests for my link as well ^_^ THANKS LOVE!!!! <3<3<3

Click here to go to a bunch of links that I have. *thanks to yet again my wife , Cristy for the drawing that she did to make the link* ^_^

So have fun and e-mail me with any questions or anything.*thanks to my wife Cristy for allowing me to use a part of her drawings THANKS HUN!!!*

I have more sites but i can't think of any right now. GOMEN NASAI!!!!(IM SORRY!!!!)

I am not taking any credit for any info or pictures that I have so if you find something on here that is originally yours or know who's it really is please e-mail me and tell me so I can add you or them to my links page when it is up and running. Thank you.


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