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If you have any fanart you can email me you art and your sn,  and I'll put it on the site. I'll accept anything as long as it's Digimon related. Mine will probably be up soon, but I don't know when I'll be able to scan them.
+Digimon Kaizer+
I did this on the computer, it was my first try so it's not that good. The colors are a bit messed from when i switched format.
A totemo kawaii pic of Gatomon!!
My Work
Chichiri's Work ::email::
Yay more fanart from Chichiri!!! I'd better draw him some ^^.
+eMAIL mE+
Esse's Work ::email::
This pic is sooo good!! I luv it!! 
+Digimon Kaizer+
I uploaded the color version, I had to change it to .jpeg so the quality's not that good. Whats all that white stuff?? Yech..if you know how to fix that, plz let me kno. (It's only my second try on photoshop ><).
Phi1020's Work ::email::
+Digimon Kaizer+
Another pic of the digimon kaizer!! I really like this one, the coloring's awesome. Muehehe...
+Dark Genius'+
Oooohhh purdy...I LOVE evil guys!!! (Damn I wish I could draw this good...)
Death5999's Work ::email::
A nice pic of Ken wearing his soccer shirt.
CutieKaizer's Work ::email::
+Gijinka Gabu+
Oooh!! Cute!! It's Gijinka Gabu wearing Matt's clothes!!