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If you have followed most of the steps I have given you, you are now ready to create your own HomePage. Again, there are other sites that may offer free space, and you could locate them by using the search engines with the keywords; free, homepage. Here you will find free HomePage space, free help, free editors, and just about anything you'll need to get your page up and running.

GeoCities is an excellent place for your HomePage. Everything they offer is free!! You will find an editor made for those who have little or no experience in HTML code as well as one for those who are more advanced. As an added bonus, they also give you a free e-mail account. They allow you 11MB free space.

Tripod is another popular site for HomePages. I have found it to be slower than GeoCities but they do offer about the same in resources. They also allow you 11MB free space.

Nitehawk is now in service. 200K offered and you can purchase additional space. Read carefully, some additional resources are not always free.

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