Pulp and Adventure Heroes of the Pre-War Years
by Jess Nevins

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This site is a companion piece to my Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana site, which is a descriptive list of over 700 notable characters and creations from Victorian-era popular literature. (And is now a book, , The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, published in 2005 by MonkeyBrain Books). With this page I intend to do the same thing, only with the pulp and adventure heroes of the pre-war years. That's pre-World War Two, obviously; this site includes heroes and heroic figures published from, roughly, 1902 to 1939. I'm not going to restrict myself only to the pulps, either, although the many characters from that medium will constitute the majority of the entries on this site. I will be including characters from "respectable" fiction (Ashenden) and comic strips (Phantom) and radio shows and children's fiction (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew) as well as pulps and adventure fiction. I will not be doing comic book characters of the pre-War years because they deserve a site of their own; there are more than enough of them to merit an entire site all to themselves. (As it happens, I've done that, too: The Golden Age Heroes Directory.)

Because I did my Victoriana site first and was not planning, while I wrote it, to do a pulp heroes site, I added some characters on to the Victoriana site who, properly speaking, don't belong there, as they appeared after Queen Victoria died. Likewise, there may be a few characters on this site who appeared during Victoria's reign and therefore should be on the Victoriana site. I'm not going to move the characters from one site to another, as that would be more work than I'm willing to do. Likewise, there will be some characters here who properly debuted after World War Two started, despite the title of this site. Do I contradict myself or display inconsistencies? I am vast, I contain multitudes. Suffice it to say that if there's a character who should be here and isn't, like Professor Jephtha Jonkin, check the Fantastic Victoriana site.

I am, of course, open to suggestions for characters who should be here and aren't. I've checked those pulp magazines I could get ahold of, made use of my own library and of the Interlibrary Loan facilities of the library I work at, and searched the Web for as much information on as many characters and heroes as I could. But the pulps went on for a long time, and there were many of them, and I am no expert on them. Moreover, there were a lot of books published during the pre-War years that I've missed. And for the most part I've had to rely on secondary and critical sources rather than primary sources for my information. So, if there are characters who particularly deserve entries here and aren't included, please let me know about them. Note that I generally have a distaste for future war scenarios and characters and so am omitting them. Likewise, the characters of the Western dime novels and pulps generally don't interest me, as do sheer fantasy and humorous characters, so I'm leaving most of them out. (Do I contradict myself? I am vast, etc etc etc)

Characters, by the way, can be found by their proper names unless they are better known by a sobriquet, so that Dr. Thorndyke will be found under the Ts and Doc Savage under the Ss, but Captain Future will be found under the Cs and Lady Molly under the Ls. (Again, do I contradict myself or show inconsistencies? So be it, I am vast blah blah blah)

In case you're curious, at last count there were 1770 character entries listed on this site.

Thanks to: Alicia, as always, the light that never faileth; Michael Norwitz, who spurs me onward, if only in a vain attempt to best his own web site; Ronald Byrd, for some valuable suggestions and good e-mail; the staff at the Tucson "Prickly" Library, for answering a tough question for me; Jean-Marc Lofficier, for great information on French pulp characters and writers and for French Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Pulp Fiction; Marc Madouraud, for wonderful information on French pulp characters and writers; Ed Love, Michael Bowman, S.M. Harris, William Elison Noboru, Duane Spurlock, Greg Gick, Win Eckert, Rick Lai, Brad Mengel, and Dennis Power, for various suggestions and corrections; the good folks at Fictionmags; Justin Gilbert, Michael Holmes, and the good folks at the Bloods and Dime Novels mailing list; Victor Berch, for tipping me off to the existence of the Black Eagle; Cora Buhlert, for great information on many German pulp characters; Riccardo N. Barbagallo, for good information on a number of Italian pulp characters as well as on Fatala; T.B. Hansen, for great information on a number of Scandinavian characters and for his "Norwegian Mysteries" article, which I gratefully plundered for information; Steve Holland, for various good information; Pierce Askegren, for clearing up my confusion about the Avenger's creators; Stig Magne Frøne, for an informative note on Jonas Fjeld; Nils Nordberg, for corrections and information on Sven Elvestad and various other characters; Jacques Garin, of the excellent Mars & SF site, for information on Franc-Hardi.

