Starting 4|11|04 from 30,000 SF Building-Integrated Photovoltaic [BI-PV]
Poly-Crystalline Silicon Semiconductor nicknamed 'Pretty Polly'
Georgetown University in Washington, DC

rode and hiked via JOURNEY SPONSORS to West Orange, New Jersey for the twenty mile Ceremonial hike
3rd of July from Eagle Rock Reservation 9|11|01 Memorial by
the first electric plant in West Orange, New Jersey to
Branchbrook Park, Newark and Jersey City
Into Ground Zero by Metro for 4th of July Celebration and Dedication of 11 districts of Manhattan as
Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups
N.E.W.S. Groups


It is ironic to me that this event finally came together on Easter Sunday that is also 4|11|04.

In 1996, I spoke at the Egyptian Solar Energy Society conference on photovoltaics. I was a bit apprehensive about going to Egypt and wanted to share my American culture. Thus, in my abstract proposal I started with Psalms 19 The Sun. It talks about the beauty of the sun and how it graces every aspect of our life on earth. My abstract was accepted with hearty compliments and I was invited to speak at the conference in April 1996.

My talk was scheduled on the Monday after Easter. As I came out of the Cairo Hostel and began traveling toward Cairo University that day I noticed there were a large number of people walking in the streets. There were families with their children carrying boxes of food and blankets. I thought something may be amiss. Families were sitting in grassy knolls along the roadside as if they were waiting for something. I wondered what on earth was going on. When I finally arrived at Cairo University to make a few last minute edits for the talk I was to give that afternoon, the guards that generally smiled and ushered me into the University engineering department where I used the computers for the week I was in Cairo, put up their hands to direct me to stop. When I looked at them perplexed, the one man shook his head showing me the door was locked. He could not speak English and thus looked around for someone who could. He found a nice young lady who was with her family. She shared with me that this was a national holiday in Egypt that had evolved from the Christian Easter holiday. She said it is called "The Day We Breath The Air". I don't remember how to spell it in Arabic and thus won't attempt. She was surprised when I told her we didn't celebrate that Christian holiday in America as far as I knew. The day is spent in the park with one's family breathing the air and enjoying the outdoors. The boxes people were carrying were filled with treats and meals for their families. The young lady said that Cairo University was closed for this holiday and that I would have to present my paper as it was. She insisted that the best thing for me to do to prepare for presenting my paper on this national holiday was to come to the park and 'breath the air' with she and her family. She invited me to join them for lunch. It was great fun. The entire family was there. The brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, grandmother and grandfather and all the children. The park was filled with families snacking and playing.

Building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] is a pollution-free aesthetic, product-driven fuel-free renewable silicon semiconductor electrcity generation technology that is optimally architecturally integrated into homes and buildings. It will help us all breath a little easier in many respects.

After ten years trying to get the 30,000 SF BI-PV roof into the news; I finally vowed to do something unusual to attract ongoing media attention to this unique and beautiful solar array installed at Georgetown University Intercultural Center in 1984 by Hughes Corporation. It is a tax payer funded demonstration project. The poem I wrote April 2001 provides glimpses of the oppression I experienced as an intervener in the California energy agencies Rulemaking on Distributed or Self-Generation electricity. You can download the poem 'Solar Energy Soliloquy -Amid' from my publications webpage: When I saw the Erin Brockovich Story I began to understand that the suppression and crime I had witnessed in these energy agency proceedings were very real and inhumanely harsh. I realized that no one was really benefiting from this present energy industry mess that is completely out of control. Quality of life for all people is challenged with the present energy industry. I vowed to attempt to try to find a way that consumers could become more confident, effective and empowered toward the goal of consumer consensus in energy agency electricity proceedings.

When the New York City World Trade Center was destroyed in 2001, I had a strong feeling that energy cartels were somehow behind this violent terrorist act. Suicide bombings in the Middle East have been common far too long. We are blessed in America not to have to live with this type of tyranny on a daily basis. I have often prayed that somehow my work in solar energy would assist America and other people around the world to free themselves and our world from the tyranny of remote-site electricity and fossil fuel industry market power and thereby perpetuate less terrorist aggression in the world. Building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] is a product-driven fuel-free demand-site renewable electricity technology that is made from silicon like computer electronic boards. Computer-grade silicon is 900% more expensive than photovoltaic-grade silicon. At this time, there is none being produced in the world. Energy cartels claim is it not in their economic interest to produce, however they have illegally takenover 90% of the photovoltaic manufacturing, globally. This problem is not insurmountable. It will take an organized effort on the part of consumers in energy agency proceedings to change this.

In 2003 I completed my book "ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION featuring Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups and the Ethos of Commerce". This book provides a history of electricity and photovoltaics. It reveals the heart of energy industry dysfunction-crime and why I suggest Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups as white blood cells to heal this social disease and to transform the electricity industry into renewable demand-side BI-PV.

Since 1998, I have been involved in California energy agency proceedings and related legal battles. The first week of March 2004, I was involved in a jury trial perpetuated to further the suppression that had evolved during the energy agency proceedings. As soon as the last day of the trial was completed, I came to Washington, DC and worked for a month at Dean and DeLuca to make some money so that I could begin this Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltaics [BI-PV]. The Journey was at first scheduled to begin August 15, 2003. When the electricity blackout occurred on August 14th putting 10 million people on the East Coast without electricity, I opted to wait. I was quite concerned about the timing of this blackout and felt people would be extremely suspicious of me if I came riding a horse for photovoltaics at that time. Thus, I went to my alma mater and worked on the completion of my book.

It was my intention to have 10,000 copies of the book printed for $25,000 and to sell them along the Journey to cover expenses. I planned to have someone drive ahead of me to make arrangements for accommodation and for solar seminars. 1,000 books sold at wholesale with 1,000 books sold directly at the publisher's introductory special of $21 would pay for all expenses. My credit had been damaged in the past five years due to lack of payment.

In January and April of 2000 the California Public Utilities Commission refused to pay me any of the $42,000 of 'hardship' compensation requested for the proposed three years of intervention that began in 1998 with my letter to Michelle Cooke the administrative assistant to Commissioner Duque. The second Rulemaking was drawn out from 1999 to 2003. I requested funding as instructed however I only asked for just enough to cover the minimal expenses at $25 hour for administrative costs and $50 an hour for my professional time. Non profits like the National Resources Defense Counsel are paid $100 to $350 an hour in alleged 'hardship compensation on a regular basis in numerous energy agency proceedings. They were paid in Rulemaking 98-12-015 and 99-10-025. After investigating case-law, I found it was used as fox fire or an allurement to distract, belittle and discredit intervention by small business and consumers leaving them financially challenged during the intervention process. I reported the lack of payment as a 'bad debt no-pay' on my 2000 tax return April 2001. On the morning of 9|11|01 a tax adjustment dated 9|10|01 arrived in the mail charging me $9,800 in taxes for the money that had not been paid. August 24, 2001 I had refiled my comments contesting matters of the Gas Infrastructure Pipeline Report which had been printed without a mention of my intervention. The comments were distributed to the Commissioners, but the subsequent Gas Pipeline Report was not sent to me.

In response to the tax adjustment, I immediately contacted the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] and they provided an informal hearing wherein I shared the two rulings denying the $42,000 payment. They insisted that was not sufficient evidence and wanted copies of my bank records. I provided them. They still were not willing to release me from the $9,800 in taxes they insisted I must pay and imposed a tax lien against my business. They indicated that if I did not come up with better proof within three years that I would be forced to pay the $9,800 in taxes whether I owed it or not. I had no idea what to do and contacted several attorneys that did not seem to know much more than I about what to do. One evening I went to a meeting of the historic Corona del Mar centennial event 1904 to 2004.

A friend of mine named Syd who has lived in the community for fifty of his 98 years is a walking encyclopedia of information about the community. Thus, I wanted to make sure he was interviewed for the centennial. Syd came to the meeting and we were provided a ride home by local women who just happened to be a semi-retired tax preparer. When I told her about my tax problem, she immediately amended my three-page tax form and sent in a 1040X that they accepted just in time. The tax charge was dropped, but the report of the tax lien remains on my record and thus my credit has been greatly damaged.

It is my hope that this introduction, while it does not address every issue at least provides some foundational background to help consumers understand my position and the financial challenges I have faced to bring this information to you. Thus, my challenged situation is not a mystery.

Some of the people I had been arm-wrestling with in energy agency proceedings with limited resources include attorneys and associates from the Enron Corporation. Jeff Skilling the CEO of Enron paid a $5 million cashiers check to cover the bail set for his hearing regarding the crimes committed to perpetuate Energy Crisis 2000 in California putting numerous people out of their homes and long-existing businesses out of business due to electric rates being tripled from May to June 2000. Mr. Skilling and his wife lied on their taxes and committed numerous crimes in addition to consumer fraud and technology misrepresentation in energy agency proceedings. They are allegedly only going to be sentenced to ten months in jail because they have children to attend to. Martha Stewart on the other hand who is an icon of building a business, etiquette and hard-working success was rolled over the coals by the media and sentenced to sixteen months for allegedly committing insider trading. Insider trading is a way of life for Jeff Skilling and many of the utility and energy cartel participants in government energy agency proceedings. It is the exception not to be involved in insider manipulation and trading in energy agency proceedings. Harassment and intimidation toward the few that don't involve themselves in these crimes is ongoing. That is why numerous consumers involved in energy agency proceedings would reverse this trend and those committing such crimes will become the exception not the rule.

The Georgetown University has been committing extreme malicious fraud perpetuating further dependency on fossil fuels while suppressing building-integrated photovoltaics from the mainstream market. Although, a visionary at Georgetown University saw the potential for solar energy and facilitated the important 30,000 SF BI-PV roof installation on the Intercultural Center in 1984; someone undermined this endeavor creating a vast criminal element at Georgetown University. In the tours of their campus they tell people that the solar array does not work. The few students, faculty and staff at Georgetown University that had been informed about the solar roof on the Intercultural Center were emphatic toward me that it did not work. They insisted it had been painted over because it allegedly made planes crash when they flew over while it was generating electricity. This is not only total nonsense, but it is highly powerful fraud that has misdirected billions of dollars of energy agency investments. The 30,000 SF solar array on the Intercultural Center generates an average of one Megawatt hour daily and has since it was installed in 1984. This translates to around $45,000 of electricity a year. David Townley of New Energy a cohort of Enron insisted during the rulemaking I was involved that photovoltaics is more polluting than coal. It is nonsense!

With Pepco's 16% increase in electric rates this spring the $45,000 of electricity translates to $57,000 of electricity a year. In Southern California where we experienced numerous blackouts and extreme extortion because of people like Jeff Skilling at Enron hiking the price of natural gas allegedly due to shortages during deregulation; a building with a 30,000 SF roof on it like the one on the Intercultural Center would generate $75,000 of electricity a year. Much of that electricity would be generated during the strongest air conditioning demand assuring that California is never afforded another energy crisis due to alleged air conditioning demand.

