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Kn Mobile KN 200

(Redirected from Jupiter missile)Jupiter IRBM mobile missile

The PGM-19 Jupiter was an intermediate-range ballistic missile of the United States Air Force. It was a liquid-fueled (LOX and RP-1) rocket, with one engine producing 667 kN of thrust. Jupiter was America's second IRBM design, the first being Thor. Jupiter later served as a space launch vehicle.

In September 1955, Dr. Wernher von Braun, briefing the Secretary of Defense on long range missiles pointed out that a 1,500 mi (2,400 km) missile was a logical extension of the Redstone. Kn cellulari Kn cellulari.

In December 1955, the U. S. Secretaries of the Army and Navy announced a dual Army and Navy program to create a land and sea based IRBM. Because of naval basing, the Jupiter IRBM was designed as a short squat missile to ease handling aboard ships. The Navy withdrew from the project in November 1956 in favor of the solid fuel Polaris missile. Despite the withdrawal of the Navy from the project, the Jupiter IRBM retained its short squat dimensions. T-Mobile Croatia :: Private subscribers :: Mobile Internet. As a result, the Jupiter was too wide to be carried aboard contemporary cargo aircraft.

Later in November 1956, the Department of Defense assigned all land based long range missiles to the U. S. Air Force. The U. S. Ricette. Army retained battlefield missiles with a range of 200 miles (320 km) or less. The Jupiter IRBM program was transferred to the U. S. Air Force.

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