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7 April 2005

At long last, the work on The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana is done, and I am resuming work on the pulps. However, as with Fantastic Victoriana and the site it was based on, I'm going to be too busy working on the manuscript for The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes (due out in November, 2008, from the good people at MonkeyBrain Books) to update this site. So, unfortunately, the site as currently constituted is the final version of the site. In the meantime, please do take a look at my The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana (and here's the cover: the cover to The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana) and check the bookstores in November, 2008 for The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes

A. The Abbey Girls to Dusty Ayres
The Abbey Girls, Pat & Jean Abbot, Mr. Absurdity, Ace High, Arnold Adair, Adelaide Adams, Hilda Adams, Adaptive Ultimate, Adelita, Adjusters, Admiral Fudge, Adventure Boys, Adventure Club, Adventure Girls, Aeroplane Boys (I), (II) & (III), Agent Nine, Aircraft Boys, Airplane Boys, Air Service Boys, Airship Boys, Airship Man, Doctor Alcazar, Dr. Payson Alden, The Allens, Jane Allen, Jimmy Allen, Roderick Alleyn, Alley Oop, Inspector Allhof, Monsieur Allou, Alraune, Amarbal, Mynheer Amayat, Angel, Anonymous Characters, Jim Anthony, Ants, John Appleby, Arcot Morey & Wade, Jack Armstrong, Army Boy, Dick Arnold, Arsen, Pierre d'Artois, Ashenden, Thomas Ashley, Ashton-Kirk, Harald Ask, Astro the Seer, Aunt Jane's Nieces, Auto Boys, Automobile Girls, Avenger (I) & (II), Avenging Twins, Avni, Awlo of Ulm, Dusty Ayres

B. Bagley to Scott Burton
Bagley, Hilea & Hilary Bailey, Bailey Twins, Frances Baird, Biff Baker, Balaoo, Balbane, Senator Banner, Banner Boy Scouts, Bantan, Bill Barnes, Bromley Barnes, Baron, Black Barr, Dick Barrett, John H. Barrington, Barrow Brothers, Brian Barry, Dan Barry, Red Barry, Luna Bartendale, Professor Barter, Ann Bartlett, Sue Barton, Baseball Joe, Professor Bastion, Battleship Boys, Barney Baxter, the Bat (I) & (II), Amanda & Lutie Beagle, Beati Paoli, Clive Beatty, Mattias Beckholmen, Viola Beech, Edward Bell, Garnett Bell, Bellow Bill, Stepan Beloiartsev, Henri Bencolin, Buzz Benson, John Bent, Doctor Bentiron, Tommy & Tupence Beresford, Gapy Bermudez, Sergeant Berry, Big Chief Wahoo, Big Five Motorcycle Boys, Biggles, Lancelot Biggs, Big-Nose Charlie, Bird Boys, Black, Bulldog Black, Detective Black, Rudolf Black, Black Bat (I) & (II), Jeffery Blackburn, Black Eagle, Black Hood, Black Moon, the Black Sapper, Blackshirt, Monsieur Blackshirt, Black Star, Andy Blake, Bobby Blake, Sir James Blake, Reginald Blake, Steve Blake, Vincent Blake, Torchy Blane, Katie Blayne, Blue Jean Billy, Bill Bolton, Judy Bolton, Bomba the Jungle Boy, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ascanio Bonichi, Dol Bonner, Border Boys, Boston Betty, Boston Blackie, Botak, Bowery Billy, Boxcar Children,  Boy Adventurers, Boy Allies, Boy Aviators, Boy Chums, Felix Boyd, Boy Explorers, Boy Fortune Hunters, Boy Globe Trotters, Boy Inventors, Boy Ranchers, Boy Scouts (I) & (II), Boy Spies, Boy Troopers, Boy Volunteers, Reverend Bryson Brace, Brick Bradford, Adela Bradley, Billie Bradley, Chester Bradley, Phil Bradley, Typhoon Bradley, Victor Brand, Major Copley Brane, One-Eye Brannigan, Ned Brant, Polly Brewster, Brigand, Bud Bright, Brighton Boys, British Story Paper Detectives, Broncho Rider Boys, Stanley Brooke, Father Brown, Vee Brown, Bill Bruce, Becky Bryan, Wireless Bryce, Ben Bryn, Coppernob Buckland, Smiler Bunn, Jim Burgess, Ethan Burr, Scott Burton