Hopefully, this forward will assist you in understanding why I am trying to get this building in the news. When I discovered the solar array while speaking at Georgetown University about BI-PV in 1994 on its tenth anniverary, I questioned the sales associates at the Solarex Corporation as to why they had never mentioned it. He insisted it was not important. It took me several years to understand that Amoco Oil had taken over the Solarex Corporation the year the roof was done and that it was not Solarex, but Amoco's employees (now British Petroleum-Amoco) that fraudulently claimed to me that the roof was not important. They used the Solarex name and patents to sue Arco Solar out of business 1988-1991 along with several other large solar manufacturers. Two weeks after I officially requested an antitrust investigation in the energy agency proceedings, BP-Amoco took over the entire Arco Corporation. That was before the Erin Brockovich Story had come out and I didn't realize until I saw the movie that they were shredding any documents that might convict them.

Georgetown University is not only lying to people about the output of the roof, but they have planted trees to block the output of the array. I have numerous photographs of this building clearly showing the trees blocking the array. The data manipulation committed by Georgetown University is criminal where tax payers via the Federal government paid for this roof as a demonstration. The building is at President Bill Clinton's alma mater. However, it was never mentioned when they installed a solar array on the White House lawn to light their yearly Christmas tree. President Bush installed three solar systems on the White House in 2002 for security reasons, but the press has yet to share this information with the mainstream market. All Americans have a right to use solar electricity for their security. It is important to consider that most security systems are run by electricity.

The only media or publicity that I know of about the Georgetown University Intercultural Center BI-PV solar roof since it was installed in 1984 and until this Journey began are:

  1. SOLAR DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE website written by me 1995 to the present:
  2. 1980s Energy Crisis Inspired ICC's Solar Panels; Officials Confirm Panels' Productivity by Charlotte Nichols; The HOYA News, Tuesday March 20, 2000

    NOTE: March 2000 the University of New South Wales made the first degree offering for Photovoltaic Engineering; 5 Dual Degrees, Masters and PhD. I took their premier on-line Advanced Photovoltaics course August and September 1998. We had a choice of what subjects to study for a project and I was the only person who chose the topic of building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] British Petroleum and BP Solar works closely with the University of New South Wales. The president of BP Solar includes a photograph of the solar array installed on his roof with a rack mount. It is not architecturally integrated. This discourages sells. We strongly believe that he could likely afford to do it right if he wanted to.

  3. Residential Photovoltaics; Building awareness and momentum for an alternative energy source by Eileen M. Smith, M.Arch. for Design Build Business magazine December 2003
  4. University of California Irvine, Science and Engineering booklet of continuing education offerings, BI-PV Workshops by Eileen M. Smith, M.Arch. Spring 1998
  5. Saddleback College, Sustainable Architecture Workshops, course brochure
    by Eileen M. Smith, M.Arch. Spring 2001

  6. numerous conferences and energy agency proceeding documents
    written by Eileen M. Smith, M.Arch. from 1994 to the present

  7. CNN Discovery Channel - a man in Philadelphia indicated he had seen the building on a CNN Discover Channel program on solar energy. He said they briefly talked about how it was built, and emphasized that the developers Georgetown University would not provide an interview regarding the matter.

    I am making this Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltiacs to assure that you have the information you need to evolve that right.

    It is worth repeating . . .

    I am making this Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltiacs to assure that you have the information you need to evolve that right.




    On this first day, I hiked ten miles in Rock Creek and around Washington, DC handing out the Journey Press Release and talking to numerous people about the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the 30,000 SF BI-PF roof installed in 1984 on the Georgetown University Intercultural Center. I met a lady from the Potomac Sierra Club. Our goal is to have an educational exhibit developed to explain what PV is with a monitor providing a read-out of the present output of the solar roof for visitors to GTU. Taxpayers paid $6 million for this government demonstration, and GTU really cannot continue to downplay and suppress this investment and solar technologies from the public. GTU administrators have also planted trees or allowed them to grow in front of the array since it was installed impeding access to the sunlight and reducing the natural output of the system creating fraudulent data. This is a very serious matter where such data could effect billions of dollars in energy industry decision-making and unnecessarily increase pollution and oil cartel oppression. There were numerous trees recently removed across the historic cemetery to build or renovate a structure. We do highly commend Georgetown University for successfully getting this roof installed, and we are concerned with Amoco Oil's subsequent takeover of the PV industry the year it was done and the propaganda and misinformation regarding the system in GTU tours.

    Volta & 35th Street ~ avoided being on campus to avoid abusive and slanderous hostility shown toward me at Georgetown University by Officer Douglas on March 21, 2004 when I was working with students to educate campus community and organize 4|11|04 event. A PhD candidate in the German department made about ten copies of the flyer I shared with him and for handing out those ten copies I was banned from Georgetown University for one year. While most students, faculty and staff at Georgetown University express their interest in getting the historic solar array in the news, the campus community has strategically refused to provide any formal commitment which causes me difficulties as administrators can thn claim I am not officially associated with the campus even though I have been working with facilities maintenance to publicize the building since 1994.

    The world-reknown distinguished diplomat Madelene Albright has an office in the Intercultural Center. She has never mentioned the solar roof in her speeches on peace negotiations as far as I know. Maybe she doesn't know about it . . . ? I really don't think the faculty, students and staff are that niave about the difficult position they have placed me in. Georgetown University should actually pay me for advertising, PR and management consulting where they are dangerously in violation of numerous insider trading and antitrust laws. Insider manipulation is a far more serious crime than just insider trading, and because it effects billions of dollars of energy industry investments in this case. Martha Stewart acted on information she received from a business executive, she did not create the problem that led her to sell her stocks. The editor at The HOYA News compares the fraudulent stories about painting over the solar roof claiming it makes planes crash to the ghost stories they tell during tours. Maybe it was the reflection of the roof on the Intercultural Center that caused the planes to crash on 9|11|01 . . . ? Martha Stewart might have used the defense of rumor or ghost stories for her defense where they are thus far being successfully used by Georgetown University as a defense against malicious fraud related to output of a solar array misdirecting consumers and billions of dollars of government investors.

    The real ghost story related to the GTU ICC BI-PF roof is the one that numerous people have told me about the death of the wife and son of Dr. Lindmayer allegedly in two separate accidents the same night after he refused to sign over the Solarex Corporation to Amoco Oil sometime in 1983/84. I have not had the resources to investigate the details of this 'ghost story' but I would like to know how much of it is true and any related details are welcome. In November 1996, a diplomat and scientist from the Belguim Embassy suggested I contact Dr. Lindmayer due to my enthusiasm for solar electricity and my interest in the GTU ICC building. I didn't know he was the founder of the Solarex Corporation until that time. When I called Dr. Lindmayer, the secretary in the office where he worked apologized to have to tell me that he died the month before in October 1996. I thought it was strange and it seemed as if he was attempting to contact me. As I uncovered various details about the energy industry, this coincidence has had an even stronger influence in my decisions to continue my efforts to bring building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] into the marketplace.

    I discovered the 30,000 SF BI-PV roof made up of Solarex panels in 1994 while speaking at Georgetown University at a Women of Vision Conference on Photovoltaics. In 2000, after my numerous suggestions over six years to clean up the fraudulent misrepresentations in GTU tours claiming the solar roof does not work alleging that the solar array surface was painted over because otherwise it would make planes crash if it generated electricity, GTU's The HOYA News finally wrote an article. The truth of the matter is that the solar roof actually generated around $45,000 of electricity a year with no water, no moving parts, no pollution, no noise and minimal degradation to the system. With Pepco's announcement to increase Washington, DC area electric rates 16% Spring of 2004 that translates to a value of $57,000 of electricity a year. In Southern California it would translate to $75,000 a year with six sun hours around 325 days a year. And, if we remember right, it was air conditioning demand at peak hours that perpetuated rolling blackouts in California during the alleged deregulation scandal. The idea that photovoltaics is not affordable or market ready is strongly refuted in a document researched and written by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1978 which was published by the California Energy Commission. In 1996, the CEC published 'The Energy Technology Status Report" just before passing deregulation that claimed photovoltaics was not market ready and affordable nearly twenty years after they published the JPL report saying that PV was market ready and affordable. JPL forecast a price of fifty cents a watt by 1986. Unfortunately, two years before that Amoco Oil took over the PV industry.

    At the Francis Scott Key Memorial we sang the National Anthem and I handed out more Press Releases. "Oh, beautiful for Spacious Skies for Amber Waves of Grain . . . " Beauty is the theme of this great American Anthem. Isn't it time we started making Beautiful Electricity, together! I handed out the Press Release to a variety of people in Georgetown on M Street and at Washington Circle. One goal is to have a photograph of me on horseback taken with the General|President Washington statue for the 'Horse Riders in DC' book.

    DAY TWO 4|12|04 MONDAY

    Due to the lack of a clear message from the DC police and the National Park Police and the refusal to put any related consulting in writing coupled with the hostility at Georgetown University; I opted not to ride a horse in DC to avoid getting a ticket. The DC Police had indicated that it is fine to ride a horse on DC streets since my initial inquiry January 2002. More recent comments indicated a variety of opinions on the subject, however. Some indicate only to Vermont Street. Others suggested a mounted police escort though the comment was made on 4|11|04 and thus not timely for this Journey unless we ride back to Washington, DC in July after getting the Intercultural Center into the mainstream news. The goal of this Journey is to get media for "Pretty Polly" the BI-PV solar array on the Georgetown University Intercultural Center, not to get me into trouble.

    I have really enjoyed discovering all the horse and rider statutes around Washington, DC and would welcome comments on the history of these statutes. In the next year, I plan to make a photo study of them and compile a related history that will be published in a book along with a map indicating the places where one can and cannot ride a horse in Washington, DC and the related statutes and codes. The problem appears to be that the statutes have not been revised to address the reality of the traffic. I was actually quite surprised when the DC police said a permit was not needed in 2002 and again in 2004. I think there should be a permit process for all related activities that are not on officially designated routes due to the extremely dense traffic in Washington, DC. The DC police indicated I need only use hand signals like cyclists.


    The day started with a nice breakfast at the International Guest House near 16th and Kennedy Street in Washington, DC. When I was traveling to conferences around the world in 1995-96 I stayed at the IGH. During that time I worked at Dean and DeLuca's on M Street in Georgetown. I would often hike through Rock Creek Park to work in the morning. I got the hike down to under an hour and one-half. Rock Creek Park is a wonderful national monument to nature. The rain and delays in getting the needed resources for the Journey delayed my leaving DC.


