the hotwires
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The Hotwires are my favourite new band, and this page is dedicated to them. My favourite Hotwires song is The Scene Sucks. Please let me know if you're into them as well. Hotwires rock!

Sorry I haven't updated here in a while. I've got GCSE's to study for you know!!!!

Hey! The band have put a link up to me at the official site. Yeah!

Hi Billy! Hi Harry! Hi Kriss! Hi Cherry! If you're reading this!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATES: Read my reviews of the band's Notting Hill and Camden Town shows in GOSSIP and SHOWS!!!!!!!

See you at the Buffallo Bar in Highbury and Islington on April 11. I will have badges made by then. Stop me and get one! (no scary old men please!!!)

Official Site
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