Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana

by Jess Nevins
n which Your Humble Correspondent endeavours, with what he hopes is at least Partial Success, to list some of the Notable and Obscure Characters and Places of popular Victorian Fiction, that these might or might not be Suitable for Inclusion at some point in the Fanciful Chronicles of that noted Scrivener and author of Penny Dreadfuls Alan Moore (capably aided by the Thomas Nash of the Twentieth Century, Kevin O'Neill) in his Creations Peculiar And Edifying: to wit, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Dear Reader, a Guide to the latter is located a Short Distance away; simply Click Here, and you shall see a few Notes Of Worth regarding that most Interesting of Illustrated Novels. If you prefer the more Elegant alternative of A Book, you may Purchase my effort, Heroes and Monsters: The Unofficial Guide to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, from the Good People of MonkeyBrain Books. A second book, A Blazing World, explaining the second League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, is forthcoming in September 2004. Whether this site is worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as League is For You To Decide. Your Humble Correspondent simply desires to enumerate a number of fantastic and mysterious characters and places. You will also, should you wish, discover Certain Links of Edification And Wonderment, discovered and refined by Your Humble Correspondent (and a small Team of Select and Capable Worthies) for your pleasure.

onstant Reader, be wary, for the information you are about to read, and the Sights Uncanny which your Wondering eyes are about to take in, may be too much for you. I hasten to encourage those of You who are Of School Age to Return To Your Primers. By no means continue on, for the individuals you will read are Not Suitable For Younger Eyes. Nor will any proper Englishwoman read further, for she will encounter Depraved Creatures and Readings (one daren't dignify them with the noble label of "literature") of the sort no Lady would deign to have anything to do with: Johnny Chinamen, women of Low Morals, members of the Infernal Darkness--even (I can scarce bring myself to type the words) Frenchmen! Only true-blooded Englishmen should proceed!

ne final note before I release you from your duties and allow you the pleasure and freedom of perusing, at your Leisure, the information which has been assembled (modesty forbids me from explicating at what cost, but suffice it to say that no costs have been spared, nor have locations as Diverse as Far Samarkand, Danger Island, and the Vaults of Byzantium been overlooked) for you. Many of the colored illustrated capital letters which accompany this document are brought to you courtesy of the worthy Gentleman and Artist Harlan Wallach, whose Wond'rous illuminated letters grace many of the paragraphs before you. All such images are © copyright 2004 Mr. Wallach. For further information, it would behoove you to venture forth to his Informative and Educational Web Page. Mr. Wallach's site is, alas, not functional at the moment, but I trust it shall return shortly. No doubt Mr. Wallach is taking the airs on the Continent to inspire further wonders in him.

ow, if you have read the preceding, and feel yourself ready--your mental loins girded and thrice-warded against exposure to Heathen Figures and Information from the Continent--then proceed. If you feel that--horror of horrors--some erroneous information, something more of the grave than gravy, or merely a bit of underdone potato, has somehow found its way past the Staff of Esteemed Scholars whose labours you are enjoying--then do your duty as an Englishman and let us know of our errors, post-haste, so that the Proper and Correct information may be placed in this document. Similarly, if by some catastrophe--one of our ink-stained scribblers nodding off at his desk after too-late a night of carousing amongst the Fallen Women of Limehouse--a vital piece of information is overlooked or ignored, tell us of our mistake, so that it may be rectified. Proceed now, Gentle Reader, and God Save The Queen!

This site, begun in 1998, was first uploaded on 8 September 1999.
The text on this site, except where otherwise credited, is © copyright 2004 Jess Nevins, and may not be duplicated, in part or in whole, without my permission.

9 May Update
Added: Lydia Gwilt, Adrian Temple, Vaila, Wooden-Leg

16 May Update
Added: Sherlock Holmes, Margery, The Xipéhuz
Added to: A.J. Raffles

23 May Update
Added: Alice, Ancient Mariner

And with these two, Dear Reader, my long journey across
Victorian genre literature comes to a temporary end.
I still have a number of books and stories to read, of
course, but the bulk of my time will now be spent on
rewriting the text of this site in preparation for its
publication, and in going through various critical
works and adding additional information to these
entries. I will continue to add entries to this site,
but my primary concern from this point forward
will be revision of the site and preparation of
the manuscript.

    Thanks to the good people of MonkeyBrain Books  this site will be published in November, 2005 as The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana.