    At Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church spent most of day trying to figure out how to get supplies into luggage so that I could carry it. The original plan was to ride a horse the entire way and to have a driver with video riding along. I discovered that one could not ride a horse on much of the Appalachian trail and a video car partner has not made a commitment for the project. Thus, I am hiking the first portion of the Journey on foot with the supplies that I can carry with me. Documentation is important and good video footage may actually be included in a film documentary. I got my tax return filed on-line which was an important milestone. The day ended with a wonderful potluck dinner at Mt. Vernon Place UMC and a talk on prophesy and prophets by Associate Minister Reverend Martin. My original plan was to have someone to drive along the route to carry the exhibits and supplies. They would go ahead of me and make arrangements for seminars and accommodation. It would be great if they could videotape segments of the Journey as well. Interested assistants/drivers are welcome!


    The Journey from downtown Washington, DC started after a day of phone calls and packing with a Metro Ride to Vienna and George Mason College. I met with reporters at the student newspaper and found that they are in the middle of International Week at GMU. They indicated they would write up a story and share my website.

    DAY SIX 4|16|04 FRIDAY

    Today, I am taking the time to catch up on e-mails to the Press, the daily Activities Update and educating George Mason University students, faculty and staff about the poly-crystalline silicon semiconductor roof on the Georgetown University Intercultural Center and the promise of building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV]. We encourage them to question GTU about the lack of appropriate PR on the ICC roof during their tours and to welcome collaborate efforts to rectify the situation during the 20th Anniversary Celebration. Transparency is a great concept for peace-evolving technologies as well. Should a public easement for the roof be initiated?

    I am sending this e-mail to a variety of people in the press and education. Please respond to this new address After, today, I will keep the JOURNEY ACTIVITIES JOURNAL on the Internet and you can access it from:

    Anyone along or near the proposed route that would like to arrange a solar seminar and/or opportunity for me to speak; please contact me at this e-mail address at least two days in advance and preferably a week in advance. Media is welcome! That is the goal!


    Saturday morning I had every intention of taking to the road, again, but on my way to breakfast, Conflict and Culture Studies compelled me with their program on African American culture. The first movie was one about the diamond atrocities in Sierra Leone. The film was and excellent expose on the extremely inhumane violence and crime being committed in the name of diamond deployment. It was reminiscent of the Amy Goodman talk I attended in October 1998 at the University of California Irvine. Diamonds may not be a girl's best friend where that girl happens to own a farm in Sierra Leone that has diamond mines on or near it. The extreme violent dismemberment and killing of innocent men, women and children in the name of diamond deployment was shocking. The film entitled 'Cry Freetown' was made from a village survivor of the 1999 atrocities in his home town. It is an insight News Television production in association with Channel 4 and ARTE; producer Elizabeth Ground; director Ron McCullagh.

    The film was followed with a much-needed educational film made by National Geographic on the Bakka People that were for many years referred to as Pygmies. The film is an excellent portrayal of the familial and social structure of the unique nomadic Bakka people and their yearly travels through the Amazon forests to hunt and to gather honey. It included medical tips and architectural techniques for making temporary water-proof housing out of large leaves in the forest. As I have not found a tent for the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics at this point, I may have to resort to such a technique. Certainly, my prayers for a tent and sleeping bag donars have increased in the last week. I discovered I that horses are not allowed on the Appalacian Trail and thus will not be going by horseback until I reach highway 17. I am thus also needing a Kelty backpack to carry my things. I have two brand new lovely hunting vests that I would be glad to trade for these resources. The backpack is the most vital need at this time.

    When I took a lunch break from the film program, I discovered the Sally Rider Science Fair for primary and secondary school girls. I had missed Sally Rider's talk earlier in the morning. Unfortunately, she left before noon. However, there was an excellent array of exhibits from the various departments and programs at George Mason University. I talked to a variety of scientists, businesses, and organizations promoting careers for women in aviation. I met Charlie Haskell with The Old Dominion flying organization for women. She sounds to be a good contact as I have been wanting to get my aviation license for many years. I took ground school over ten years ago and thus the equipment has probably changed signficantly since then. I met several women pilots. Mary Feik is not only an amazing pilot, but an excellent example to anyone who thinks they are old at the age of 80. I suggested she contact my friend Lt. Colonel Richard T. Headrick in Irvine, California as they would have lots to talk about having both started in aviation in the 1930s. Then I met among others Courtney Dressing, a Planetary Society Student Astronaut who worked on the Mars Exploration Rover. Then there was Clare Schlener a student member of the Civil Air Patrol. They all signed my poster on Premier American Women in Aerospace.


    Saturday morning I had every intention of taking to the road, again, but on my way to breakfast, Conflict and Culture Studies compelled me with their program on African American culture. The first movie was one about the diamond atrocities in Sierra Leone. The film was and excellent expose on the extremely inhumane violence and crime being committed in the name of diamond deployment. It was reminiscent of the Amy Goodman talk I attended in October 1998 at the University of California Irvine. Diamonds may not be a girl's best friend where that girl happens to own a farm in Sierra Leone that has diamond mines on or near it. The extreme violent dismemberment and killing of innocent men, women and children in the name of diamond deployment was shocking. The film was made from a village survivor of the 1999 atrocities in his home town.

    The film was followed with a much-needed educational film made by National Geographic on the Bakka People that were for many years referred to as Pygmies. The film is an excellent portrayal of the familial and social structure of the unique nomadic Bakka people and their yearly travels through the Amazon forests to hunt and to gather honey. It included medical tips and architectural techniques for making temporary water-proof housing out of large leaves in the forest. As I have not found a tent for the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics at this point, I may have to resort to such a technique. Certainly, my prayers for a tent and sleeping bag donars have increased in the last week. I discovered I that horses are not allowed on the Appalacian Trail and thus will not be going by horseback until I reach highway 17. I am thus also needing a Kelty backpack to carry my things. I have two brand new lovely hunting vests that I would be glad to trade for these resources. The backpack is the most vital need at this time.

    When I took a lunch break from the film program, I discovered the Sally Rider Science Fair for primary and secondary school girls. I had missed Sally Rider's talk earlier in the morning. Unfortunately, she left before noon. However, there was an excellent array of exhibits from the various departments and programs at George Mason University. I talked to a variety of scientists, business, and organizations promoting careers for women in aviation. The Old Dominion flying organization for women sounds to be a good contact as I have been planning to get my aviation license for many years. I took ground school over ten years ago and thus the equipment has probably changed significantly since then. I met several women pilots. Mary Feik is not only an amazing pilot, but an excellent example to anyone who thinks they are old at the age of 80. I suggested she contact my friend Lt. Colonel Richard T. Headrick in Irvine, California as they would have lots to talk about having both started in aviation in the 1930s. The National Combat Air Museum published his book A Mighty Fortress. Among many young women I met, there was the George Mason University student Courtney Dressing, a Planetary Society Student Astronaut who had worked on the Mars Exploration Rover. Clair Schlener is a student member of the Civil Air Patrol. They all signed my poster on Premier American Women in Aerospace. Then, a representative from the Sally Rider agency took my photograph with the George Mason statue and promised to send it to me. Ann Marie who was there with her daughter also took a photo of me with the George Mason statue and promised to send me a copy. After that I walked into Fairfax and took a tour of the historic structures. It was quite interesting. The City Hall is particularly interesting. After a few hours working on the Internet, it was time to get some sleep so I would be ready to leave Sunday morning. The weather was great all weekend.


    I was up early and had a nice breakfast while watching the news in Johnson Center. While I was getting breakfast, I was informed that the bi-annual George Mason University Open House was to begin at noon. There were many activities planned with a great barbeque luncheon for everyone. Well, that was pretty hard to resist. Thus, I postponed my departure one last time. In talking to instructors from numerous programs from management to the arts, it was suggested that I visit the Star Media Lab on the third floor of the Johnson Center to see if I could find anyone who may be interested and willing to video tape my visit at George Mason University. I met Aman, the President of Film Studies Club in the Star Lab and she invited me to a special program called the Lost Film Fest by Scott Beibin out of Philadelphia that was at 6 pm. One of the lab assistance offered to not only tape my interviewing a student, but also volunteered to be the interviewed. This was a double talent treat, and we got a little footage for a film documentary of the Journey by Horseback [and foot] and/or the motion picture. I have already written a treatment that follows much of the material in my book ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION? The camera was not high density, but the quality of the video was first class and I am extremely grateful! I think high density is more difficult to edit and thus unless the entire film is shot in high density it would may be best not to tape original footage in HD. I am learning. It was impressive to me that George Mason University offers a variety of editing programs including Avid and Final Cut Pro. There are three student unions and the largest union Johnson Center has a library that is open for browsing until 2 am. There is a main library as well.

    After the taping which Pat graciously copied for me, I walked around campus and tried to get a tour of the performing arts centers. The Third Day, a religious group was performing in the Patriot Center. Two students offered me a free ticket to the concert from four passes they had been provided when one of them lost their tickets. As the tickets were $26 it was very difficult to turn down, but I had made a commitment to the Film Studies group and was hoping to make some contacts for filming the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics. Ute Lemper was performing in the Center for the Arts. Unfortunately, it is closed to tours while preparing for a show and it is closed on Monday so I won? be able to tour it this visit. One thing I really like about the GMU campus is the various levels of access to the buildings settled into rolling hills and woods. It appeared that the woods had been preserved, as many of them are tall though quite thin. The campus and Vienna community is nicely integrated with nature by wide sidewalks. The sheriff department is quite unassuming. It wasn't until I walked up to the front of the historic brick building that I noticed the signing indicating it was the sheriff's office. The facility nearby used for youth court was constructed in 1800. That is incredible.

    The Film Studies Club program was entitled Lost Film Fest presented by the director of the program Scott Beibin. He provided us substantial entertainment for about four hours. Numerous short films with a comedic tone were shown. The film of Elvis Presley visiting with President Nixon in 1970 was educational as was the films on the bar code farce. I was not aware people were providing free barcodes on the Internet to print out and that people were taking them to Wal-Mart and other department stores and remarking products to reduce the scanned price of selected items. The wildest film he shared was the one of when Scott Beibin and his three punk buddies who appeared on the Jerry Springer show. This was a little much for me as I am continually informed that television time costs money. I think people should have to pay to watch things like Jerry Springer and that there should be a lot more Good News on free TV. Vive La GOOD News! It was an interesting evening and I discovered new equipment to download my movie clips onto a website.

    DAY NINE 4|19|04 MONDAY


    DAY TEN 4|20|04 TUESDAY

    On Tuesday, I traveled to Great Falls from George Mason University. The Journey is described in a letter to an NBC News Desk contact. The following is that letter nearly in its entirety:


    Today, I am making arrangements for Earth Day activities on April 22, 2004 at Madeira School. Early Earth Week . . . before it's too late! is a new yearly event March 1st to 7th that I established to facilitate activities that will directly assist consumers in organizing consumer monitoring and intervention in energy agency proceedings via Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups. Coal consumption has doubled during the thirty years of Earth Day primarily because consumers don't know what to do with all the information they learn on Earth Day to facilitate needed change in the energy industry. Despite tremendous efforts, the transformation is going backward in many regards. I believe it is a need to use more effective intervention strategies via consumers and N.E.W.S. Groups.

