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Teach with an Educational Theme Party

A few simple activities combine to make a learning adventure to remember!

Choose a theme such as Star Wars or Aliens, spark ideas about what it might be like to travel into other galaxies and what the people might look like. Would they be like the characters in Star Wars? The Jetsons? E.T? Have the children draw who they might meet. Supply each guest with a pack of crayons and a tablet of unlined paper for this activity - they double inexpensive party favors!

Just for fun, a Jar-Jar Binks Language Translator Type in what you want to say, and the words are translated for you

Play a game that reinforces the solar system theme. Here's something fun... Galaxy Toss Game as posted in the free weekly e-zine, KidSolutions : (reprinted by permission)

"We all know that kids love to throw things, so harness this energy with a bean bag toss. On an old sheet or plain shower curtain, paint a space scene similar to our solar system complete with planets, stars, moons, space shuttles...whatever you wish. On each item, place a numeral for the number of points if hit. You may use pre-made or homemade bean bags to see who can get the highest score. Not only will they be developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination, they will also learn to count, add and learn about the solar system around us. If you are really imaginative, you can sew bean bags in the shapes of stars, planets, or moons. Have a 'Stellar' Time!"

Play pin the sun on the solar system. Take a poster board and place the planets around the center of the board, in order, leaving the center for the sun. Make sun cutouts with double-sided tape to attach and have a "blast"!

For refreshments, cut sandwiches or cookies in star shapes or circles and "write" on them with decorator frosting, labelling the planets. Serve in order of where the planets line up with the sun! Add Capri Sun drinks and Milky Way candy bars for a lesson that's "out of this world"!

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