Force and Motion Test I am proud of this test, because even though I didn't get 100%, I still got a pretty good mark.
Spelling Test I am proud of this test, because, I got 100% on it!
Opinion Essay It is titled "I Think Smoking Publicly Should Be Illegal." It was done before the law was laid down. (This is only the page with the grade I got on it.)
Water Energy Science Report I am really proud of this report, not only because of the grade I got, but because it took a lot of research to finish!
People Changing the Land Science Questions I am proud of this assignment because I actually answered all of the questions with more than one sentence each!
Energy Resources in Saskatchewan Test I am proud of this test mostly because I got a pretty good mark.
Heat And Temperature Exam I really studied hard for this test, so I was that much happier with the grade! (This is only the first page of the exam.)
Geometry-Measurement Test This is the best grade I've gotten on a Math test In a LONG time!
Order Of Operations YAY!!! I got all of  the questions right!