The Cover to the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

The book will likely be quite long (650,000 words) and will contain all the information currently on this site, but in a revised and expanded manner and written in a more academic voice. (What appears here is essentially a first draft, with all of a first draft's awkwardness and infelicities). 

I had originally planned to freeze the site, but after an e-mail pointed me towards Eric Flint's essay on the Baen Free Library, and after reading the National Academy Press' rationale for making their books available online, I've been convinced to keep my site updated.

So the site will remain active. The book will just have more information and will be written differently.

A. Abällino to Ayesha.
Abällino, Abbadona, Abdallah, Raphael Aben-Ezra, Accelerator, Irene Adler, Robert Agnold, Alban, Alberto C., Aleriel, Alice, Alistair, Clarence Allen, Caliph Haroun al-Raschid, Ambrosio, Ancient Mariner, Pyotr Andreyich, Anodos, The Anticipator, Apergy, Arbaces, Arria Marcella, Assowaum, King Atle, Rollo Aubrey, Axel, Ayesha.
B. Hajji Baba to Amelia Butterworth.
Hajji Baba, David Balfour, Mr. Barnes, Jack Barnes & Leroy Mitchel, Gideon Barr, Captain Robert Barthelemy, Jennie Baxter, Beautiful White Devil, John Bell, the Beetle, Beggarwoman, Maud Bertram, Baltimore Bess, Bevis, Black Angel, the Black Arrow, the Black Dwarf, Black Reaper, Lieutenant Edward Blake, Sexton Blake, Blue Cap, Blue Dwarf, Blueskin, Le Bossu, Reuben Bourne, Boy Heroes, Old King Brady, Johnny Brainerd, Dixon Brett, Lady Bretwyche, Andre de Brissac, Broad Arrow Jack, Jack Brocket, James Brooke, Loveday Brooke, Goodman Brown, Brown Dog, Inspector Bucket, Taras Bulba, Mr. Burrell, William Burrows, Mr. Burton, Amelia Butterworth.
C. Cahina to Inspector John Cutting.
Cahina, Captain Bantam, Captain Black, Captain Chlamyl, Captain Mors, Captain Nemo (I & II), Captain Malachi Sturgis, Captain Vindex, Caresco, Nasmyth Carmichael, Carmilla, Simon Carne, Medea da Carpi, Nick Carter, Professor Cavor, Lois Cayley, Centenarian, Charity Joe, John Charrington, Chief of Police, Child Adventurers, Chinese Heroes, Ching-Ching, Chingatok, Christian, John Christian, Chrysis, Vasilii Churkin, Cigarette, Lord Clare, Virginia Clare, Clarimonde, Micah Clarke, Cleopatra, Coll Dhu, Old Cap Collier, Colonel Clay, Commander McTurk, Companions of the Iron League, Companions of the Silver Dagger, the Cosmorama, the Cossack Chief's Daughter, Salome da Costa, Rose Courtenay, Julius Courtney, Crusoe Jack, Sergeant Cuff, Miss Cusack, Inspector John Cutting.
D. The Damned Thing to Dyson
The Damned Thing, Edmond Dantès, Roland Dare, Dick Daunt, Dead Valley, John Dee, Victoria De Loredani, Demon Duelist, Demon of the Night, Dorcas Dene, Detectives, Devil-Bug, The Devil of the Marsh, Dorothy Dinglet, Doctor Coppelius, Doctor Materialismus, Dr. Moreau, Dr. Mystery, Dr. Nikola, Count Filiberto Doni, Dick Donovan, Don Q, Don Rodrigo, Doomsman, Doomswoman, Horace Dorrington, William Dow, Ruth Dowling, Count Dracula, Lady Ducayne, Marcel Duclos, Dudu, C. Auguste Dupin, Claude Duval, John Dwerrihouse, Clarice Dyke, Donald Dyke, Dyson.
E. Robert Easterley to Pedro Arbuez d'Espila.
Robert Easterley, Master Sacristan Eberhart, Tom Edison, Tom Edison Jr., Young Edison, Alice Edwards, Electric Bob, Electric Elephant, Gerard Eliasson, Elspeth's Son, Engine, English Jack, Pedro Arbuez d'Espila.
