Karl and Kathleen's Krazy Adventures
Karl Koch is a great guy. He is Weezer's roadie, driver, guitar tech, runner of their website, and friend, not to mention an extremely cool guy. He is the man that keeps Weezer fans in contact with Weezer and Weezer information. Weezer, Weezer, Weezer, tweezer, freezer. That is why I have decided to pay homage to Karl in the only way I know how. By creating stories about fun adventures Karl and I take. These are in no way true, and I'm not trying to say they are. I'm just doing this because I am pathetically bored, and I want to.
To the left is Karl. His arm looks broken and his thumbs aren't right. As far as I know, he has never seen the page, which is probably for the best. If he saw this, it's possible he would go crazy and attack me with a wire hanger. He's a huge Joan Crawford fan.
Anyone who has actually seen Karl probably notices that these pictures are a bit off and that the real Karl Koch most likely has opposable thumbs and a head that is proportional to his body. Also, I know that he probably wouldn't be wearing a shirt that has his name written across the front.. but.. He could...
This would be me. I don't actually have lobster claw hands, but I've drawn them in the pictures because I like them and think that they look extremely neat. They've gotten more claw-like as the months go on. My pants have a lion, giraffe, turtle and flower on them. They are nice. I will sell them on e-bay some day when I have legions of fans and am famous like Louie Anderson. He has a book.
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