www.flamingtext.com I used this site for all of the buttons and headings on my site!
www.saskschools.ca/~pbsgrass/ This is Pilot Butte school's website. It has lots of school-ish updates.
www.google.ca You can find almost anything from pictures to research on this awesome site!
www.yahoo.com Yahoo is kind of like Google. It is a great search site!
www.freewebs.com You can make your own personal website on this site, and its free!!!
www.geocities.ca This is a great website hosting site! My site is hosted by Geocities.
www.hotmail.com This site is where you can check your e-mails, or even send out new ones.
www.popcap.com You can play educational, but fun games on this site.
www.coffeebreakarcade.com There are hundreds of different fun games to play when you are bored on this site.