Dear Fellow DXer                                   May 13, 1967                     
     Having resolved our problems(details on pages 2-3), we are preparing to 
complete the DXpedition.  To accomplish this we need your immediate support; 
the time is NOW; it has taken over two months to clear up the DX situation
and the expenses have been monumental; we will not be able to continue unless
we receive the DX fraternity's wholehearted support!
     Around May 30th, funds permitting, we will again depart for the Indian 
Ocean, where our gear and a ship awaits us; during the following 3 months, if
finances permit, we will try to visit the following DX locations(so far we 
have kept our "promises"):
VQ8 Rodrigues 1G  Geyser Rf   ZA   Albania      XU Cambodia
VQ8 Brandon   LA  Bouvet      KC4  Navassa      ***plus possibly three
FR7 Tromelin  VU  Laccadives  VP8  (3 locations)   "new countries"
FR7 Europa    YI  Iraq        EA9,0(3 locations)
     To finish this DXpedition, we need your help now! We ask whatever support 
you feel able and willing to give; please use the SASE, below. Our deadline is 
May 30th - if funds are inadequate on that date, all donations will be return-
ed and the DXpedition cancelled. Checks can be made out to any of the follow-
ing:  Don Miller       Donald A.Miller,MD DX Expedition  World Radio Propaga-
    Dr.Donald Miller DXpedition           WRPSA            tion Study Ass'n.
   QSL's will be handled in the following manner:  Direct cards will be 
Sent from all locations to our staunchest friends and supporters; On comple-
tion of the DXpedition, I will QSL 100% for all QSO's.  Direct cards will be 
mailed either from on-the-spot locations or via the long Island DX Association, 
who will also dispatch early information on all plans via the LIDXA Bulletin 
and flash card service to all subscribers and all major DX bulletins.  ARRL's 
20 Feb. Statement(page 2) condones direct QSL's:"For example, in the Commit-
tee's opinion, there is no question of ethics raised if a contributor is 
given preference in the mailing of a QSL card confirmation;," also, 96% of 
those replying to our DX poll indicate approval of this system.  Again, the 
bulk of the QSLing will be completed at the end of the DXpedition, 100%.
                       PLEASE GIVE US YOUR SUPPORT ! 

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