Dr. J. K. Sinha.

M.Sc.,Ph.D(Forensic Science)
Forensic consultant,Visiting Faculty(Forensic Science)& Ph.D Guide(Forensic Sc.)
Former Director Incharge&Dy.Director(Ballistics)Central Forensic Lab,India

This page is primarily meant for Forensic Firearm experts confronted with a wide variety of exhibits warranting modified and innovative techniques and exploration of areas considered insoluble.I would like to share my experience with all concerned. Initially, I would like to reproduce some of my research papers on forensic problems of practical utility. I have published/presented sixty research papers and supervised forensic research at doctorate level. A regular update of the page at the initial stage would be by way of reproducing 2-3 published papers on each occasion. In addition, I would regularly address various aspects of forensic case oriented problems highlighting remedial measures in dealing with complicated, ambiguous and unusual exhibits with special reference to improvised, imitation and locally made firearms(commonly used in developing countries).

Published Papers

Pellet identification
Linkage of fired buckshots/pellets - unusual identification procedures. (New, June04)

Bullet Identification

Cartridge Identification
Time of firing of firearms and ammunition

Range of fire
Range determination by EDXRF and appropriate Test Targets.

Modified Ballistic table for improvised Firearms
Wounding effect of bullets fired from smooth bore homemade/improvised (New)
firearms and modified ballistic table

Improvised Firearm Identification
Unusual Improvisation of Factory made Firearms and Misleading Identification

Firearm Injuries
Evaluation of bullet holes in the absence of bullets and smooth bore firearms

Link to Unusual Forensic Firearm Cases
Identification of Unavailable or Destroyed Gun.
Unserviceable broken gun and possible cartridge identification
Forensic significance of tampered firearm

Classified Forensic Firearm Links
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