    I had a great weekend at George Mason University. A student named Pat taped a spontaneous interview and discussion with himself as talent to document my JOURNEY visit to GMU. The Media Lab also copied the Channel 6 News report aired in December 2004 in Lawrence, Kansas. I was at my alma mater completing my book 'ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION featuring Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups and the Ethos of Commerce'. I enjoyed a visit to the Sally Rider Science fair on Saturday and attended the GMU Open House on Sunday. My visit at GMU was quite educational found lots of interest in photovoltaics. The most trying activity was the Institute for Conflict Resolution that showed a movie about the brutal human assault on villages in Sierra Leone in the name of diamond deployment. Diamonds are not necessarily a girl's best friend if you are a village native with diamond mines on your land. In fact it may be life-threatening. Diamonds are a close relative to oil deployment and the violent methods are similar to those reported in oil rich regions of the Delta in Africa, Indonesia and Russia. I hope the live coverage of the Iraq war will stimulate more news coverage of the extreme mutilation of men, women and children in the name of diamond deployment. Hopefully, it will encourage people to opt to create more positive news events in patterns of modern commerce! One of those is the wonderful Madeira School I visited on Monday.

    Today, I am in the village of Great Falls, Virginia. Yesterday, I visited the Madeira School nearby and I am planning to attend their community Earth Day events tomorrow along with other activities in the area. An executive at the National Parks Service insisted in our conversation two weeks ago that there was no place to ride a horse along Old Dominion Road and Georgetown Pike. After yesterday I fully agree. A postwoman I met in McLean showed a strong interest in my work and after she got off work graciously provided me a ride to the Madeira School. I had called Madeira last week hoping to find a job or project to do in exchange for a night at the School. There was no commitment made, but they invited me to visit the school and discuss the possibility. When one without a car or horse travel in a place where there is no public transportation and cannot afford taxis; one is never sure how long it will take to get somewhere. Thus, it was that I arrived at the Madeira School partially announced at around 4 pm. The person I talked with hadn't heard about my proposed visit. They indicated they didn't think that they would have work at the time and to exchange for a few nights in the stable bunks. The lady in charge suggested I come back Tuesday morning to speak with the School's President Mr. Taylor. Thus, I attempted to go on to Great Falls. However, there is not even a place for people to walk along Georgetown Pike. I had to walk quite a ways with too much luggage to carry to find a place where someone could pull off the road to provide me a ride. There is no horse crossing signs and people zoom down that road.

    Finally, a nice couple out to celebrate an early anniversary evening stopped and asked if they could provide a ride as they were concerned about my walking along the steep ditch on the road that has no shoulders. I was quite grateful at their gesture and they were very helpful although I delayed their celebration dinner at least an hour.

    My initial goal was to be riding horse and to have a PR partner to drive most of my things including exhibits to the next town where they would arrange for accommodation for the horse and myself as well as carry the bulk of my luggage. It really irritates me that foreign terrorists and politicians can raise millions of dollars to waste on tragic violence and meaningless TV ads and I can't find joint venture funds or make a few thousand dollars with all of my skills, education and hardworking values [as a fourth generation citizen of this nation] to facilitate this Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics as is summarized in the three-page Press Release I shared with you.

    Further, it seems there would be some assistance and/or investor that would welcome the opportunity to partner in the printing and distribution of my book 'ElectiCity' for around $25,000. How often do you find an author that has invested 12 plus years of their life researching intensely political topic of the volatile energy industry with no financial backing in one of the most oppressive arenas of modern commerce being involved in the eye of the storm via historic energy agency proceedings with the California Public Utilities Commission and Cal Energy Commission on self-generation technology just as deregulation began in 1998 and throughout Energy Crisis 2000, 9|11 and the fall of the Enron Corporation that dominated the proceedings for distributed generation or DG. I have provided the pre-press needed to publish this book on the energy industry and have started on the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics to market the book and form Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups while bringing a unique commercial solar building-integrated photovoltaic [BI-PV] project into the news for its 20th Anniversary. The Journey is primarily to inform consumers about the opportunity to transform energy commerce via agency Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups. intervention. Georgetown University should be doing on their own PR where tax payers provided $6 million for the BI-PV roof demonstration that has provided $45,000 to $50,000 of electricity for them a year. I hope my efforts bring a related exhibit about the BI-PV project at GTU ICC with a monitor to report the system output. The output should be printable for a quarter to allow people to take with them to remind them of this daily miracle at GTU ICC.

    Yesterday, the lack of news coverage about the Journey became a bit critical as I precariously attempted to depart from the Madeira School where the nice postwoman had taken me. Fortunately, the nice couple out for their anniversary evening brought me into Great Falls and finally took me to the Stone Ridge Show Barn and then to the related Stone Ridge Farm. The Stone Ridge people were a bit suspicious of such a spontaneous proposal as were the Madeira School people. They weren't sure they wanted to exchange a day's work for one or two nights accommodation even though there was plenty of work to be done. Thus, a very nice lady and her daughter Blair showed me the location of the Saddlery and then took me to a remote park to camp. Presently, I don't have a tent or sleeping bag and don't have an appropriate backpack to carry my things. I need to get one before I reach the Appalachian Trail. I have two brand new hunting vests I would be willing to trade for such gear and or will work for it. Most companies will not donate anything unless one has 501(c)3 status. I don't and I don't have the time or the $3,000 it takes to form one and really have no interest in forming one for N.E.W.S. Groups. We might eventually form a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation for Early Earth Week, but will likely only form a foundation trust for the National N.E.W.S. Groups. We are seeking a board of directors to assist with this endeavor, but most of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Groups have not formally incorporated and I think that makes them far more efficient and successful.

    Blair and her mother took me to the Fire Station to inquire about places to camp, etc. The very nice, but concerned Captain on duty indicated they had actually been called out to the road near Madeira School by a concerned citizen who had seen me attempting to walk along the roadside from the Madeira School with too much luggage. While the Captain at first insisted I had not planned the Journey appropriately, he finally agreed that perhaps there should be more support for the important work I am doing to bring solar energy into the marketplace. I started planning this Journey in October 2001 and had been attempting to find some way to get the GTU ICC in the news since I discovered it in 1994. People need to see this appropriately integrated BI-PV project so that they are not ripped off by companies like British Petroleum-Amoco-Enron [dba BP Solar]. The cover of their training manual shows the home system installed on the President's roof and it is just jacked up on poles with no enclosure or architectural integration. It is ugly to install solar systems that way and they know it. That is why they do it that way. The Captain at the Great Falls Fire Station encouraged me to do whatever I could to better inform people as best I could to reduce the risks all the way around and to provide better opportunities for appropriate involvement in the Journey and appropriate installation of solar systems on homes and business buildings. My training is architecture and appropriate solar system installation forms the foundation of my business ethic.

    The media could be of tremendous assistance by informing people about the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics no matter what they think of it just to let people know what I am doing and where they can find out more about this endeavor. Let them decide for themselves whether they want to get involved, but please inform them!

    We held a dinner and dance in December 2003 in Lawrence, Kansas and got a news story on the Channel 6 news. For Valentine Day we started a $10 donation program or a $1 a mile along one's favorite segment of the trail. Every donation counts! I would much rather have a little from a number of people, but people need to have some understanding of what I am doing and why. If the book was printed, sales from the book would provide some income and also put the information in the hands of consumers where I speak and around the nation. Proceeds beyond the Journey and book printing will be used to form the foundation for the National Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. organization. My intent does not include scandal, revenge, violence or crime; however I honestly believe that with the 16% increase in electric rates proposed by PEPCO for Spring 2004 that most news patrons will find some excitement in the JOURNEY BY HORSEBACK FOR PEACE & PHOTOVOLTAICS without needing a disaster to justify putting it in the news. My book does not just point fingers and complain or criticize, but I propose a consumer-based intervention solution modeled on the highly successful Neighborhood Crime Watch Groups via Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups. I honestly believe that just the presence of organized consumers monitoring energy agency proceedings will dramatically reduce crime in energy agency decisions which has blatant insider market manipulation and trading a daily activity. The fraud at Georgetown University is insider market manipulation and trading. It is not just a ghost story although the untimely death of the wife and son of Dr. Lindmayer one of the founders of the Solarex Corporation may turn up an interesting ghost story for GTU.

    The Presidents of this nation, no matter who they are will not likely to redirect the energy industry into appropriate technologies. How could they? The Journey and ElectriCity is a non-partisan, consumer-based solution that shows consumers in Volume I of ElectriCity what the problem is and where to focus their efforts for official and consequential transformation. Volume II of ElectriCity actually provides them a step-by-step method for official direct consumer intervention in energy agency proceedings that will begin to redirect energy commerce toward autonomous renewable sustainable technologies. This is the venue where legislation is transformed via public hearings to programs and appropriations. Without consumer participation, this is where the wolf of fossil fuel and utility tyranny steals renewable energy funding and shifts it to fossil fuel interests in lieu of consumer needs and interests.

    Gas turbine proponents are demanding Net Metering in California where gas already dominates 45% of the energy consumed. If they can't do business without incentives with 46% of the market, then they are not an affordable source of electricity. PV provides less than 0.1% of the electricity consumed and oil cartels and utilities cry that they want to be paid stranded costs for any lost revenues they experience due to any successful deployment of BI-PV that I accomplish. Then they insist that incentives to renewable energy is free-loading. This outrageous antitrust abuse is quoted directly from documents filed and live testimony given in my presence by utility and oil cartel attorneys. Thus, it is difficult to imagine what goes on behind the scenes.

    N.E.W.S. Groups transforms energy agency proceedings from a chicken coop easy to fleece to a responsible democratic venue dominated by mass direct consumer intervention facilitating needed industry transformation. The Internet is the key that has made this possible as the participants can monitor the proceedings at home and serve document via the e-mail. This is a new and vital window of opportunity for consumers. Remember that every attorney that represents oil cartels and utilities is also a consumer. At lunch they would share their dreams of having a solar system on their home and ask for my advise on designing one, and in the hearings that followed they would do their job which often included attempts to strike my testimony before the proceedings. This is not so easy when there are one hundred consumers filing the same comments.

