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This is where I'll post all the updates to this site. I don't know how often I'll get to update...but check back every once in a while to see. :p
That's right, i can't stand geocities anymore, and plus i've got way to much stuff to do. My comp freezes 24/7 an i rarely get on anyways. So, this will be my very last update. Ja ne!

::oCTOBER 29::

Well, i got some wallpapers. But i don't know who sent them to me cause i had to delete everything in my email account...so if you sent them could you PLZ let me know. I might get around to making some myself later...

::oCTOBER 28::

Hey everyone!! I added a couple more fanarts!! I'll try to get more pics, if u have some that i don't then plz email them to me (i need them BADLY!). Oh yeah, i might take the time to make some wallpapers or something, but i'll probably only have 800x600 okz? If u have any then what are you waiting for?? Send em!!

::oCTOBER 25::

Sorry about the lack of updates...I've been really busy with school projects and stuff. Anyways, i got some new fanarts, if i didnt put yours up yet it's because bitmaps wont upload...and if i convert them they loose all their color...thats all for now, if you have a solution to my fanfics dling instead of displaying on the page plz tell me...(this is my first site and i'm not very good at making one, you can tell...)
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