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                This is the moves page. You can buy moves for $5,000, or get a free one with 5 wins. All you have to do is meet the Requirements.

               Special Move: At PL=2500, you can chose a special move from any move that you already know to be your special move or wait a while and pick a move later on if you want a certain one. At PL=2500, this attack does +100 to damage and goes up x2 every time your PL goes past a 10,000 mark so at Pl=10,000, it will goes up to +200 and at 20,000, +400. So says you are at PL=40,000 and Masenko is your special, it would do 975+16,000 damage.

             Killer Moves: At Pl=500,000, you can choose to create a move called a killer move that is almost like your own custom finisher. This attack must have certain standards which are in the rules section of the site ( Go Here to Learn More-
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Beginner Moves:

Solar Flare: A blinding attack that is not very powerful but it gives you time to better prepare for an attack by Blinding your opponent...The USER put his hands in front of his eyes and yells "SOLAR FLARE" and lights up very bright, so much that he blinds his opponent...
Normal Damage delt: 5-25
Percent Accuracy: 90%
Effect: Blind(For three rounds)

Chikara( Power-Up)- A small boost in power that doubles the damage of your next attack.
Requirements: None 
Normal Damage Delt: None
Percent Accuracy:100%    
Effects: Doubles your next attack

(Satan) Dynamite Kick:  A charging Kick.... This is Mr. Satan's fake version of it too.
Requirements:  None
Normal Damage Delt: 100
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Eye Beam: It is basically a double ki blast shot from the eyes...(2 Hits)
Requirements; None (Must Know Ki Shot)
Normal Damage Delt: 125
Percent Accuracy: 60%

Eye Poke: Well, definetly a move for those with a strange habit of child-like acts, you run up to your opponent as if you're going to punch them and... Poke them in the eyes... hard!
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 30
Effects: Blind
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Flip - Pretty much speaks for itself.  A weak physical attack that is just flipping your opponent into the ground or another object.
Requirements: None 
Normal Damage Dealt: 130 
Percent Accuracy: 40%

Ki Shot: This is a mere ki blast formed in either a small bolt, a tiny ball fo energy or a thin beam that does almost no damage.
Pl= 350  
Normal Damage Delt: 125
Percent Accuracy: 65%
(This does not cost anything and you automatically learn this when your PL reaches 350)

Hinotama (Fireball): A ball version of the Ki Shot that does more damage and is automatically learned, just as Ki Shot.
Normal Damage Delt: 250
Percent Accuracy: 60%
(This does not cost anything and you automatically learn this when you PL reaches 700)

Haikyuken: You treat your opponent like a volleyball and hit them around volleyball style with double fisted blows...(2 Hits)
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 50
Percent accuracy: 50%

Hasshuken: When you move your arms fast enough so there are like 8, and you attack with all 8 at once.....(8 Hits)
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 10
Percent Accuracy:50%

Jan-Ken Punch: A variety of aimed punches...(3 Hits)
Requirements: None  
Normal Damage Delt: 10
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Kiaiho:  An invisible force attack that knocks one's opponent back.  It can be shot either from an open palm or from the eyes....
Requirements:  None (Must know Ki Shot)
Normal Damage Delt:  150
After Affects:  Paralysis

Kiai:  This technique is used simply by yelling loud which disperses weaker Ki attacks..... You must announce this right after the opponent uses their attack for this to work. If used to block the attack, it deals no damage but does take off the damage.
Requirements: None (Must Know Ki Shot)
Normal Damage Delt:  10-100
After effect: Does Damage or Takes 100 damage off Ki Attack

Kick:  Another attack everyone automatically starts out with.  You just kick your opponent for very minor damage or more, depending where you hit them.
Damage:  25

Mystic Attack: Using the Namek ability to extend their arms, they reach out to deliver a surprising blow to there enemy...
Requirements: None (Must be namek)
Normal Damage Delt: 50
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Punch: Another attack you gain automatically at the begining of the site. You can use this to attack someone physically. This does minor damage, depending on where you hit the enemy.
Requirements: None

Rogafufuken( Wolf Fang Fist): Preparing yourself in a special stance, attacks with many (claw-like) punches and kicks, finishing off with a double-fisted Claw-Punch...(6 Hits)
Requirements: None (Must know Ki Shot)
Normal Damage Delt: 75
Percent Accuracy: 50%

