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2007 will be the last year...

The 2007 "Ulysses" Award will be the last year. We are extending the entry date to March 31, 2007.
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The 2007 "Ulysses" Award is now accepting submissions!
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Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Ezra Pound, and James Joyce are just a few authors who have published their own works.  Independent literature is not a new genre, but a long standing tradition.  Like independent film, literature written, edited, and published outside of the main stream deserves attention.

The Independent Literature Institute ("IndyLit") is a non-profit cooperative that seeks to enhance the public's understanding of independently published authors and their works.  Through educational outreach programs, involvement in state and local literary venues, and information to assist independent publishers and authors, IndyLit hopes to enhance the exposure of the important work being produced independently.

Founded 1998 by four publishers of several independent literary magazines, the Independent Literature Institute has been working to bring to the public's attention the incredible literary renaissance currently occuring in modern society.  In 1999, was launched to highlight our efforts.  However, after the .com bust, lost its free service and went dormant for many years.  Now, we've teamed with Geocities to bring it back (although, much smaller and with less information than we'd like).
The oldest, most prestigiuos award for independent literature is now accepting submissions for this year's award.

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Honorable Mentions for the 2006 "Ulysses" Award have been announced!
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The Independent Literature Institute does not ask for donations or seek corporate funding, therefore we have no money.  Our work is done the old fashion way - time and energy.  If you'd like to help us bring independent literature to the public, here's a few ideas to consider:

* Start a local chapter of ILI  
* Contact local independent & national bookstores and request that they have an independent literature section (or that they carry independently published books and magazines
* Request from bookstores independently published books and magazines (the more people that physically go into stores and ask for them, they more likely they will begin to carry them)
* Start an independent literature bookclub
* Help us get a free domain name and web service
* Write reviews and articles about independently published works and submit it to magazines and newspapers
* Design a logo for us
* Provide free advertising for us in your magazine
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