    Non-profit organizations|corporations allegedly representing consumers are being paid $100 to $350 an hour to keep their mouths shut and thus the changes they actually achieve are minimal compared to what is needed. N.E.W.S. Groups is well worth the try. While many consumers will not have the time, there are over 20 million ratepayers in California alone. Constructively directing consumer time and resources through organized coalition will dramatically increase their chances of success. Just a small portion of twenty million consumers could establish consumer consensus in energy agency proceedings providing them strong legal status like the document that led to the settlement in the Erin Brockovich Story. N.E.W.S. Groups is well worth a try. In addition to evolving needed change in energy agency proceedings, it will naturally educate consumers about how the energy industry works and protect them as consumers no matter how their electricity is generated and delivered. The Erin Brockovich story clearly illustrated the need for increased consumer awareness about how the energy industry is structured and related dysfunctions in the industry.

    The media could really be of substantial assistance in doing a story about the JOURNEY BY HORSEBACK FOR PEACE & PHOTOVOLTAICS [from Georgetown U ICC BI-PV roof 4|11|04 to Ground Zero on the 4th of July] because then people along the trail would know a little more about who I am, and be relieved of some of their concerns about this seemingly spontaneous endeavor that has been in the planning since January 2002. They would see the excellent example of the GTU ICC BI-PV roof and may be encouraged to consider that the 30,000 SF BI-PV roof at GTU has been generating a Megawatt hour a day since 1984. 90% of the people in the building don't know it is generating electricity. There was a substantial amount of misinformation provided by GTU in their tours fraudulently informing people the roof didn't generate electricity because they had painted it over to keep planes from crashing when they flew over while it was generating electricity. This is extreme and criminal fraud on the part of the University and is far more serious a crime than the alleged Martha Stewart behavior. Where she allegedly sold stock on a tip from a friend, GTU is intentionally lying to people destroying confidence in solar BI-PV products and potential and thereby misdirecting billions of dollars of energy commerce deployment. This equates with the molestation of children by priests. It is abominable where people are suffering with ill health, irrational price hikes, terrorism and war in the name of energy technology fossil fuel deployment. The editor at the HOYA News compared it with the ghost stories they tell on the Georgetown University tours. Perhaps, Martha Stewart could use the excuse of rumor as her defense on appeal. The GTU fraud about the output and safety of the solar roof installed on the Intercultural Center in 1984 is a very serious far-reaching problem. Perhaps, the distinguished diplomat Madeleine Albright who has an office in the GTU ICC could comment on the effect such propaganda in the world related to energy commerce, war and terrorism in the world.

    The press is welcome to share the website for the SOLAR DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE that has my interactive autobiography, vitae and resume from primary school to the present along with numerous of my papers that have been published around the world. The Journal for the Journey by Horseback for Peace & PV is on You might want to mention The Long Riders Guild whose director is presently initiating a Journey by Horseback around the world. It is the first such Journey that I know of in world history.

    The two primary reasons for the JOURNEY BY HORSEBACK FOR PEACE & PHOTOVOLTAICS is to get the Georgetown University Intercultural Center BI-PV roof in the news and to form 101 charter Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups. The media need not advocate, approve, discourage or encourage anyone's participation, they could simply inform consumers about the Journey and allow consumers to further investigate and discuss the effort themselves. The media could poll the public about photovoltaics now and after the Journey, discuss the solar systems installed for security reasons at the White House in 2002. Their reporting on the Journey could encourage talk shows and other venues to follow the Journey for consumers and related adventures along the trail up to the planned ceremonial ride from the first electric plant in West Orange, New Jersey in to Ground Zero.

    On the 4th of July I plan to ride from Edison's Historic site to the Ellis Island Ferry that has agreed to provide me and a horse [as long as it is not a stallion] a boat ride to Manhattan, New York where the mounted police have offered a police escort to Ground Zero for a ceremony where we will sing the national anthem, [isn't it time we started making 'beautiful electricity' together . . . ] read excerpts from ElectriCity including the unusual and prophetic poem 'Solar Energy Soliloquy -Amid' that I wrote April 2001 in an attempt to synthesize the extreme challenges and volatile undercurrent in the energy agency proceedings dominated by questionable behavior of associates with Enron, utilities and energy agency staff. To find a link to download this poem go to this webpage: During the 4th of July ceremony we will dedicate the eleven districts of Manhattan as Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups.

    We are planning to perpetuate interest in this event along the trail and hope to have many other participates by the middle of June including environmental speakers, musicians and celebrities of sports and the arts by the 4th of July. The event will be during the Summer Olympics in Greece. I attended the 100 year centennial of the Modern Olympics in 1996 that was held in the historic stadium in Athens. It was an incredible experience for me. One major concern of the Olympic community is the effects of pollution on the athletes that compete at the Olympics. With the technologies we have there is absolutely no reason to continue to bombard human existence with pollution. Unite to be done with it! It is my theory that there is no one that is perpetuating the fossil fuel domination except the tremendous vacuum of commerce itself. Who could stop this? No nation or group could do it, alone! Organized consumers are, I believe the only possible force that could.

    I am hoping to have a horse arranged by the time I get up the Appalachian trail from Bluemont in Virginia to the 17 highway in Maryland. Today, I will make contact with the Turner Farm here in Great Falls, VA. It is a great project that could also likely benefit from news coverage. It is a great public recreation center for horse lovers and their horses that is scheduled to be completed for the community Spring 2004. There are lots of horse people in Great Falls and the surrounding area.

    I hope this provides you with an update. Sorry, it took me so long to get back to you. I think I'll just copy this letter to the Journey Journal as I need to get going. I really need an office or at least a lap top computer, cell phone, camera, video recorder, PR person with car, tent, sleeping bag, backpack and of course a horse to meet me at highway 17 in Maryland. There are numerous notices in the magazines I found at the Saddlery this morning and thus I am hoping to negotiate a horse in the next few days. Tomorrow, I plan to attend the Earth Day events at the Madeira School which are open to the community beginning at around 9:00 am according to their website. I am definitely going to find a place to store my luggage whether I walk or have a ride to and from the event.

    Please don't wait for a disastrous event to put this important Journey by Horseback in the news. Viva La GOOD News!!!


    The Earth Day Seminar at the Madeira School was very informative. Madiera School is a young woman's high school with specialized training in horse riding and care located along the beautiful Potomac River in Northern Virginia. If you visit be sure and ask to visit the view behind the Chapel. It is a beautiful view of the Potomac from high overhead. I wrote an e-mail to President Taylor and left him a voice -mail indicating that I would be attending the Earth Day Seminar at Madeira and would like to meet with him while at the School. Their website indicated 'community invited!' and everyone that I asked about it indicated that this meant they were likely having an open house event. They indicated that where it was only for the school they would specify that it was closed to the public or only available to the campus community. Not having ever been to Great Falls, I assumed it was ok to attend and the security guard allowed me entry to go to the event held in the Chapel.
    The campus is much larger than I expected and the view at the chapel is the site of many a wedding I was told. The Nature Conservancy provided an excellent program on conservation of the area along the Potomac with an overview of the rare plants and animals in the area. As I left the auditorium with everyone else including around 200 young women, the Dean of Students and the director of security were waiting for me in the lobby. Mr. Wildman, the Dean of Students began an extremely hostile interrogation without even introducing himself demanding to know why I was at the assembly. He made if very difficult to answer the question and kept interrupting me. After I produced the printout of the event on the website, he finally calmed down and said that this meant the Madeira community not the community at large. I apologized, but indicated I understood it was open to the public. I suggested they answer their e-mail and phone messages and include campus community in notices on the Internet. He would not allow the Dean of Arts to take a photo of me against the view behind the Chapel, but had the security officer whisk me down into Great Falls. They wouldn't even allow me to meet with President Taylor. Highly suspicious! One of the students indicated that she was planning to attend an Inland Empire school in Southern California. I didn't have the heart to tell her how bad the pollution is there. It often looks like that one is in the middle of a fire when there is a bad smog day.

    The director of security provided a ride to the Great Falls Library where I researched the Washington & Old Dominion Trail and the Appalachian Trail. I met a few locals and chatted about where to get a backpack. I wrote to President Taylor and asked for a written apology for the outburst by Dean of Students Taylor indicating I had done everything that I could have done to assure the visit was appropriate. I asked if he could RSVP a meeting by 3:30 pm so I could make arrangements for my travel plans. About 3:15 pm a local policeman arrived insisting that the Madeira School had sent him with a message indicating the President was not available to meet.

    Fortunately, Kevin, a local Great Falls resident had befriended me while I was at the library. Thus, he witnessed the police insult. The officer had a paper, but when he saw the librarians and Kevin were looking out after me, he backed off and just told me he had a message from the Madeira School. When I showed him the notice on the Internet regarding the Earth Day stating 'community invited!' he was even less excited about delivering the message. That is certainly a misuse of taxpayer services using the police as personal messengers where the Internet would have politely made as significant an impact with a letter explaining their position rather than a public insult. I had written to President Taylor the day before indicating I was planning to come to the Earth Day event and left a voicemail. I am concerned that the education of young woman are in the hands of these kinds of administrators.

    In an attempt to have closure with the Madeira School and to leave them on a lighter note, this song came to mind, :Oh, Madeira, Oh, Madeira, Oh, Madeira Clementine don・t be lost and smoked forever read my website Clementine;.

    My prayer is that the large number of young women that attend the Madeira School dominated by these male administrators are not kept in the dark regarding solar electricity or building-integrated photovoltaics. Surely, President Taylor, Dean of Students Wildman and Mr. Holzman the director of security would agree that with all the pornographic trash, violence, war and crime on television and in the news, everyday, that these young women leaders can surely handle the truth about Pretty Polly at Georgetown University. It is better that they are told in the United States by fellow countrywoman than to be taunted with this truth while visiting a foreign nation. The test is what will they do with this truth. One young lady indicated to me her plans to attend Claremont College within the Inland Empire in Southern California. That is a wonderful school except on .bad smog・ days when the air there is so thick with fossil fuel exhausts it looks like you are in the middle of a forest fire. Pollution does not discriminate. It kills people of all races, ages, life styles and socio-economic levels. Over fifty percent of the youngsters in Children・s Hospital of Los Angeles are diagnosed with cancer and many are not expected to live to be adults. There is absolutely no reason for this abuse of human and animal life when technologies like building-integrated photovoltaics exist which could substantially reduce pollution within American cities as well as our dependency on fossil fuel tyranny. Martha Stewart as a responsible female role model is being crucified in the media while Georgetown University continues its ongoing energy market manipulations and insider trading without any media scrutiny. Hopefully, this effort will help to change that. Click for ADDED NOTES!