F. Fantômas to Fulgurator.
Fantômas, Father Darcy, Father Rodin, Faust, M. Favart, Fred Fearnot, Madame Felician, Felina de Cambure, Francis Ferrars, Lady Ferry, Fiddler, Lucius Sergius Fidenas, Ethel Fionguala, Fledermausse, Henry Flint, Tom Floremall, Phileas Fogg, Andrew Forrester, Jr., Count Fosco, Four Just Men, Tom Fox, Frankenstein, French Heroes, Fulgurator.
G. "G" to Dr. Ginochio Gyves
"G," Garcilaso, Count Magnus de la Gardie, Garuda Stone, Carl Geister, Georges St. Georges, Étienne Gerard, Gerbert, Gertrude, Jules Gervaise, Infallible Godahl, Golden Bottle, Gothic Villains, Governess, Government Inspector, Graustark, Dorian Gray, Peterkin Gray, Jack Martin & Ralph Rover, The Gray Man, Great Britain, Grey Brethren, The Grey-Faced Man, Ebenezer Gryce, Sir Dunston Gryme, Laura de Guéran, Lydia Gwilt, Dr. Ginocchio Gyves.
H. Les Habits Noir to the Hypnotist.
Les Habits Noir, Habribah, Hadaly, Dr. Halifax, Philip Hall, Captain Haller, Lt. Frederick Hamilton, Marcus Hammersley, Hans of Iceland, Happy Jack, Frank Hardinge, Jack Harkaway, Hartmann, Henwood Harwood, Dr. Geoffrey Hassler, Hawkeye, Hawkshaw, Lucy Heath, Dr. Heidegger, Bel Helene, Hellenes, Maximilien Heller, Hereward the Wake, Professor Heinrich Hermann, Geoff Heronhaye, Dr. Hesselius, Joel Hetman, Martin Hewitt, He Yufeng, Highwaymen, Sherlock Holmes, Susan Hopley, Horla, Ptolemy Horoscope, Ivor Ap Griffith Ap Howel, Human Bat, Fred Humphreys, Ben Hur, Lewis Hurly, Edward Hyde, Hypnotist.
I-J. Ichor to Rob Joslyn.
Ichor, Innominato, Invisible Man, It, Ivanhoe, Madame Jahn, Jack Jaunty, Jigong, Jimmieboy, Jinnee, Jock o' th' Beach, Rollo Johnson, Professor Jephtha Jonkin, Rob Joslyn.
K. Kai Lung to Kreuzgang.
Kai Lung, Kanana, Anthony Keene, Jocko Kelly, Margaret Kendall, Launcelot Kennedy, Captain Owen Kettle, Kiang-Ho of the Golden Belt, Kiêu, Kim, Arthur Kimberlin, The King in the Golden Mask, The King in Yellow, King Lion, Colonel Richard Kingston, Knights in Marble, Kosekin, Kreuzgang.
L. Lady Detectives to Arsène Lupin.
Lady Detectives, Lady Jaguar, Lady Kate, Mr. Lampooner, Louis Laroche, Larue, Ernanton de Launay, Lavarède, Monsieur Lecoq, Nelson Lee, Amyas Leigh, Gaston Lesage, Professor Lidenbrock, Lieutenant Fritz, Linley, Littlecote Academy, Ferrers Lord, Lost Legion, Reginald St. Leon, Lion City, Little People, Sir Nigel Loring, Barbara Lovel, Flaxman Low, Luc Van Tien, Johnny Ludlow, Lunatics, Arsène Lupin.
M. Madame Koluchy to Dora Myrl.
Madame Koluchy, Madame Sara, Maldoror, The Man in the Corner, Manfred, Marahuna, Margery, Margrave, Marjory, Marsman, Marsyas, Martians, Martians (I & II), Randolph Mason, Antony Maunsell, Sir Hiram Maxim, Paul May, John Melmoth, Meg Merrilies, Frank and Dick Merriwell, Frederick, Baron Metzengerstein, James M'Govan, Michal, Mac Milford, Mirrikh, Monella, Monkeys, the Monkey's Paw, Monster, Count Montoni, Karl von Moor, Arthur Moore, Newton Moore, Placide de Mouret, Mowgli, Mr. Moxon, Mujina, Joseph Müller, Mummies, Mummy, Murghab, Dora Myrl.
N. Nameless Child to Alice Nutter.
Nameless Child, Nameless Man (I-VII), Nameless Woman, Natas, Dr. Nebogipfel, Cornelius Nepos, Neranya, Senor Nic-Nac, Nick of the Woods, Ned Nimble, Yorke Norroy, No. 252 Rue M. le Prince, Alice Nutter.
O. Jack O'Halloran to Ozmar the Mystic.
