For the filmed segment set to a popular song, see music video.

Video is the technology of capturing, recording, processing, transmitting, and reconstructing moving pictures, typically using celluloid film, electronic signals, or digital media, primarily for viewing on television or computer monitors.


Analog video standard: bright green - NTSC, yellow - PAL, or switching to PAL, orange - SECAM, olive - no information

The term video (from the Latin for "I see") commonly refers to several storage formats for moving pictures: digital video formats, including DVD, QuickTime, and MPEG-4; and analog videotapes, including VHS and Betamax. Video can be recorded and transmitted in various physical media: in celluloid film when recorded by mechanical cameras, in PAL or NTSC electric signals when recorded by video cameras, or in MPEG-4 or DV digital media when recorded by digital cameras. Contributi Video.

Quality of video essentially depends on the capturing method and storage used. Digital television (DTV) is a relatively recent format with higher quality than earlier television formats and has become a standard for television video. (See List of digital television deployments by country. )

3D-video, digital video in three dimensions, premiered at the end of 20th century. Migliaia di Video musicali gratis e oltre 25 Radio online.

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