- 2 -
     Thanks to the participation of thousands of DXers who replied to our 
document with petitions, completed polls, and letters to Directors and Head-
quarters, and to the assistance of the Long Island DX association and other 
prominent DX bodies, I was granted a 4-hour hearing by the ARRL Board of Dir-
ectors during its annual meeting assembled in Hartford on May 3rd, to discuss 
our DXpedition and request retraction of previous statements and suspensions 
imposed by the Awards Committee. About ten of our DX operations were discussed 
in detail, with the following conclusions:
1. Credits will not be granted for contacts with VU2WNV or K1IMP/KC4.
2. Credits will be granted for QSO's with 1M4A,VQ9AA/D,VQ9AA/A, and FR7ZP.
3. Future operations will be credited if properly authorized.
4. No further suspensions will be imposed. Additional questions were clarified.

In addition, it is hoped:
1. That an apology will be made for false or misleading statements contained 
   in the Committee's 20 Feb. report.
2. That Geyser Reef and Blenheim Reef will now receive consideration for 
   separate country status.
3. That VQ1 and AC4 will be deleted from the country list, since there are
   No such countries.
4. That the Committee will reconsider VU4 and KC4 if and when we are able to
   present additional pertinent information on these operations.
5. That the Committee's final statement will contain some nice statements 
   about us and our DXpedition.
6. That the League will make a small contribution to the DXpedition, just a
   fraction of what this mess has cost the DX Fraternity.

Reasons for discrediting VU2WNV and K1IMP/KC4: These were discussed in detail 
in our Statement of 8 April.  No additional copies are available. Even with
the aid of letters from the Indian Government, the Committee was unable to 
demonstrate that VU2WNV was illegal or unauthorized from the Laccadives.  This 
call was issued specifically in response to a request for a permit for the 
Laccadive Islands.  I cannot understand how this operation will be discredited 
and others, proven illegal, continue to be credited, but I agreed to abide by 
the Directors' decision, and, unless we can provide additional information, 
that's it fellows!
     Regarding Navassa, I claimed that, other than the operation of my ham
Set, whatever else I did on the Island was no business of the ARRL's;even if I 
committed some crime, this would be no reason to disallow my radio contacts. 
Unfortunately, the Committee does not agree, and feel that it is their duty to 
administer Coast Guard "policy," even when the FCC and Coast Guard do not do 
so! The operation was conducted under FCC Rules and was 100% valid. ARRL has 
superceded the FCC and Coast Guard and there's little we can do unless the 
Coast Guard either permits us to return with their blessing, or notifies 
ARRL it has no objection to the accreditation of our radio contacts, which
It has thus far refused to do.  Once again, I agreed to abide by the Direct-
ors' decision; only additional information from the Coast Guard will help; 
ARRL or anybody else has yet to demonstrate in what way the Coast Guard has 
ever cooperated with the League or with the Amateur Fraternity regarding 160 
Meters or DX!

FUTURE COOPERATION: I agree to cooperate fully with the Awards Committee 
regarding future operations; the Committee will know my address at all times 
and will be given copies of any documents it requests.

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