C. Orhan Çakiroglu to Dr. Theodore Cunliffe
Orhan Çakiroglu, Jack Calhoun, Roman Calvo, Angus Campbell, Paul Campenhaye, Camp Fire Girls, Campfire Girls (I) & (II), Albert Campion, Candid Camera Kid, Gerald Canevin, The Captain, the Cook & the Engineer, Captain Blood, Captain Combat, Captain Danger, Captain Easy, Captain Future, Captain Hazzard, Captain Justice, Captain Midnight, Captain Satan, Captain Strange, Captain V, Captain Yank, Luigi Caradosso, Jane Carberry, Tom Cardiff, Cardigan, Inspector Carlier, Linda Carlton, Gerry Carlyle, Hawk Carse, Dr. Carmichael, Carnacki, Mary Carner, Alan Carr, Johnny Carr, Max Carrados, Leo Carring, Curlie Carson, Ken Carter, Norman Carver, Flashgun Casey, Carrie Cashin, Catalyst Club, Archibald Catfitz, Lemmy Caution, Tim Caverly, Fred Cawthorne, Professor Challenger, Charlie Chan, Peter Chance, Chandu the Magician, Mister Chang, Chantecoq, Francis Chard, Nick and Nora Charles, Bob Chase, Chéri-Bibi, Chinese Heroes, Captain Christmas, Chu-Sheng, The Circus Boys, Amos Clackworthy, Ben Clark, Jim Clavering, Cuthbert Clay, Hamilton Cleek, Ruderick Clowd, Joshua Clunk, Cobra, Phyl Coe, Dick Cole, Rex Cole Jr., Fillip Collin, Malay Collins, Captain Lancing Colt, Thatcher Colt, John Collins, Thornley Colton, Conan, Connie, Norman Conquest, Reed Conroy, Continental Op, Barney Cook, Bob Cook, Bertha Cool, Copperhead, Casey Corbett, Jimmie Cordie, Jason & Patricia Cordry, Gunston Cotton, John Couper, Dora Courage, Professor Coxheim, Stony Craig, Bill Crane, Cranshawe, Sheila Crerar, Crime Doctor, Crimson Clown, Crimson Mask, "Ironsides" Cromwell, Arthur Crook, X. Crook, Chief Inspector Cummings, Dr. Theodore Cunliffe

D-E. Dana Girls to Don Everhard
Dana Girls, Colwyn Dane, Harry Dangerfield, Hugo Danner, Arthur Augustus D'Arcy, Daisy Dare, Dickie Dare, Skippy Dare, Susan Dare, the Dare Boys, Daredevils of the Red Circle, Paul Darraq, Jack Darrell, Dave Darrin, Percy Darrow, Ruth Darrow, Robert Darvil, Speed Dash, Bob Dashaway, Dave Dashaway, Adam Daunt, Davey, Archer Dawe, Patrick Dawlish, Dave Dawson, Saturnin Dax, Dr. Nancy Dayland, Dead End Kids, Mortimer Death, Deathless Men, Deep Sea Hunters, Jules De Grandin, Demonios, Department Z, Desperate Dan, Bernard de Treville, Bob Dexter, Larry Dexter, Pee Wee Dewire, Don Diavolo, Dick, Tabu Dick, Harry Dickson, Professor Diel, Daffy Dill, Riley Dillon, Diogenes, Dion, Disher, Mister District Attorney, Constantine Dix, Dash Dixon, Don Dixon, Doctor Death, Doctor Coffin, Doctor Death, Doctor Satan, William Dodd, Elaine Dodge, John Doe, Domino Lady, Don Q, Donnie Donahue, Jimmy Donnelly,  Donnie, Sheridan Doome, Madame d'Ora, Dormouse, Jim Dorn, Abdul Dost, Fidelity Dove, Cliff Downey, Bradley Drake, Dexter Drake, Kerry Drake, Dreadnought Boys, Nancy Drew, Sir Clinton Driffield, Ace Drummond, Bulldog Drummond, Jimmie Drury, Sâr Dubnotal, Colonel Dubois, Detective Duck, Derwent Duff, Dixie Dugan, Peter Duluth, Dundee School, Constance Dunlap, Dan Dunn, Dunne, Luc Duroc, Dutch Heroes, Paul Duval, Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart, Val Easton, Barton Edgeworth, Elegant Edward, Jane Edwards, Montague Egg, Inspector Elk, John Emerson, Tricky Enright, Professor Ensign, Bob Evans, Slim Evans, Don Everhard