    To schedule a meeting or seminar with me while I am on the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics to find out more information, get on the committee for writing the N.E.W.S. Groups workbook that is scheduled to be on the market by November 2004, and to form a Charter N.E.W.S. Group between now and July 4th, 2004; please write to If anyone from Sterling to Leesburg, Virginia has a backyard where I can camp or an RV I could use for a few days while I am in the process of getting a backpack for the Appalachian Trail from Belmont to Old 40 Highway; please let me know. The loan of a backpack would also be great. My Kelty pack is in Southern California locked in storage as I thought I would be riding a horse the entire way. Other possibilities of help with places to stay would be sponsorship for camping at Fairfax Lake is at $20 a night Thanks to Victoria from Leesburg and her family who donated a brand new tent for me and Kevin who donated a nice sleeping bag, I am now equipped for camping. Susan their friend introduced me and provided a great dinner on Friday. I tried camping in Algonkian Park as directed by the Sterling police, but Jill the director of the park indicated that camping is not allowed there. They have lovely cabins right on the Potomac River, but they are $125 a night, which is way out of my budget. If you want to take a vacation bring the family and rent a cabin. I・ll sleep on the couch. It is a lovely park with numerous interesting birds and plenty of fishing opportunities. So, bring your video camera also to take some footage of the birds, deer, fishing and scenery for my film documentary of the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics. There are hiking paths and some of the cabins even have saunas. There is no alcohol allowed so plan to have a low-key healthy outing. Interested in sponsoring or have some ideas on where I could stay, please write to I am seeking work or fundraising events to secure the $250 for the gear needed for the Appalachian Trail segment. Whatever you may need from cleaning to solar seminars to lectures to writing to bookkeeping to designing a solar system to childcare to homemaking to horse and stable care, to painting or landscaping, etc that is something I could do. Organizing is one of my strengths. Photography and videotaping are professional skills I have developed. I have a Master・s degree in architecture with extensive AutoCADD experience. I welcome anyone including celebrities like Willard Scott to join me for a segment of the Journey by Horseback from Sterling to Purceville along the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. Then it is on to Belmont where I will hike the Appalachian Trail to Old Highway 40. My credit has been substantially challenged since 1998 due to the refusal by the California Public Utilities Commission to pay for my intervention as they indicated they would. A tax adjustment dated September 10, 201 arrived the morning of 9|11 from the IRS charging me taxes on the unpaid $42,000. My credit has further suffered from the refusal of the Orange County Transit Authority to pay for injuries incurred due to negligence of a driver turning a corner going 45 mph. As a self-insured company, they are interestingly regulated by the CPUC. My credit is in good shape other than this fraud. Take this opportunity to assist us in getting media coverage and to encourage people to form their own Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups. Watch for daily updates of the JOURNEY JOURNAL! Contributions including stories, solar projects to share, comments, poetry, photos, etc are welcome. However, I am writing this at libraries as I have the time and resources to do so. I enjoyed a lovely Creation・s Sunday service at the Lutheran Church in Sterling near the Loudoun County Library across from the Giant Grocery Store on Cascade near 7 highway.



    DAY FIFTEEN - 4|25|04 SUNDAY

    DAY SIXTEEN - 4|26|04 MONDAY




    DAY TWENTY - 4|30|04 FRIDAY



    I will catch up on the last week, but wanted to share wtih you the great story about meeting the man with the Holy Grail. It was about 7 am when Gary came into McDonalds where I was having a cup of peppermint tea thanks to the glass of hot water they had provided. I don't recall what initiated our conversation, but it was an extremely interesting discussion about life, living and the pursuit of happiness. When he offered a job for the day selling the Holy Grail of sorbet and goat's milk cheese going to church to be viewed by a lot of stuffy inhospitable people as some kind of 'problem' got backseat priority. We sold over $250 of sorbet and goat's milk cheese that day. I made about $30 and we ate lots of yummy fresh vegetables from the vendors at the Farmer's Market. The moral of the story is that if people try to put a cloud over your head move the world into a new view and have fun doing something wonderful and worthwhile!






    My friend Kevin took drove me to Leesburg to take care of loose ends that I will tell you more about later. He then took me to Fairfax Lake where I camped next to a pipefitter and welder who was working in the area. He had previously owned a home in the area, but a series of challenges had convinced and in some ways forced him to sell his home. He was amazed with the solar array at Georgetown University and indicated that it would be a good thing to bring building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] into the market. He said the industry is extremely dysfunctional and dangerously inflexible.

    I had not been to Fairfax Lake since 1996 when I camped for nearly two months off and on while traveling to conferences around the world and working in Washington, DC. I would take the bus and train to work and be there within 45 minutes. It was great fun. The lady that camped next to me most of the summer was studying to do medical billing. Her family lived in West Virginia. At that time, I only paid $12 a night plus $5 for a metro pass each day. I didn't use the electricity. The price has gone up to $20 a night and the swimming pool they were building in 1996 is now completed. Lauren the assistant at Fairfax Lake indicated that they were seeking employees for the grocery store and for the front desk. The next morning I attempted to speak with Jackie the manager. She became extremely strange when I attempted to share with her what I am doing and the reason for the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics. The park is run by Loudoun County. When I opened my portfolio to share the photo of the GTU ICC she actually put here arm over her face and refused to look at it. It was very strange. Fortunately, Kevin had arrived and thus I packed my tent and left because I did not want to deal with Jackie's strange behavior.

    I had wanted to make some money in the city before going to the Appalachian Trail. However, circumstances seemed to urge me to go on to Bear's Den on the Appalachian Trail. Kevin drove me there and we actually went way past the turn nearly to Berrytown and had to back track. By the time we got there it was pouring down rain. Rob met us and offered to allow me to camp on the grounds in exchange for work for a few days. He was extremely helpful and hospitable!


    Today, I planted twenty mighty oak trees with Dave Appel, the historic person who saved Bear's Den some years ago. It is an interesting story that I will tell more about later. We had a great day and I got lots of exercise. Dave cooked some great meals and I did the clean up.


    We went on a fallen tree clearing hike this morning and I met Mary Sue, George and Bob. Mary Sue had some interesting stories about her work with the Chesapeake Bay and when she and George managed the Blackburn stop on the Appalachian Trail. I will hike there on Monday and then on to Harper's Ferry. Mary Sue indicated she had seen a news article about me in the Leesburg Today. Yolanda had come and interviewed me last week, but I had not seen the article. Thus, I am excited to read it. The more news coverage the better!

    DAY THIRTY - 5|10|04 MONDAY
    Today, I edited my websites and updated the Journey Journal as much as possible. Will write more later. It was a wonderful experience visiting Bear's Den. Just what I needed. I have met some wonderful people here including one of the managers Craig. I have seen the great view over the Shenandoah Valley and have learned a lot about the Appalachian Trail and those who have hiked it. The Bear's Den group donated an old REI frame pack they found stored away and I provided them one of the fishing vests to keep as the official Bear's Den Fishing Vest.

    Happy Trails!!!

    I didn't get started to Blackburn until around 4:30 pm and had at least fifty pounds on my back. Argh!!! It was really too much and slowed me way down. The good thing was that by the time I got to Hollow Creek just off the main ATC trail on a blue blaze there was a lovely little campsite with a stone fireplace. A hiker had mentioned there were campers nearby and I saw their light up the trail and across the creek so I wasn't alone. After pitching my tent I went up and chatted with them. They had a nice water filter and were quite nice to provide some filtered spring water. Ben had given his mother a week hiking trip for Mother's Day. What a wonderful present!!! They were having a great time! The creek site was lovely and the serene sound of the running water over stones lulled me to sleep quickly.


    I awoke around 7 am on Tuesday and left camp around 9:30 am. The pack seemed lighter and the hiking went much faster the second day. I arrived in Blackburn around 2:30 pm with plenty of stops along the way to enjoy the views and catch my breath. The worst challenge was sore hip bones from the excessive weight of the pack. Ouch!!! By the time I reached Blackburn I was ready for a shower and a cup of tea. There is a nice solar shower on the property that provides water heated from the sun. Blackburn is a unique site owned by the ATC if I remember right. Bill and Sarah are the caretakers. Bill is a trained veterinarian. Thus, he is a great assist to ailing hikers. He mixed up an oinment for a scratch that "Tell It Like It Is" had gotten in the hike that day and he provided me hip pads to alleviate the pain on the rest of the Journey to Harper's Ferry. That was extremely helpful. Bill was busy remodeling the apartment above the carriage house. The main log cabin was built in 1910 and it features a gorgeous and huge antebellum screened-in porch. That is where we were served with a delicious spaghetti dinner and desert. It was a real treat. They can't always provide dinner, but they traditionally provide spaghetti for thru-hikers. By the time I had gotten rested and ready for a shower, two thru hikers had already arrived and borrowed the shower. At dinner time there were two other thru hikers who arrived and during dinner two more arrived. There are only four bunks in the small hiker's cabin. Thus, the extras camped in designated areas. Blackburn provides a great service for Appalachian Trail hikers. There is also a hiker's foot locker to leave things you don't want and to find things you might need. One must sign the registry and donations are accepted. If you want to donate money to a good cause both Bear's Den and Blackburn would be very worthwhile facilities doing a great service for Applachian Trail thru hikers and the many people that visit the Trail for shorter hikes and day hikes. I learned a lot and had a great time.


    Bill woke me at around 5 am at the beginning of his busy day. Thus, I left Blackburn by 6:15 am when it was nice and cool. For the first five hours, the hike went well and I only had to stop on occassion. About two miles outside of Harper's Ferry, the weight of the pack, the heat and the insects became a bit too much for me and I pitched the tent and slept for about two hours. I wasn't sure exactly where I would go in Harper's Ferry and decided to dress light with shorts and lighter shoes carrying only my waistband purse and a small bottle of water. I forgot to take my flashlight, which could have been disasterous because it took a little longer than I expected to get there and get back. The hike was extremely rocky, but not nearly as challenging as the roller coaster hike coming out of Bear's Den. About halfway there I realized I had forgotten the flashlight and thus decided to leave by 6:30 pm so I wouldn't be caught in the dark. I prayed for assistance to meet people who may have an interest in my work and a humane ear to my situation. I came out on a busy highway and wasn't sure which way to go, but the Appalachian Trail Conference Center white blazes continued when I got across the highway. They led me to the Shenandoah River Bridge.

    By the way, it was wonderful to see the Shenandoah River again. I saw it for the first time in 1996 when I came to Harper's Ferry Hostel for a four day retreat while living in Washington, DC. The hike along where the rivers meet is quite inspirational. I can belt out "Oh, Shenandoah I long to see you . . . " to my hearts content and no one can hear my voice above the roar of the rivers coming togethers surrounded by green forested mountains. Nature at its best!!!

    From the River Bridge,I found the ATC Trail and went again into the forest. I was beginning to get concerned about finding my way home before dark, and wasn't sure if I could see the white blazes on the rocky trail without a flashlight. As I walked up the trail a nice lady about ten years my younger came hiking down the trail. We chatted for a bit and I asked if she knew where there was a grocery story. Rosy said it was a ways away and offered to provide me a ride. It was a great answer to prayer as Rosy provided me a ride to the grocery story where I stocked up on crackers and carrots and a small flashlight. I met her husband who had seen us drive by. They offered to allow me to stay with their family a few days while I am in Harper's Ferry. Thus, we made plans to meet the next day after I hiked my pack into town. It would have been nearly impossible to hike the rocky trail without some sort of artificial light as the white blazes do not show up after dark. Although I had not heard or seen any dear during the day. After dark there were lots of deer near the trail and the flashlight helped to let them know I was coming. Hiking the rocks with thin soled shoes was a bit rough on the feet, but it was much cooler than the boots I'd worn for most of the hike to counter the weight of my pack. I finally arrived in camp about 9:30 pm and had a nice snack before getting to some sleep.








