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If you wish for us to conduct a FREE seminar or workshop in your area, email us with your request. (Subjects listed below)

These FREE Seminars are sponsored by Salubrity™ Seminars (Salubrity - Living Life To The Full), a non-profit, non-denominational project (set up originally to conduct the Life-Skills School™). Current presentation team: Lionel Hartley, PhD (also available for public speaking appointments) and Mrs Rosemary Hartley, RN.

Presenter Profile / Testimonials: Dr desArts / TB Hawkins / Reg Zegers / Aust Red Cross

No lecture fees - Reimbursement of expenses only (e.g. travel & handouts) - Advertising posters containing abstracts (seminar outlines) are available on request.

For many of these seminars, over-printable posters can be downloaded from minarHandouts

Seminars vary from one half-hour to five days depending on the subject and your requirements and can be modified to suit your needs. There is no minimum number of participants. Specify your expectations when making your enquiry.

Seminars subjects include: Assertiveness Training * Bible Prophecy * Building Self Esteem & Confidence * Child Protection (from Abuse & Neglect) * Children & Grief * Clinical Debriefing * Christian Manhood * Co-dependency & Caring * Communication Skills * Conflict Resolution * Creating Family Harmony * Dealing With Anger And Frustration * Disability Awareness * Domestic Violence * Fasting * Four-D Approach to Alcoholism * Homosexuality * Learning to Listen * Managing a Family Budget * Menopause* Overcoming Anxiety * Overcoming Nicotine addiction (Stop Smoking) * Pornography Addiction * Practical Skills for Coping With Grief and Loss * Progressive Relaxation * Recovery from Divorce & Dysfunction * Religion & Biblical Studies * Senior's Seminars * Sexuality and Marriage Enrichment * Singles Retreat * Sleep & Insomnia * Stress & Distress * Successful Life Management * Suicide Prevention * Traumatic Stress & Disaster Management * Vegetarianism & Health * etc. (Click on an underlined word to see an outline of that particular seminar)

Prophecy Seminar

Other subjects also available - write today expressing your requirements. (Other subjects not listed on the website yet include Medication Management for Seniors, Time Management, Group Dynamics, Coping with Change, Facing our Fears, Co-dependency, Relaxation Techniques, Comprehending Dreams and Nightmares, Inter-cultural communication, etc. etc.)

All of these seminars are of a practical nature and can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation or group. Where a seminar is described as (for example) a three-hour programme, this can easily be adapted to suit your requirements - from a 15 or 30 minute introductory presentation on the topic, a 30 minute illustrated lecture, a one-hour interactive seminar, a two-hour multimedia seminar or a three-hour seminar and workshop.

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If you are geographically isolated, many of these seminars are available in book, video or audio formats. We are also looking for suitable persons to be able to facilitate seminars in their own geographical locality. You do not need to be an expert in the subject area as the complete seminar can be facilitated using the resources we can in a Franchise Product Kit. You can read more about this by clicking HERE.

Surplus Equipment (To give away - Free)

Advertising, handouts, and certificates of attendance (or participation) can be provided if required.


full colour Certificate of Attendance personalised with your name can be 

ordered from L&R Hartley Merchandising. Click HERE for 


A full colour Certificate of Attendance personalised with your name can be ordered from L&R Hartley Merchandising. Click HERE for details.

We can even conduct a Graduation Ceremony for participants!

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Some handouts, supplementary materials and posters can be downloaded from minarHandouts

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If your would like to make a donation to support these free seminars, please click HERE

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