F. Foster Fade to Miss Fury
Foster Fade, Ralph Fairbanks, Falcon, Arne Falk, David Farrell, Glenn Farrell, Russ Farrell, Fascinax (II), Feds, Lefty Feep, Dr. Gideon Fell, Joe Fenner, Lawne Fenton, Charlie Fenwick, Ruth Fielding, Gordon Fife, Fighting Mac, Superintendent Fillinger, Mickey Finn, Jonas Fjeld, Curt Flagg, Phil Flash, Dr. Flax, Thorndyke Flint, John Flood, Flyin' Jenny, Flying Beetle, Flying Boys, Flying Justice, the Flying Machine Boys, Fong Sai Yuk, Solange Fontaine, Doris Force, Jerry Ford, Reginald Fortune, Mister Fosdick, Four Aces, Four Square Jane, Dan Fowler, First Light Fraser, Donald Free, French Heroes, Inspector French, Janie Frete, Harry Friberg, Frontier Boys, I.V. Frost, Fu Manchu, Miss Fury

G. The Gadget Man to G-8
The Gadget Man, Henry & Clara Gamadge, Gang-Smasher, Detective Colonel Ganton, Jo Gar, Garin, Graydon Garth, Sidney Garth, Crispin Gaunt, Gees, German Heroes, Anthony Gethryn, Ghost (I) & (II), Ghost Exterminator, Speed Gibson, Commissaire Giles, Geoffrey Gill, Francis Gilland, Henry Gilmore, Mark Gilmore, Gimlet, Girl Aviators, Doctor Glass, G-Man Ghost, G-Man's Son, G-Men,  Nicholas Goade, Go Ahead Boys, Golden Boys, Golem, Doctor Goodrich, Flash Gordon, Lucy Gordon, Colonel Warwick Gore, Shark Gotch, Alastair Granby, Harrison Grant, Sam Graves, Gray Maiden, Gray Phantom, Gray Seal, Beverly Gray, Colin Gray, Elmo Gray, Panther Grayle, Garry Grayson, Great Ace, Green Ghost (I), (II), & (III), Green Hornet, Green Lama, Inspector Greenwood, Douglas Greer, Grellon, Digby Gresham, Colwyn Grey, Grey Shadow, Knut Gribb, Griffin, Griffon, Jim Grim, Gringo Legion, Big Scar Guffman, G-X, G-8

H-I. Dr. Hackensaw to Baron Ixell
Dr. Hackensaw, Colin Haig, Dr. Eustace Hailey, Hairbreadth Harry, Don Hale, Ginger Hale, Max Hale, Satan Hall, Tommy Hambledon, Anthony Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Dick Hamilton, Fridolf Hammar, Wade Hammond, Inspector Hanaud, Captain Handyman, Richard Hannay, Mother Hansen, Hanshichi, Jim Hanvey, Neal Hardin, David Harding, Hardy Boys, Ben Hardy, Jim Hardy, Phil Hardy, Kathlyn Hare, John Hargreaves, Doc Harker, Harkness & Bullard, Grace Harlowe (I) & (II), Curly Harper, Buck Harris, Mike Harris, Archie Hartley, Hassam Ali, John Haverson, Antony Havilland, Dixon Hawke, Mister Hawkins, Frank Hawley, Glen Hazard, Thorpe Hazell, Jack Heaton, Amos Henderson, Walt Henley, Inspector Hickmott, Hickory Ridge Boy Scouts, Barnabas Hildreth, Hilltop Boys, Plantagent Hock, Hodges, Helen Holden, Ned Holly, Charles Holm, Eigil Holst, Homunculus, Jack Holt, Martin Holt, Mr. Honey, Honeymoon Detectives, Mortimer Hood, Kay Hoog, Lt. Jarvis Hope, George F. Hopper, Hap Hopper, Russell Howard, Dr. John Hudson, Mark Hull, Horatio Humberton, Hunniwell Boys, Tony Hunter, Huo Sang, Rex Huxford, Colonel Ingram, Interstellar Patrol, Invisible Dick, Hareton Ironcastle, Iron Teacher, Ishmeddin, Italian Heroes, IXE-13, Baron Ixell