    DAY FORTY ~ 5|20|04 THURSDAY

    DAY FORTY-ONE ~ 5|21|04 FRIDAY









    DAY FIFTY ~ 5|30|04 SUNDAY

    DAY FIFTY-ONE ~ 5|31|04 MONDAY

    I spent Memorial Day cleaning the lady's home where I was staying while she was working. I had toured Gettysburg earlier in the week. She had really been helpful and was really needing some help. Thus, it worked out well.






    Blue Parrot Bistro and the Yellow Canary Deli

    It was pouring down rain on Saturday morning, but I'd already delayed getting started and thus I bought a rain poncho, some bright orange gloves at the hardware and hunting store with the big bear on the roof and managed to get only a little wet before Allison Giles offered me a ride. I had asked her about better locations to hike out of town. I had just bought a vinyl tablecloth at the dollar store to drape over my backpack so it would not get too wet and I was quite relieved for her to offer a ride. We made a stop at the Blue Parrot for lunch on the way out of town. The asparagus soup and turkey breast sandwich with mint tea really hit the spot on a rainy day. I was finally ready to travel from Gettysburg.



    Today, I visited the Philadelphia University for the first time. The day trip began with a wonderful hike along the Schuylkill River. There are numerous bridges including the Strawberry Bridge and the ancient East Falls Bridge.

    I was rescued from the heat by the a wonderful administrative assistant in the Industrial Design program there who shared with me first water and air-conditioning and then the hanging specification samples. It was in our discussion and seeing this innovative way of storing and displaying spec samples that I thought of the idea of creating Spec Houses where designers could take their clients to explore various catalog specifications in a more experiential manner. With the advent of the hologram it might be an interesting enhancement to such a program. I will write more about that visit twhen I have more time to update the Journal. < P>


    The sun was really warm, today. It was one of those days when solar building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] really creates added value providing you high output for air conditioning to alleviate the most intense heat from the sun. Remember that photovoltaics generates electricity from the light of the sun. Poly-crystalline silicon semiconductors actually function more efficiently in cooler sunny climates. Today, I began a door-to-door canvassing of the neighborhood near Philadelphia University to see if people had any interest in BI-PV and to share with them the JOURNEY BY HORSEBACK FOR PEACE & PHOTOVOLTAICS 2004. People were quite interested. I even raised a little money for accommodation expenses. I made about $10 an hour while educating around thirty people all together. That is a good use of my time over working at a temporary job just to make that much per hour. It is highly satisfying to share this important information with people as they are quite pleased to hear it.

    The East Falls Library copied the documents for me on Tuesday and thus, interested neighborhood residents can easily visit the library and copy the documents. The more I discuss these issues with local consumers, the more I believe that Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups will become a viable and thriving consequential and constructive influence in energy agency decisions.

    Early Earth Week March 1-7 may eventually apply for the 501(C)3 status because the primary purpose of this organization is to provide educational activities for consumers and neighborhoods interested in understanding how to monitor and impact energy agency proceedings. Yearly conferences and educational fairs will assist Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups with their activities. However, we want to be very careful that if it does establish itself as a non-profit with 501(C)3 status that the group is made up of N.E.W.S. Group people and not retired energy agency, utility or non-profit groups that are presently dominating the energy industry.

    Alleged consumer non-profit business is generating billions of dollars in commerce to talk about the problems. Non-profits like the National Defense Counsel are making $100 to $350 an hour in energy agency proceedings as long as they don't make waves. They are more concerned with what will happen to their jobs when we succeed bringing renewable energy into the mainstream marketplace than in succeeding in this task. N.E.W.S. Groups will be totally action oriented and will be neighborhood based and run. Like Neighborhood Crime Watch Groups they will not be 501(C)3 because they will need to raise very little money. What money they do raise is not be tax deductible and thus they are better able to resist the temptation to take corporate funding.

    There is no campaign limits related to the money I raise to assist with the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics. Vote for solar energy by supporting the Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltaics and by forming your own Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups. The sponsor pages show fundraising has not been one of my primary activities. In fact, it was my intention to have my book 'ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION featuring Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups' printed up and in hand to sell for $21 along the route. This would have paid for the expenses of the Journey.

    However, with the damage imposed upon my credit by the California Public Utilities Commission and their associates during the energy agency proceeding on distributed generation from 1988 to 2004 it has been challenging to secure the financing needed to print up 10,000 copies of the book. It is ready to print. Thus, I am seeking investors to provide a letter of credit or the resources in escrow for six months while I sell fifteen hundred books to guarantee the printing expenses. Other possibilities are 15 investors that would take 100 books for collateral to fund the printing. The money will only be removed from escrow if the related financing is not paid within six months. It is my plan to pay it off with a 25% ROI. After it is paid off, 25% of the profits from book sales will go to a foundation for consumer education of N.E.W.S. Groups and 25% will be used to print up Volume II "ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION A Workbook to Empower Consumers in Energy Agency Proceedings via Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups."

    Today, I also met with Scott Ogburn and Robert M. Fleming at the Philadelphia University School of Architecture and Design. They provided some leads about interested faculty and shared with me a list of their outstanding key speakers. I am very impressed with the work they are doing.

    There are a group of young students from Romania, Bulgaria and Armania at the Hostel this week. They have come on a temporary student work permit and are just starting a summer job at the Philadelphia Zoo. It is very interesting to talk with them. Magdalena plays the violin and is studying business management. We enjoyed listening to her practice. She wants to learn how to play the piano and thus, I provided her a lesson on the piano keyboard and related theory. She was quite excited.


    Today, I visited Philadelphia University. It rained and thus the door-to-door educational activities were canceled for the day. This evening I provided Leslie, a young lady from Madison, Wisconsin a music theory lesson on the circle of fifths and the circle of fourths. She has been taking group piano piano lessons for several years. It was a fun time and we both learned a lot. We then had an interesting discussion about the need to bring renewable energy into the mainstream marketplace. She elected to contribute to the Journey to bring the Intercultural Center solar roof into the public purview. Leslie also donated snacks for the trail in addition to her wisdom, encouragement and referrals.

    DAY SIXTY-TWO ~ 6|11|04 FRIDAY

    Today, I visited Chamounix Stables (previously known as McCarthy Stables) managed by Leslie Hiner. I visited the horses and then walked to the bus stop with Leslie from the Chamounix Hostel. I spent the day at the University of Philadelphia visiting with people between catching up on my e-mails and websites. That includes writing this Journey Journal. There was a nice luncheon with entertainment on the lawn to honor President Judith (last name?). I discovered the Writing Center and met Jill who shared with me the history of the home they remodeled for their center. It was built in 1850. On my way to the bus I found Drexel University and am attempting to get a bit more of my computer work caught up before leaving Philadelphia this week end. It was a bit stressful for me being in Philadelphia after dark as I am not familiar with the city and everywhere people warned us not to go certain places because it is allegedly dangerous. It is sad because Philadelphia is such a beautiful city with one of the largest innercity parks in the United States.

    A bill was passed by Congress and signed by Presient Bush recently providing an increase in funding for multi-purpose trails in the United States. The funding is presently at $50 million a year. The program will provide an increase each year that will culminate in $110 funding in 2009. Cities and regions should be encouraged to apply for related funding and to provide matching funds to upgrade the trails in their cities and areas. Safe hiking paths are an important asset to any community. Security begins on the neighborhood level and is dramatically increased where trails are used on a regular basis and kept up. Good maps that are accessible to the public improves trail safety because hikers or those using the trail to get from one place to another can clarify to family and friends where they are hiking and when.


    Philadelphia - Chamounix Stables

    On Saturday afternoon while waiting for two young men Huy and Steve from Orange County California whom I had met at Chamounix Hostel to return from the city, I spent several hours at Chamounix Stables. Many of the numerous people who visited the stable during that time had never hand fed a horse. Some said they had been coming to just watch the horses for many years, but were afraid to pet them. It was obvious while watching that many people are gaining important quality moments just watching, talking to and petting the horses at the Chamounix Stables. The horses are very tame. Leslie Hiner is an excellent trainer. She has a program entitled "Work to Ride" where inner-city youth learn how to ride and to play polo and in exchange they work caring for the horses. It is quite theraputic and also teaches valuable skills.

    On Saturday, they were practicing for a polo match. I met one innercity youth who had been taking lessons for three years. He was practicing to ride in the Polo Match on Sunday June 13, 2004. This polo match was part of the yearly event they hold to raise money for the facility. Some city officials claim the little parcel of land could be put to better use than a horse stable. Resources to improve the facilities and services to innercity youth would be invaluable, however I don't think that parcel of land could be used for any better purpose. This article in the Piladelphia Weekly indicates violent crime is too often a part of the lives of innercity youth. The Stables are relaxing and those that participate in the Work to Ride program have a special poise about them. In sharing some moments with Leslie and some of the group, I found that she does more than teach horseback riding, but actively enforces important social skills and communication styles encouraging respect for oneself and others. To read more about it, visit the Journey Sponsor page: $10 SPONSORS

    Steve and Huy finally arrived after a lovely day in the city with some of the students from Bulgaria. They were on their way to New York City and I was needing a ride to Princeton with a visit to Washington's Crossing Park; thus we decided to share an adventure. The car was already quite loaded down. My pack, two bags and I added another 200 plus pounds. Thus, we drove slowly.

    The ride to Washington's Crossing along 532 was quite nice and we only got lost twice. When we crossed the canal, we were all amazed that the Delaware River was so small after hearing all the stories about General Washington and the crossing of the River when it was covered with ice. As we discussed this and Steve looked for a place to turn around I suddenly saw the bridge up in front of us and suggested we drive a little further. There was the real Delaware River and it was beautiful. It was around 7:30 pm and the visitor's center was closed, but the very nice young man wearing a red ball cap was quite nice and he opened the boathouse so we could see the replicas of the boats that George Washington and his crew had crossed the Delaware in. The boats were quite large and a photo is on the way to share it with you. The guide generously provided wonderful maps and pamphlets before leaving for the day.

