Darkling Dawn
Six creatures from Grecian Mythology. A centaur, pheonix, manticore, sphinx, naga, and chimera.
Read the group story first, that'll tell you what's been going on up until they split up to go to individual worlds to bond dragons. Then click on the character's name to read about what they do once they actually get there, and after they bond dragons.
The Story
On various dragon-bonding worlds:
Cilan (Male centaur, Bonded Clouded Bronze Thryor at Cy Dragonstake)
Saeryph (Male pheonix, Bonded Yellow Kaveriith at Abri)
Hediru (Male Manticore, Bonded Horned Blood (Red) Karkadan at Lantessama Isle)
Ankou (Female Sphinx, Bonded Night-Purple Nafuloth at Ryslen)
Astathiel (Female Naga, Bonded Green Liyabeth at Blue Sky
Eeys (Male Chimera, Standing at Cormwood)
Background by: Whyte Myst Backgrounds