I'm skeptical about this religious cult, mostly because of one single so-called Perfect Master (guru) who is probably damaging both Radhasoami Sant Mat and the serious and devoted believers in this religious path. I have to emphasize that I'm not against any particular religion or guru in general - I am sure there are sincere gurus in the world - I just don't believe Michael Martin is one of them. A POV I share with a lot of Yahoo- and Google-group-members.
False Guru:
Michael Martin, a guru from East Texas, who claims to be
God incarnate, a Perfect Living Master in the Shabd Yoga
Radhasoami Tradition.
"We use more discriminating intelligence when we buy a used car than when we buy a religion", says philosophy professor and cult-buster David Christopher Lane. "Buying a used car you at least look underneath the hood, hit the tires, maybe take it to a mechanic to check it out. But in buying a religion you're supposed to wear these narrow blinders, so that if anybody disagrees you can block it out. It's basically, check your brains at the door when you join a religion."
(from an interview with Dr. Lane - click relevant
link for more).
I found this  warning on the Internet.
In case you want to check this self-proclaimed guru out, here is a great link:

This group will give you a very  nuanced picture of his motives and personality, because here he has to deal with other people, which he does in a very pompous, rude and often evil and threatening way.

The groups below  are censored by M.M., which means that there are about 2 active members there - M.M. and a woman.
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."
(Philip K. Dick)
Portrait of
"The  Perfect Living Master"
(His 'Holyness'  looks somewhat bitter to me).
On this site:

Proof that Michael Martin is a fraud
plus some good advice

Threatening posts from Michael Martin

Letter from me to Mr. Martin

Michael Martin  discusses
on Google groups

Michael Martin for Dummies - a manual

The Guru is dead - essay by David Lane

External Links:

Lots of Michael Martin posts on Google groups

Interview with Professor David C. Lane

David Lane's website

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The writings you see on these pages are  pasted from the internet/various groups. My purpose collecting them here, is to create a structure and an overview.
"God told me that I'm the Satguru for the Western World".

Quote: Michael Martin.
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