J. Jack, Doc & Reggie to Justice Syndicate
Jack, Doc & Reggie, Jacko the Detective, Jailbird's Club, Professor Jameson, Jan of the Jungle, Janaki, Polaris Janess, Ben Jardinn, Joe Jenkins, Johnny-Round-The-World, Jolly Jack Johnson, Joker, Average Jones, Candid Jones, David Jones, Genius Jones, Gulliver Jones, Jupiter Jones, Ted Jones, Jongor, Ned Jordan, Vic Jordan, Judex, Billy June, Jungle Jim, Justice Syndicate

K. Calvin Kane to Kwa of the Jungle
Calvin Kane, Bromley Kay, Ka-Zar, Sarah Keate, Hal Keen, Jack Keen, Jax Keen, Mr. Keen, Westrel Keen, Kitty Keene, Oliver Keene, Jack Kelly, Ken, Craig Kennedy, Nick Kennedy, Addison Kent, Blackstone Kent, Dick Kent, Herb Kent, James Kestner, Khaki Boys, Khaki Girls, Khlit, Ki-Gor, Barney Killigen, Kimo, King of the Royal Mounted, Ken King, Kingozi, Dr. Jason Kinney, Kioga, Don Kirk, Kituk, Moris Klaw, Willie Klump, Richard Knight, Steve Knight, Komako Koa, Kogoro Akechi, Detective Koloska, Kowa, Asbjorn Krag, Dr. Cornelius Kramm, Anton Krechet, Krishnavati, Kwa of the Jungle

L. Major John T. Lacy to Langhorne Lyte
Major John T. Lacy, Lady Luck, Lady Molly, Lakewood Boys, Shanker Lal, Anthony Lance, Andy Lane, Bradley Lane, Drury Lane, Melody Lane, Thomas Lann, Bob Larkin, Jean Larocque, Gilbert Larose, Lynn Lash, Simon Lash, Long-Headed Latimer, Max Latin, the Laughing Mask, Jimmie Lavender, Bill Lawson, Lanky Lawson, John T. Laxworthy, Gaff Lee, Gypsy Rose Lee, Judith Lee, Rex Lee, Terry Lee, Vivian LeGrand, Lester Leith, Lemurian Documents, Lend-a-Hand Boys, Bill Lennox, Lê Phong, Lessinger, Eric Lewis, Len Lex, Johnny Liddell, Ben Lightbody, The Lightning, Li Ku Yu, Adam Link, Baroness Claire Linz, Li Shoon, Little Orphan Annie, Little Tuffy Muggins, Dr. James Livingstone, Lobangu, Senor Lobo, Ferrers Locke, Quentin Locke, Lion-Hearted Logan, Larry Loman, Lone Eagle, Leatherface Lonergan, Lone Rider, Lone Wolf, Guy Longstreet, Long Trail Boys, Lord Snooty, Lucille Love, Long Trail Boys, Theophraste Longuet, Los, Lu Ping, Inspector Luckcraft, Lucky, Inspector Lund, Bertram Lynch, John Lyon, Langhorne Lyte

