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springbok 1000pcs 24" x 30" assembled
Life is puzzling - pure & simple !

Collectors Listings, Stock Numbers and Pictures

Puzzle descriptions with white backgrounds indicate "pictures attached"
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Puzzle # Puzzle Title Description Picture?
PZL5901 Nature Reflections Landscape Scene
PZL5902 Twas The Night
Before Christmas
Drawing of Elves
Loading Santa's Sleigh
PZL5903 Patchwork Fancy Red Squares Of Quilting Patchwork
PZL5904 All-American Bi-Centennial Authentic All-American 1976
Bi-Centennial Jigsaw Puzzle
PZL5905 12 Days Of Christmas Characters From the 12 Days
Including 12 Lords A Leaping!
PZL5906 Antique Toys Jerry Smith Collection Old Toys
PZL5907 Flying Cloud Photo Of A Summer Sky
PZL5908 Age Of Aquariums Collection of Tropical Fish
Normally Kept In Aquariums
PZL5909 Yesterdays Typesetter's Drawer Full
Of Antique Dolls & Collectibles
PZL5910 Christmas Greetings Collage Of Hallmark Xmas Cards
PZL5911 San Fransisco By Night Aerial Cityscape Of
San Fransisco By Helipcoter
PZL5912 Arabian Stallion Arabian Stallion
PZL5913 The Christmas House The Christmas House
PZL5914 Mountainside Park Cartoon Drawing About Park Fun
By Robert Blair Martin
PZL5915 Neuschwanstein Castle Famous Bavarian Castle Castle
PZL5916 Merry Chrispness Incredible Collage Of Various
Christmas Cookies & Pastries
PZL5917 A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol
PZL5918 Jim Henson's Muppets Photo Of All The Faces
From The Muppet Show
PZL5919 Phantom Of The Forest Jungle Cat (Panther/Jaguar)
PZL5920 Christmas Greetings Beautiful Original Xmas Collage
By Bob Schneeberg
PZL5921 Ceaseless Surf Waves On Pacific Shoreline
PZL5922 American Heart-throb Miss Piggy At Her Best
PZL5923 I Luv New York Nightime Skyline OF NYC
PZL5924 A Muppet Christmas Party All Your Favorite Muppets
PZL5925 Good Old U.S. of A. King size pcs. 4 ft square
when completed (card table)
Good Old U.S. of A.
PZL5928 When America Was Young Featured at U.S. National
Jigsaw Puzzle Championships
When America Was Young
PZL5929 Searchers Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch
At Night From Cape Kennedy
PZL5930 At The Wee Folks Fair Trolls and Fairy Characters Wee Folk Fair
PZL5931 Way Back When Collection Of Antiques Way Back When
PZL5932 Spring Valley Farm Horse in a Meadow Spring Valley Farm
PZL5933 Thirst For Nostalgia Coca-Cola Memorabilia Thirst for Nostalgia
PZL5934 State Of Euphoria Comic-Strip Characters State Of Euphoria
PZL5935 Stars And Stripes Forever U.S. Flag Stars & Strips
PZL5936 Computers:
The Inside Story
Cartoon Drawing Of The
Inside of A Computer
PZL5937 Castles Of Dreams Spectacular Sand Castle Castle Of Dreams
PZL5938 Serengeti Spring Grazing Zebras Serengeti Spring
PZL5939 E.T. Alien Character From Movie
Hiding Among Teddy Bears
PZL5941 Visions Of Sugarplums Collage of Red & White
Christmas Candies
PZL5942 A Taste Of Christmas A Taste Of Christmas
PZL5943 New York A to Z Trivia Of New York City
PZL5944 Chicago A to Z Trivia Of City Of Chicago
PZL5945 California A State Of Mind
Puzzle Outline Matches State
PZL5946 Texas A State Of Mind
Puzzle Outline Matches State
PZL5947 Toys from The Attic Collection Of Antique Toys Attic
PZL5948 Rainbow Parade Painting of Hot-Air Ballons
PZL5949 Castles In The Air Castles In Clouds
PZL5950 Jigsaw Jamboree Collage Of Guitars and Fiddles
PZL5951 Free Fall Skydivers Over Nevada
PZL5952 Abracadabra The World Of Magic Magic
PZL5954 Flying Colors World Cup Sailing Races Sailing
PZL5955 Dog Of 1000 Faces All Kinds of Snoopy Dolls
PZL5956 Global Games Cartoon Drawing Of Events
& Olympic Games Ceremonies
PZL5957 The More The Merrier Puzzle Plus Includes Ornament
Display Of Christmas Ornaments
PZL5963 Springbok Smorgasbord Collage Of Hallmark's
Springbok Food Puzzles
PZL5966 Victorian Splendor Front Doors & Archways
PZL5967 The Very Best
Of 75 Years
Collage Of Greeting Cards
From 75 Years Of Hallmark
PZL5968 Go Go Gizmo! Drawing of Gizmo
From the Movie, Gremlins
PZL5969 Miniature Manor Dollhouse Furniture Miniature Manor
PZL5970 Faraway Fjords Photo of the Lofoten Islands
Harbor & Fjord In Norway
PZL5971 Mouskamania! Mickey Mouse Memorabilia Mickey
PZL5972 Enchanting Chateau Famous Bavarian Castle Enchanting Chateau
PZL6101 Computers:
The Inside Story
Re-release Drawing Of The
Inside of A Computer
PZL6104 New England Fantasy Needlepoint Sampler New England
PZL6107 Adventures Of The
Jigsaw Jungle
Based On The Theme From
Raiders of The Lost Ark
