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Here you will find backgrounds, bars, buttons, and icons that you can use on your HomePages.

I found all of the following images by surfing the web and take no credit for their creation unless it is specifically stated. If you see any image that you feel may be copyrighted, PLEASE NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY!

View the many backgrounds I have collected. You can click on them to view different color text against each one.

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Icons, Buttons, Bars
There are SO MANY sites that have such great graphic libraries that it didn't make any sense to try to duplicate them here. Instead I will give you the links to the best, in my opinion, I have found. Make sure that the creators of the graphics allow you to take their images free. Do NOT ever use a copyrighted image on your page without prior consent from its owner.

Animated gif library plus web design tips and links to anything you might need to create an outstanding web presence. The best of it's kind in GeoCities is

Image-O-Rama Would you believe 3,000 graphics at just this one site alone?

IconBAZAAR Icons, icons, and MORE icons!

The Graphic Station One of the most popular places on the Net!

Free Graphics The name says it all!

Absolute Web Graphics Archive Thousands of free bullets, icons, arrows, buttons and other graphics for Web sites.

The Clip Art Universe Still searching? Try this place!

The Clip Art Connection Everything you could need, great site!

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