M. Professor Maboul to Mr. Mystic
Professor Maboul, Doctor Mabuse, Steve MacBride, Lynn Macdonald, Professor Armand Macklin, Duncan Maclain, Madame, Mister Maddox, Magnum, Inspector Magruder, Shamus Maguire, Jules Maigret, The Major, Nestor Makhno, Mandrake the Magician, Man in Grey, Man in Purple, Man in the Red Mask, Man in the Silver Mask, Jack Manley, Man with the Molten Face, Man with a Thousand Faces, Colonel March, Peter Marchmont, Marko the Miracle Man, Philip Marlowe, Miss Jane Marple, Emma Marsh, Kate Marsh, Ted Marsh, Dan Martin, Pauline Marvin, Mascar the Mystic, Masked Detective, Jim Mason, Perry Mason, Rocky Mason, Master of the Day of Judgment, Jigger Masters, Matalaa, Gaston Max, Maxie, Albert Mayo, Asey Mayo, Rex McBride, Violet McDade, Luther McGavock, Spud McGee, Fluffy McGoff, Jack McGuire, Roderick McKay, Inspector McKee, Captain Craig McKenzie, Todd McKinnon, Dr. Jeffery McNeill, Angus Macpherson, Meg the Priestess, Dr. Mejzlik, Lin Melchan, Gavur Memet, Mendax, Mariano Mercado, Roy Mercer, Mercer Boys, Burton Meredith, John Meredith, (the Great) Merlini, Desmond Merrion, Sir Henry Merrivale, Meshedi, Padre Metri, Steve Midnight, Minute Boys, Mister Death (I & II), Mister Finis, Mongoose, Karl Monk, Moon Man, Dr. Aloysius Moran, Tod Moran, Connie Morgan, Dr. Ralph Morgan, Morgo the Mighty, Morgyn the Mighty, Motion Picture Chums, Mr. Moto, Motor Boat Boys, Motor Boat Club, Motor Boys, Motor Cracksman, Motor Cycle Chums, Motorcycle Chums, Motor Girls, Motor Maids, Motor Rangers, Moving Picture Boys, Moving Picture Girls, Baron Muenchhausen, Tim Mulligan & Elsie Mae Hunt, Dr. Muncing, Aarn Munro, Dr. Munsker, Captain John Murdock, Kent Murdock, Rachel Murdock, Rambler Murphy, Tim Murphy, Musket Boys, Mystery Boys (I) & (II), Mystery Hunters, Mister Mystic

N. Lee Nace to Nyoka
Lee Nace, Navy Boys, Nancy Naylor, Needle Mike, Nevorozhin, Paul Nettle, Millicent Newberry, Nighthawk, Night Wind, Nick Noble, Dorus Noel, Peter Noggins, John Norcross, Norgil the Magician, Mr. & Mrs. North, Hugh North, Myra North, Guy Northeast, November Joe, Nyctalope, Nyoka

O. Fergus O'Breen to Ozar the Aztec
Fergus O'Breen, Ocean Wireless Boys, Octopus, Officer 444, Og, Ken O'Hara, Douglas Okewood, Sadipe Okukenu, Old Faithful, Old Priest, Old Windmills, Terence X. O'Leary, Omar the Mystic, Lady Nora O'Neil, Scarlet O'Neil, Operator #5, Terence O'Reilly, Colonel Terence O'Rourke, Neils Orsen, Ralph Osborn, Oscar, Oscar-Bill, Alsop Ostermann, Poppy Ott, Outboard Boys, Ozar of the Aztec

P.  Penny Packer to Judge Pursuivant
Penny Packer, Billy Pagan, Godfrey Page, Mr. Pagett, Inspector Palmu, Joe Palooka, Park Avenue Hunt Club, Shafter Parker, Bill Parmelee, Don Isidro Parodi, Captain Donald Parr, Pat the Piper, Patent Leather Kid, Father Philip Rivers Pater, Patoruzu, Patsy, Roger Paulding, Pauline, Pawang Ali, Addington Peace, Pearl, Mary Peart, Ben Pedley, Bill Peepe, Pat Pending, Arthur Stukeley Pennington, Miles Pennoyer, Penton & Blake, John Pentonville, Percy the Mechanism Man, Matilda Perks, Dan Perry, Nat Perry, Peter the Brazen, Dick Peter, Phantom, Phantom Crook, Phantom Detective, Phantom of Cursitor Fields, Mister Philibus, Picaroon, Perry Pierce, Evan Pinkerton, Miss Pinkerton, Paul C. Pitt, Si Pitung, Professor Planetarios, Dr. Henry Poggioli, Poictesme, Jules Poiret, Hercule Poirot, Policy Sleuth, Solar Pons, Pony Rider Boys, Popeye, Dave Porter, Victor Poten, Potter Brothers, Paul Power, Roy Powers, Havlock Preed, Dick Prescott, Detective Inspector Price, Judge Priest, Dr. Lancelot Priestley, Leonidas Prike, Colonel John Primrose, Harry Prince, Ronald Prince, Romney Pringle, Barbe Privet, Prosecutor, Paul Pry, Mr. Psyche, Purple Scar, Judge Pursuivant