PZL6110 Magnificent Lady Statue Of Liberty Collage Magnificent Lady
PZL6111 American Country Featured in the U.S. National
Jigsaw Puzzle Championships
American Heritage
PZL6114 Haley's Comet Includes Lapel Button and
Star Chart of Comet's Path
Haleys Comet
PZL6115 Forever Ours Tribute To Marilyn Munroe
PZL6116 Crayola Freeway Collection Of Crayons
PZL6117 Cats, Cats, Cats Assortment Of Cat Breeds
Breeds Detailed On Back Cover
PZL6118 Reindeer Reunion Rodney Reindeer Dolls
PZL6119 7 Puzzling Wonders
Of The World
Drawing Of The 7 Wonders
Of Human Architecture
PZL6120 From Here To Eat-ernity Food Food Food
PZL6121 Dancing Is A Ball Various Dancers In A Spiral
Dances Listed On Back Cover
XZL6122 A Christmas Legacy Antique Christmas Decorations Legacy
PZL6124 Groovin' Thru The 60's Music and Memorabilia
PZL6130 Australia: Down
Under Is Tops
Collage of Aussie Photos
In the Shape of the Country
PZL6131 Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Assortment Of Dog Breeds
Breeds Detailed on Back Cover
PZL6133 Pixel Perfect Computer-Generated Design
Pink and Blue Pastel
PZL6134 Reflected Majesty Yosemite National Park
PZL6135 Vase Of Flowers Famous Watercolor Painting
By Claude Monet
PZL6136 Fierce Beauty Bengal Tiger
XZL6137 Mapping His Route Saturday Evening Post 1939
Santa Sitting On Step Stool
PZL6140 Enlightened Liberty New York Statue Of Liberty
1980 Restoration Celebration
PZL6142 Be A Sport Little League Atheletes
PZL6143 Vegas Las Vegas Casinos
Neon Lights At Night
PZL6144 What A View NASA Picture of Earth
taken from Space Shuttle
PZL6146 Whistle Stop At a Train Station
PZL6147 Life's A Beach! Aerial Photo of People Tanning
At Clearwater Beach, Florida
PZL6149 Baby Boom Maternity Hopsital Ward
PZL6150 A Garden Memory English Garden
XZL6151 Merry Christmas Drawing of Santa Waving
Toting A Bag Of Toys
PZL6152 Foal's First Summer White Stallion with Young Horse Horses
PZL6153 St.Basil's Cathedral Famous Moscow Landmark
PZL6158 Desiderata Famous LP Album Cover From 70's
PZL6159 Lowell Davis RFD America
PZL6160 Ski Fever! Cartoon Drawing of Ski Traffic
Climbing Up A Mountain
PZL6161 Tobin Fraley's
Carousel Animals
Collectors Edition Puzzle
Painted Carousel Horses
XZL6162 Christmas Kittens 2 Kittens Under a Xmas Tree Kittens
PZL6163 Garden Reflections Back-yard Garden Pond
PZL6164 Underwater Wonders Great Barrier Reef Photo
PZL6166 MacDonald's Ronald MacDonald Stuff MacDonalds
PZL6167 Chicago:
The Windy City
Daytime Aerial Shot of City
Looking from Lake Michigan
PZL6170 Crakerjack! Famous Caramel Candy
Story of Candy History on Back
PZL6172 In Bloom Foral Landscape from
Buchart Botanical Bardens
PZL6173 Sunflower One Giant Yellow Sunflower
PZL6174 Star Trek Journey To Undiscovered Country
PZL6175 Indy 500 American Tradition Since 1911 Indy 500
PZL6176 Troll Mania Collection Of Troll Dolls Trolls
PZL6177 Always Room for Jello Lots of Colorful Jello
XZL6179 Dickens Christmas Village Hallmark Collectible Village
Similar to Deptartment 56
PZL6180 Hats off to Major League Baseball 125th Anniversary Special
AL and NL Team Hats
Major League Baseball
PZL6181 Heaven Sent Precious Moments
PZL6182 Harley Davidson Harley Eldorado Motorcycle
On Kickstand In Garage
PZL6183 Dinotopia Festival of Children & Hatchlings Dinotopia
PZL6184 World Class 3-D One of a Series of 3D Puzzles
Uncover the Hidden Image
PZL6187 English Cottage Drawing Of Thatched Cottage
From Rural England
PZL6188 Star Trek - The Next Generation Home of QoNoS
Klingon Bird of Prey
Star Trek
PZL6189 Red Hot!! Red Exotic Sports Cars Red Hot
PZL6190 Kiddie Car Classics II More Toy Kiddie Cars
PZL6193 Hershey's World of Chocolate Hershey's
PZL6194 Cats II Cats, Cats & More Cats Cats II
PZL6195 Dogs II Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs Dogs II
XZL6196 Lamplight Village Thomas Kincade
PZL6197 Autumn Splendor New England Fall Colors
PZL6198 Harley Davidson Hog Wild
PZL6199 Precious Moments Hallmark Porcelain Collectibles Precious Moments
PZL6200 Souvenir Plates From Sea To Sea Souvenir Plates
PZL6201 Lionel Trains An American Legend Lionel Trains
PZL6202 San Fansisco Bay Night Lights Golden Gate Bridge at Night Golden Gate Bridge
XZL6301 Snowbabies At Play Assorted Christmas Figurines Snowbabies
XZL6302 Snow Village Department 56 Collectibles
XZL6303 Dear Santa A Letter For Santa
XZL6305 Victorian Christmas 1 Stunning Thomas Kincade Art
Xmas Scene - Victorian House
XZL6306 A Visit From St. Nicholas European Xmas Tradition
XZL6307 Christmas in The City Department 56 Collectibles Dept56


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