Jack O'Halloran, Ohmura, Alice Oke, Old Shatterhand, Old Sleuth, Orbasan, Captain Ordie, Mikhail Ossipov, Oz, Ozmar the Mystic.
P. Pan to Psammead.
Pan, Panergon, Pardaillan, Professor Parkins, Eddie Parks, Mrs. Paschal, Penniel's Painting, Ralph Percy, Kala Persad, Pete Jack & Sam, Joseph Peters, Count Andre Peterson, Petro's Descendant, Petronius, Paul Du Peyral, Phantom Child, Phantom Coach, Pharos the Egyptian, Phosphor, Phra the Phoenician, Pierre, Pinocchio, Places, Amine Poots, Matthew Price, The Prince, Prince Rupert, Princess Viola, Prometheus, John Prowse, Psammead.
Q. Dr. Jack Quartz to Quong Lung.
Dr. Jack Quartz, Quasimodo, Allan Quatermain, Quong Lee, Quong Lung.
R. A.J. Raffles to Ruthven.
A.J. Raffles, Rakhmétov, Ann Ramsey, Dr. Rappaccini, Dr. Rapperschwyll, Rudolf Rassendyll, Captain Ravenshaw, Frank Reade (I, II, & III), Masterman Ready, Albert Reeves, Richard of the Raven's Crest, Mr. Richards, Tom Richmond, John Ridd, Rima the Jungle Girl, Rinaldo Rinaldini, Hoseib Alar Robardin, Robur, Rocambole, Dick & Dan Rodney, Rodolphe, Rob Roy, Lord Ruthven.
S. Mr. Sabin to Count Szémioth.
Mr. Sabin, Captain Sakuragi, Salammbô, Sandokan, Count Mathias Sandorf, the Vicomte de Saux, Quincy Adams Sawyer, Jr., Isaac Scatchard, Professor Heinrich von Schalckenburg, Father Schedoni, Dr. Schultz, Philip Schuyler, Michael Scott, Mademoiselle de Scudéry, Seeds, Selene, Seligman, Septima, Dick Sherman, the Signal-Man, Silver Man, Silver Star, Mark Sinclair, Sister Maddelena, Yan Skshetuski, Master Skylark, Mrs. Dawson's Sofa, Solarion, Sons of Britannia, Sonya, Robert Spicer, the Spider of Guyana, Spring-Heeled Jack, Felix Stähl, Hagar Stanley, Hadji Stavros, the Steam House, Professor Carl Stein, Dick Stornaway, the Strid, Sufrah, Duc de Sully, Bernard Sutton, Svengali, Olaf Svenson, Joceline Swinford, Lord Syfret, Sylvie & Bruno, Count Szémioth.
T-U. Adrian Temple to Undine.
Adrian Temple, Gregory Temple, The Thing in the Upper Berth, Thrawn Janet, The Three Musketeers, Madeline, Lady Thunder, Mrs. Thwaite, Guy Thyrle, The Time Traveller, Olga Trevelyan, Dagobert Trostler, Dick Turpin, Wilfred Wallace Tyrrell, Ubu, Undine.
V. Vaila to Vril.
Vaila, Vampire Bomb, Miss Van Snoop, Professor van Wagener, Minheer Vanderhausen, Lancaster Vane, Vanishing House, Varney the Vampyre, Vathek, Monsieur Vautrin, Professor Vehr, Christian Venius, Venus of Ille, Horace Vesey, Gaspard de Vibrac, Victor, Violet Flame, Victor Volans, Volkert, Professor Von Baumgarten, Roderick Von R----, Vril.
W. Hilda Wade to Wung-Ti.
Hilda Wade, Charley Wag (I & II), Johann Wagner, William Wallace, Dover Wallingford, James Rufus "Get-Rich-Quick" Wallingford, Wandering Jew, Owen Warland, Duncan Warner, War Syndicate, the Watcher by the Threshold, Waters, Edward Waverley, Werwolves, Agnes Wessington, Western Heroes, Dick Wetheral, Fanny White, White Powder, White Scalper, White Wolf, Theodore Wieland, Jonathan Wild, Wild Boys of London, Tom Wildrake, Wild Will (I & II), Willie, Basil Wolgemuth, Wooden-Leg, The Woodwoman, Jack Wright, Wung-Ti.
X-Y. Xipéhuz to Yuki-onna.
Xipéhuz, Yákoff, Yan Ziqiong, Yellow Wallpaper, Dr. Yen How, Yue-Laou, Yuki-onna.
Z. Prince Zaleksi to to Zoe.
Prince Zaleski, Zalma von der Pahlen, Sebastian Zambra, Zanoni, Zdenka, Zerina, .007., Zingari, Zoe.

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