Q.  Oliver Quade to Sebastian Quin
Oliver Quade, Inspector Quaile, Ellery Queen, Ellery Queen, Jr., Queg, Peter Quest, Sanford Quest, Beau Quicksilver, Peter Quill, Harley Quin, Matthew Quin, Sebastian Quin

R. Ed Race to Captain Rybnikov
Ed Race, Jack Race, Racer Boys, Radio Boys (I), (II) & III), Radio Detectives, Radio Man, Radio Patrol, Radio-Phone Boys, Professor Radium, Rafferty, Ragged Jack, Jack Ralston, Rambler Club, John Rand, Miller Rand, Nila Rand, Jack Ranger, Ranger Boys, Tommy Rankin, Ravenger, Richard Ravenswood, Tom Reade, Recai, Red Cross Girls, Red Dragon, Red Falcon, Red Knight, Red Plume, Red Rose, Red Shadow, John G. Reeder, Dirk Reid, Alan Remington, Douglas Renfrew, Duke Renny, Renouf, Jimmy Rezaire, Arnold Rhymer, Miles Standish Rice, The Ringer, Sergeant Riordan, River Motor-Boat Boys, Rob the Rover, Rocket Riders, Rockfist Rogan, Buck Rogers, Professor Huntoon Rogers, Rokambul, Máximo Roldán, Nick Rongetti, Henry Rood, Joseph Rouletabille, Rover Boys, Link Rover, Robert Ruddy, Ruggles, Janos Rukh, Nan Russell, The Russell Brothers, Russian Heroes, Captain Rybnikov

S. The Safety First Club to Tom Swift
The Safety First Club, Oscar Sail, The Saint, Maisie St. Claire, Matthew Sallowby, Sally the Sleuth, Sambu, Digambara Samiyar, Sanders, Maxwell Sanderson, Doctor Santro, Dr. Lao Sars, Sir John Saumarez, Doc Savage, Buz Sawyer, Simeon Saxon, Scaramouche, Scarbrand, Derek Scarfe, Scarlet Fox, Scarlet Pimpernel, Scientific Club, Scorpion, Ted Scott, Scout Patrol Boys, Sea Spider, Richard Seaton, Sebastián, Secret Agent K-7, Secret Agent X, Secret Agent X-9, Secret Six, Seekay, Doug Selby, Herr Seltrup, Semi-Dual, Senorita Scorpion, Shadow, Shadowers, Ben Shaley, Peter Utley Shane, Sheikh Shannahan and Andy Simpson, Desmond Shannon, Duane Sharon, Michael Shayne, Sheena, Roger Sheringham, Sergeant Jasper Shrig, Sign of the Crimson Dagger, Sign of the Twisted Tooth, Scientific Silas, Doctor Silence, John Siloch, Captain Silver, Maud Silver, Silver Chief, Silver King, Mister Simpson, Doc Singer, Ali Singh, Sister Ursula, Six-Gun Gorilla, Six River Motor Boys, Skimmer, Skin O' My Tooth, Skipper, Sky Buddies, Skyroads, Inc., Sky Scout, Anthony Slade, Tom Slade, Slippery Shadow, Tim Sloan, Smilin' Jack, Smith Brothers, Aurelius Smith, Percy Smith, Scorchy Smith, Sojarr, John Solomon, Solving Six, La Sombra, Sorak, Soroku Komuro, Sam Spade, Speed Spaulding, Speedwell Boys, Spencer Brothers, Sphinx, Spider (I) & (II), Calvin Sprague, Square Dollar Boys, Colin Standish, Tiger Standish, Stanley Stanfield, Brenda Starr, Randy Starr, Sergeant Fletcher Steel, Bob Steele (I) & (II), Malcolm Steele, Sam Steele, Steeley, Hoh-Hoh Stevens, Stingaree, Ed Stone, Madame Storey, Bill Storm, Inspector Storm, Kit Storm, Roy Stover, Captain Stranard, Strang the Terrible, Philip Strange, Violet Strange, Nigel Strangeways, Jack Straw, Nicholas Street, Joe Strong, Tom Strong, Inspector Studer, Stumpy, Don Sturdy, Submarine Boys, Submarine Chums, Sudden Death Lodge, Suicide Squad, Bernard Sutton, Jim Swain, Swain the Viking, Swedish Heroes, Falcon Swift, Tom Swift

