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"The Earth is still there, so is the sky and the Dynasty. We wish long life to the Emperor." -last words of the martyr Tran Cao Van
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Due to the harassment and slander of our business supporters by the enemies and usurpers mentioned elsewhere on this site, out of respect we will be keeping all names secret from now on, other than among the members to encourage them to support these people and businesses. We are grateful and humbled to have the support of twelve different major businesses in the pursuit of our goals and ideals.
Tribute to a Passed Friend of Dai Nam: Nguyen Trung De (1919-2004)
          "Humanity should respect morality, but as racial discrimination exists people oppress others to exalt themselves, thus weakening morality, Mankind should respect benevolence, but because of international strife some try to injure others for their own advantage, thus weakening benevolence. Morality and benevolence are the principles on which our nation is founded, and with the removal of racial discrimination and international strife it will inevitably become a paradise of the Kingly Way. I hope that all my people will endeavour to achieve this."
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