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This website is dedicated exclusively to Springbok jigsaw puzzles. Unfortunately, this is NOT an e-commerce retail site for selling puzzles. My sole purpose for this web-site, is to provide reference information for fellow collectors and puzzle enthusiasts.

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Joy of Puzzling

There are only a few rewarding hobbies that can give you a great sense of satisfaction upon completion of a project. Puzzles are in their own league. They can bring families together, provide great therapy and offer challenge to any age group. They can save a rainy day, give character to any weekend cottage and can keep grandparents off the phone and children off the street. In this technological world, they also have one distinct advantage.... they don't need batteries !

Thanx to the wonderful suppport of Springbok fans around the world, this website has received over 250,000 visitors, which is amazing... Thank-you!

Why Springbok

Multi-laminated pieces that can be assembled & torn-down at least 5 times before any sign of wear (edge feathering). There is no fear of breaking pieces.
Weird & wonderful snug-fit pieces that have unique edges and unique shapes.
Incredible color protection. No fading or peeling even after 10 years.
Original layout designs. There are virtually no traditional landcsapes or ho-hum cookie-cutter scenery in any Springbok puzzle.
Once you experience a Springbok puzzle, you will be hooked for life !

Latest Project

IJIG15366 - New Springbok/Allied Puzzle - 2003
1,500pc - Titled "Eye Spy"
<Photo Taken From Amazon Rain Forest>
This puzzle took 15 hours - 28-1/2" x 36" when complete
Stunning new animal puzzle from Allied/Springbok

Trading Puzzles

If you're a dedicated, obsessed puzzle "bok-er" (a Springbok addict *smile*) here's good news. We have an auction / trading page where you can list & ask questions about puzzles. If you're interested in partcipating, just register your request in the submit section, which is highlighted below on the left... I will be checking this area frequently to review the ads, to keep it running and to answer any questions.

NOTE: MARCH 2003 messages have been archived. [click] the button.

VISIT THE MESSAGE ARCHIVES You may find that someone has the puzzle you're looking for !! I have first-hand success stories to prove they are worth browsing !!
Any questions or comments, please send your emails to:

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