~*~My friends~*~

Ella just moved to Canada from England in September. Ella is an awesome friend. She has red and blond hair, and blue eyes {GUESS WHO!?!?!} lol Good times!
Brooke I've known Brooke since the first day of kindergarten, and have been her best friend since the second day of kindergarten. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
Delayne Delayne is so extremely hyper! She seems like the quiet type, but not when she's around her friends! She has orange hair and green eyes.
Maris I miss you Maris! Maris is a really good friend, she also gets really hyper! she moved to Pilot Butte in September, but moved out of Pilot Butte in December.
Cassy Cassy is really funny, and can be blond at some moments, but that's what makes her fun to be around! She has Blond hair (obviously) and blue eyes.
Shayla does the best impressions of people. She is really funny. She has black, blond, and  pink hair, and blue eyes.
Britney Britney is an awesome Basketball player. She is really fun to be around, and can get really hyper! She has Brown hair and brown eyes.
Kayla Kayla is silly and she screams when she laughs. She is really extremely hyper 24/7, and she gets embarrassed easily.

~*~All About Me~*~

My name is Kara, and this is my site.  I'm 12 years old, and I live in Pilot Butte.  I'm in grade seven at Pilot Butte School.  On my website, you will see various samples of my school work.  You will also see some of my favorite (school appropriate) websites.  I have a brother, a sister, a mom, and a dad.  I Have 2 cats, 1 dog, and 2 hermit crabs.  My family owns the Carwash on the outskirts of  Pilot Butte.

^^^These aren't my real pets, but they look like them!^^^
Favorite Food: pizza/ ceaser salad
Favorite Movie/Show: The Grudge, (scary)  The Ring, (scary) White Chicks, The Butterfly Effect, Gothica, Napoleon Dynamite, Family Guy, Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Favorite Band/ Singer: McFly, Busted, Billy Talent, Greenday, Jesse McCartney (*cough*Brooke*cough*)
Favorite Sport: Softball, Volleyball, skiing, tubing @ Katepwa