T-U. Tahara to Godfrey Usher
Tahara, Tailspin Tommy, Tam O' the Scoots, Tarcaneta, Trevis Tarrant, Tarzan, Dr. Taverner, Teddy, Paul Temple, Terramarear, Tharn, Bobby Thatcher, Mike Thingmaster, The Thinking Machine, Ethel Thomas, Blair Thompson, Doctor Thorkel, Doctor Thorndyke, Cecil Thorold, Thubway Tham, Thunderbolt, Mark Tidd, Tintin, Jerry Todd, The Toff, Philip Tolefree, Professor Tompkins, Toto Fouinard, Ted Towers, Phil Towne, Marcus Track, Dick Tracy, Jerry Tracy, Kay Tracey, Derek Trant, Luther Trant, Simon Trapp, Ivy Trask, Ludovic Travers, June Travis, Mister Treadgold, Anthony Trent, Philip Trent, Sir George Llangolen Trevor, Terry Trimble, Joe Trimo, Tros of Samothrace, Jeff & Haila Troy, Tubby, Tugboat Annie, Harvey Tuke, Tumithak of the Corridors, Turkish Heroes, Dan Turner, Doc Turner, Mark Turner, Ephraim Tutt, Tweel, Kit & Cora Twyford, Dennis Tyler, Slim Tyler, Tim Tyler, Inspector Uberfeld, Ubique, Umlosi, Uncle Abner, Uncle Sam's Boys, University of Cosmopoli, Godfrey Usher

V. Lieutenant Valcour to Norton Vyse
Lieutenant Valcour, Jimmy Valentine, Prince Valiant, Eugene Valmont, Aylmer Vance, Philo Vance, Hannah Van Doren, Kara Vania, Haskel van Manderpootz, Venture Boys, Teddy Verano, Jules Verne, Inspector Vertue, Venancio Villabaja, Hari Vilsa, The Voice, Professor Voraus, Claire Voyant, Norton Vyse

W. Inspector Wade to Dr. Xavier Wycherley
Inspector Wade, Thunder Jim Wade, Smoke Wade, Big Chief Wahoo, Bob Wakefield, Waldo the Wonder Man, Colonel Walker, Tore Waller, Maurice Wallion, Wan Tengri, Malcolm Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth Warrender, Sarah Watson, Ben Webster, Monsieur Wens, John Wentley, Dr. Wentworth, Sgt. Jimmy Wentworth, Professor Theocritus Lucius Westborough, Perry Westbrook, Whisperer, White Phantom, White Rings, White Rook, Williams, Hurricane Williams, Race Williams, Sigurd Williams, Dr. Basil Willing, Wilson, Ben Wilson, Hammerlock Wilson, Henry Wilson, Steve Wilson, Lord Peter Wimsey, Howie Wing, Don Winslow, Norman Winters, Dr. David Wintringham, Leonidas Witherall, Hildegarde Withers, Wizard, Wo Fan, Wolf of Kabul, Nero Wolfe, Woman With A Black Heart, Wonder Island Boys, James Lee Wong, Mister Wong, Worrals, Jeffrey Wren, Wu Fang, Dr. Xavier Wycherley

X-Z. X Bar X Boys to Zorro
X Bar X Boys, X37, Yankee Flier, Yankee Rangers, Dr. Yen Sin, Anton York, Dick Yorker, Young Aeroplane Scouts, Young Alaskans, Young Birdmen, Young Continentals, Young Engineers, Young Mineralogist, Yukon King, Dr. Xenophon Zapt, Dr. Zeng Tse Lin, Zenigata Heichi, Zero the Silent, Zigomar (II), Zihni, Dr. Zimmertür, Zolok, Zoobilly Boys, Alex Zorka, Zorro


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