    Crossing the Delaware was a great moment in the Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics. I was again reminded of why I am doing this Journey and of the sacrifices that people like George Washington made in bringing freedom to the United States. Certainly, freedom is ever in its infancy. Geogetown University has my fullest respect for having initiated one of the most important building-integrated photovoltaic [BI-PV} projects in the world. But, what happened after that? Why the suppression from the news? Why the malicious and fraudulent misrepresentations to the many people who have come to Georgetown in respect to visit this school that was founded the year the United States Constitution was ratified? The best armour we can arm our nation with is the truth. It is the most priceless tactical gear one can carry with them in the war on terrorism and fossil fuel tyranny. See Monday June 14th where I share related thoughts on an article about the electricity industry in Iraq.

    We arrived in Princeton around 9:00 pm. It was nearly dark. Steve and Huy had to hurry on because they needed to reach the New York City Hostel before curfew time. I didn't know what to do and thus, stored my pack out of sight while I walked around town to try to find a place to stay for the night. At the hottest place in town a coffee shop that is just off Nassau, I found some interesting local youth. Megan and Nick were listening to music from a band with members that they knew and enjoying the wonderful weather. We started chatting. Megan indicated she had just been to Mexico for several months. They were quite interested in the solar array on the Intercultural Center and offered to let me camp in their yard. It was near the campus and downtown. Wonderful! Thus, it was that I had a nice and safe visit while in Princeton. That was a wonderful and generous sponsorship!!! It allowed me to enjoy the beauty of this small village while getting information to newspapers and to the libraries.


    The day started with an early morning tea at the Panera where I got a beautiful loaf of sunflower bread. Then came a nice tour of Princeton by Bill the man of the house where I camped. He took me to the grocery store and Wole Foods Market while running errands. The famiily was doing some last minute clean-up chores in anticipation of Louis's mother visiting this week. Everyone was really nice to me. Duncan the family puppy was quite fun!

    That afternoon, I went door-to-door in the neighborhood to share information with people in Princeton about the Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltaics. The 4th of July is nearing and I want at least one hundred people and hopefully over a thousand people at Ground Zero when I arrive on Sunday to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 30,000 SF BI-PV solar array on the Georgetown University Intercultural Center and the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Solarex Corporation by Dr. Joseph Lindmayer and Dr. Peter Varadi. I need help to get this accomplished. If it is to be; it is up to WE! It is amazing how surprised and shocked people are when I share with them the news and my photos of the solar array on the Intercultural Center.

    Thirty of the people I visited with indicated an interest and I provided the websites and e-mail so they could find out more information. My business cards disappeared in Gettysburg and thus I do not have any documents to provide anyone. However, they can visit my websites and the city library to copy or print out the information.

    My first goal beyond educating the public is to encourage people to form their own Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups. These are truly grassroots neighborhood groups that are not 501(c)3 (money machines), but formed to assist people in working together like a coop or Neighborhood Crime Watch Groups. Their primary activities will be to monitor, discuss and where necessary, officially intervene in energy agency proceedings that effect their community and/or their safety and interests. I honestly believe that many of the extreme crimes being committed in energy agency proceedings will be dramatically reduced when numerous consumers begin monitoring and discussing the comments posted on the Internet in official energy agency proceedings.

    Where various Federal and State agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and the state Public Utilities Commissions have not and perhaps cannot enforce laws passed to protect consumers; then consumers have not only a right, but a responsibility to balance the extreme dysfuncational static imbalance of power in energy agency proceedings. Many people will therein accomplish many things incluidng coming to terms with their own investment in utility and energy cartel stock. Electricity industry transformation to benign renewable product-driven demand-side renewable technology is long past due. It is not as simple as some nebulous them doing something wrong. For many years the millions of consumers and citizens in the United States had no way to bring and or challenge issues before energy agency proceedings. They would have to pay $1,000 each time they filed document. They were alone in an expensive process within an extremely hostile environment. In California they wouldn't even pay Clint Eastwood the incentives legislated and then approved by energy agencies. He demanded a meeting with Governor Davis to discuss the matter and finally they paid the rebate and provided him net metering credit. It would be very difficult for most consumers to call a meeting with the governor of their state. I could not get one meeting with anyone in Governor Davis's administration. When the Clintons had the solar array on the White House lawn, I could not get any formal comment regarding my numerous requests to include the 30,000 SF BI-PV roof in related news reports. President Bush installed three solar systems on the White House in 2002 for security reasons. The mainstream press has yet to provide any news story on this. I attempted to get a tour of the solar systems to video tape for the documentary film I am creating of this Journey; however I got no official answer to my letters.

    Partisan politics have proven over and over again that leaders will only cloud the issues while both parties run away with substantial consumer freedoms and resources. If they decided to change their ways, today, political constituencies could not create the necessary impact or balance of power to transform the energy marketplace. The tremendous vacuum of energy commerce is significantly out of control. No one is really in charge of it. I do not believe in the theories that a few people or families run this vacuum of energy commerce. After my experience in energy agency proceedings it is obvious that the government is not even able to keep up with it let alone control it. Government, energy cartels and utilities are exploiting it, but no one is in control of it. When we come to terms with this reality, we begin to understand the true peril we are in. The good side of this realization is that, hopefully, enough people will begin to shift their thinking and join me in testing viable democratic alternatives that could dramatically impact electricity commerce like mass consumer intervention to achieve consensus in energy agency proceedings. While many of the two hundred and fifty million electricity consumers in America will not become actively involved in Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups; even one hundred regularly active members per state could make a tremendous difference.

    Another major benefit is that millions of consumers through N.E.W.S. Groups and Early Earth Week with yearly conferences March 1-7th will begin to better understand where their electricity comes from, how the energy industry works and how they can empower their neighborhoods to begin to transform the industry. These educated consumers will be excellent candidates for investing in solar systems. The network they form will provide the support they need to assure they as solar energy consumers are paid the incentives legislated for renewable energy and that they are not abused by disgruntled utilities, energy cartels (PV manufacturers) or related investors and government agencies.

    Sunday evening I relaxed with Duncan playing a book of folksongs compiled by Arlo Guthrie on the piano while the rest of the family were out and about doing things they had previously planned.


    After saying goodby to everyone, Bill took me to a little cabin where I am staying this evening. I need to get the information to the library and to the newspapers, today so Princeton neighborhoods can become informed and active in this important effort to assist consumers in monitoring and transforming the electricity industry. The plan is to travel to Morristown and then on to West Orange, New Jersey. From there I will hike the trail and/or get a horse to assist in planning the ceremonial ride into Ground Zero on the 4th of July. I need copies of brochures to provide to people along the route. We hope this will provide a fun and interesting activity for families along the route for the 4th of July. They can come out along the route and wave flags as we go by. The plan is to have two horses. One will be without a saddle to commemorate the losses and sacrifices to bring renewable solar technologies into the marketplace and I will ride the other wtih two flags. One flag will be the American flag and the other will be a large flag with a photograph of the 30,000 SF BI-PV array on the Intercultural Center. Solar energy is a highly democratic technology inherently producing decentralized control of electricity generation. It provides the most electricity during the hottest time of the day and thus dramatically offsets electricity demands for air conditioning.

    On today's front page of the New York Times there is an article entitled "In Race to Give Power to Iraqis Electricity Lags; U.S. Falls Short of Goal for Reviving Output". The New York Times article indicated that America has not provided the electricity resources they promised to Iraq. Instead of appropriating more remote-site fossil fuel dominated technology, which is no doubt what the article was written to percipitate; I would recommend that we as Americans invest in silicon semi-conductor manufacturing in Iraq, only.

    Where attempts to allegedly protect democracy have been so devastating to a nation, its people and culture, there is no better place to start solving the problem of remote-site fossil fuel market power terrorism than by using the most democratic electricity technology available to provide the peak shaving relief needed. I doubt if there will be anyone in the world that would disagree with or interfere with the facilitation of this plan.

    "The American-led occupation missed its goal by as much as 30 percent, starving air-conditioners, lights, factories and oil pumps. That has damaged the occupation's efforts to foster stability and good will amoung a populace already traumatized by the failure to guarantee their security."

    Iraq should be encouraged and ALLOWED to evolve their own manufacturing independent of oil cartel owned photovoltaic manufacturing. Any money appropriated for electricity in Iraq should be for solar energy deployment. Oil companies and their business cohorts should not be allowed to provide the photovoltaic technology for this solar energy deployment in Iraq. There are enough other photovoltaic manufacturers in the world to provide for the need and to assist them in setting up their own PV manufacturing facilities. There is plenty of sand in the area. Maybe Iraq will be the first nation in the world to produce photovoltaic-grade silicon. The time has come!


    Presently, I do not have as much time to work along the way. I need printing support for 1,000 8" x 10" flags costing around $2,500. Sponsors are needed and encouraged to contact me at Your assistance does make a difference. Every little bit helps. Music for the event at Ground Zero and along the route for the 4th of July is welcome. We especially would like to hear patriotic and uplifting music in your area.

    All donations and contributions are listed on the contribution pages. If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know. Whether $10 or $500 contributions help to pay for accommodation, brochures, horses, horse care, multimedia recordings, video copies, website placement of videos, transportation, gear, etc. My backpack belt broke in the Cotoctin Mountains and I am carrying too much weight to hike at this time. Anyone that would like to coordinate to drive my gear part of the way while I hike or ride a horse is welcome.

    Contributions are not tax deductible unless they are listed as an investment in education. I would be glad to provide talks, workshops and consulting along the route if you contact me with such an interest.

    Anyone interested in riding with me is welcome to contact me about their interest. I would welcome other riders and need to find horses near the ceremonial ride for the event.

    Those wanting to form Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups or N.E.W.S. Groups can contact me as they write up their organizational bylaws. Most N.E.W.S. Groups will not be applying for 501(c)3 status and thus, the bylaws are not as demanding and complicated legally.



    I arrived in West Orange, New Jersey around 5 pm. Joseph a businessman on the bus directed me to the Edison Historic site and I walked up Shepherd's Street nearby to see if I could get through to the park on the other side. A nice man and his wife chatted with me about the neighborhood and when I told them about the Journey; they suggested I visit Eagle Rock Reservation. They insisted that it was ok to camp there, and to be sure and tell the local police that I was there. Well, this nice lady and her daughter assisted me in carrying my things up the hill during their eveing walk. It looked a little iffy, but I pitched a tent and was planning to camp. I met a young man there who had camped there when he first came to West Orange. He said the police would not likely approve of my camping there. In fact, on the way to his car a police officer asked if we were camping on the Reservation. By that time it was late and thus, I I found a place to sit and read while waiting until morning. Then I visited the Eagle Rock Reservation 9|11|01 Memorial.

    I met Ken as I was planting begonias that were laying on the top of the ground. He invited me to stay at one of his properties for a few days. It turned out to be a wonderful opportunity and I got caught up on my rest.



    June 18, 1906 to February 28, 1998




    Today, I am getting caught up on the Internet and printing maps for the Ceremonial Ride into Ground Zero on Independence Day. I will post the maps after I have had a chance to walk the route.



    Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Eileen M. Smith, M.Arch. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED