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This page's links and content vary a great deal, from serious and informative, to humorous and wacky.

The Animal Rights Agenda See the truth behind the animal rights movement. They are anything but warm and fuzzy.
The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) Not so humane or compassionate.

Bonzi Buddy A purple gorilla desktop character that will try to gobble up your pocketbook and your computer with it!

Media polls: trustworthy, or rigged in favor of a certain persuasion?

Do-Not-Email List Remains A Terrible Idea

Those Darn Chain Letters!

Stop! Don't Forward That Chainletter! All about chainletter hoaxes, what to do if you receive them, and a collection of resources to go to if you think you've gotten a chain letter.
Stop Forwarding Emails - Save Lives! Hilarious satire on some common urban legends.
Lady Une, the Urban Legendary Experience! Re-telling of some classic urban legends.

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Internet Chat

"Stupid Internet!" Lol This was sent to me by a friend. It's part of an instant messenger session where my friends have the funniest reactions when our conversation is cut short by my getting disconnected. hehe!

Stop Spam

Tired of all those popup ads, spam mail, telemarketers and other such annoyances? Here are some solutions that may actually help.
Stop spam">

whoville and Grinch Links

Grinch Crazy
IOC Episode 27
The Whoville Public Library
whoville Town Another site by yours truly.

Harry Potter

Do you dislike that snotty Drecko Malspoiled--er, I mean Draco Malfoy from "Harry Potter"? If so, are you tired of seeing h Never To Return is a hilarious story that trims his huge ego down to size! What a refreshing change from all that Malfoy fangirl adoration that's rampant in the Harry Potter fandom on the net.

A Series of Unfortunate Consequences From unfortunate Actions by CNJ. This is a hilarious story where Lucius Malfoy, the father of that snivelling brat Draco in Harry Potter sits in the slammer and stews over his and Draco's failings. Of course, he rants and blames everybody else for their troubles. Taking place in Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts.


The Wonderful World of Creation
Digitalessays : Micellaneous : Anime VS American Animation
Orisha Estus's World of Randomness

And for the few of you who are not anime fans, you're not alone! :)
Treize Stinks!
AnimeHatersLand Used to be a good group until this foul-mouthed, porn-loving, Japanese-hating racist twit showed up. Then I left. You can go check it out for yourself and see if it's still there. Its user name was animae21 something. I hope it will tire of the group one day or just get itself kicked off.
Crazed Fans - article containing links to fan sites I actually like, where wonders never cease, as well as what annoys me to no end about the anime fandoms in general.

When Lady Une Is Not Number One

Down With Lady Une! Stories about Lady Une finding out she's not as popular and perfect as she thought. Down to one story, I deleted something from that section since the person who wrote it turned out to be a nympho with a huge unhealthy crush and obsession for Treize and hated Lady Une out of jealousy. *rolls eyes and groans as flashbacks to the dreaded 'Treize Day' come to mind* Like, ugh!
"What's Happening!" You didn't think I'd pick on just Lady Une, did you? if you think she's treated harshly on this page, Treize, Zechs and others get their fair share too. Lady Une doesn't even get a mention in "What's Happening".
Bad Dog! Yes, Treize, egotistical little twirp that he is, tries to develop a new breed of dog that will worship him. Well, she does, and a whole lot more! Treize gets a heck of a lot more than he bargained for, and he gets humiliated as a bad master since he can't even control his own freakin dog! Lol Yes, Lady Une is the dog in this one.
"Lady Une's Urban Legendary Experience" is one of those peculiar links that fit into two categories on this site. What can I say? Though Lady Une gets most of the urban legendary things happening to her, Treize and Mariamaia don't come through this story unscathed.

Crossover and Original Character Creative Writing

Orisha's Dilemma part 1: Jack Sisco Orisha regards Jack Sisco as a friend, but when he fails to behave appropriately at a funeral she is more than a little dismayed.
Orisha's Dilemma part 2: Aunt Nia by Tabia
Ponderings While Orisha and her aunt ponder and continue their heart to heart, Jack ponders his own actions and the possible consequences; he fears he has lost what few friends he had, for good. You'll need to visit the fan fiction of Orisha's World of Randomness or the Whoville Site to read what lead up to these two sections.

The Weakest Link! a parody on Mary Sue, specifically Senna Marie writing. - Indianna Who.

Not familiar with what a Mary Sue or Senna Marie is? Go to the What is Mary Sue link to find out. then here to see my frustrated review on a Senna Marie movie.

I sincerely apologize to anyone out there whose name really is Mary Sue, this site is in no way intended to diss you. 'Mary Sue' is just a term for certain character types that are found in writing. This one gets its name from some Star Trek character, and she provokes heated controversy among people who like her and hate her.

The proper term for a particularly bad type of Mary Sue is the Senna Marie. That character type is discussed in further detail on the "What is Mary Sue?" link above.


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