Renzoku Energy-Dan:  The user of this technique can shoot Ki bolts continuously from there hands, resulting in somewhat of a machine-gun ki blast efect......(8 Hits)
Requirements: None (Must know Ki Shot)
Normal Damage Delt: 60 (8 hits)
Percent Accuracy: 40%

Rikum Kick: A charging knee blow.....
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 50
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Rikum Mahna Attack: A charging punch....
Requirements: None  
Normal Damage Delt:20
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Saruken: a distract and avoid technique....
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 0
After Effect: Speed increases by +100 and user goes again

Shiyoken: It sprouts out an extra pair of arms from the shoulders....
Requirements: None (Must be Namek)
Normal Damage Delt: 0
After Effect: Double the hits of a players punching moves.

Shogekiha: Is an invisible blast shot from the eyes or hands....
Requirements: None (Must know Ki Shot)
Normal Damage Delt: 175
Percent Accuracy: 85%

Tenkubekejiken:; The user jumps high in the air, then on the way down, face forward with his arms in an "X" position, landing on his opponent with the arm X.....
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 300
Percent Accuracy: 30%

Zanzoken: The user can move so fast he leaves an afterimage, while attacking from another standpoint...
Requirements: None
Normal Damage Delt: 150
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Requirement Moves:

Requirement Moves are split into different sections on this page. The first set are Training Moves and the rest are those who require a certain PL to use.

Training Moves:

Kamehameha: It is a Ki blast, which to start is charged up held behind the firer in cupped hands, then brought forward extending the arms and releasing the large blast of energy yelling "Kamehameha!" This is also a unique attacking, being that it gets stronger every once and awhile for the user.
Requirements:Pl=500 Train with Roshi  
Normal Damage Delt: 650-2600 
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Distructo Disc: It is a flat , disc-shaped ki blast, which can be used to slice through its target with great accuracy..
(Note, when your PL reaches 500,000 and you face an enemy  much weaker then yourself, this attack automatically reduces them to 1 Hp)
Requirements: Kami's Training
Damage Delt: 1200
Accuracy:90% Percent

Bukujustu: The ability to fly takes time to master and that is just not time you have to waste. Kami will help you do this in relatively short time. This Flying Ability Doubles your Sp, lets you go again and keeps you safe from Physical Attacks, until the enemy uses a Ki Attack or uses Bukujustu to reach you.
Requirements: Kami's Training
Effects: Fly, SP Doubled and you Go Again.

Concentrate Ki: You center the Ki in your body to boost your confidence. This replenishes your Ki Supply fully and rids you of all Status Abnormallys.
Requirements: Mystic Training
Effects: Replenishes all spent Ki and Cures all Abornormal Status

Genki Dama(Spirit Bomb): A large ball of energy gathered from nature, humans, etc..which lend you there energy...May be used to absorb or blast....if absorbed the damage is added to your hp (takes one-five turns to charge, depending on which planet).... This attack does different damage on different planets, depending on the amount of life upon it. Also, you can charge this attack for multiple rounds, each time you charge, you multiply the damage by the turns you charge. So say you charge it for 3 rounds, you times whatever original damage you would do by 3.
Requirements: Training with King Ki
Normal Damage Delt: 15,000-?

Grapple: This is a powerful physical attack that lets you grab onto your enemy and do certain attacks to them while they are in your arms. This grapple effect lets you grab onto an enemy as strong as you for 1 turns, an enemy weaker for 3 or an enemy that is the same for 2. When the enemy is held, you can either hold them for another to attack, throw them down or slam them into anthing, releasing them from your grapple or blast them off with a energy attack of some kind.
Requirements: Must Train wuth King Kai
Throw Damage Delt: 400
Blast Damage Delt: 800
Effect: Stops Enemy Movement

Kaioken: This is a power up move...It gives you a boost of power and speed for every level... Pl+10,000 Sp+1,000.
Requiremants: Trained with King Kai 
Effects: Stat Increase

PL=0 - 50,000 Moves:

Assakukuuki (Aero Attack)- This is a physical attack, done by punching or kicking the air so fast/hard, that you create a cutting wind that hits your opponent, scratching or cutting them.
Requirements:Pl=5,000  Sp=10,000
Normal Damage Delt: 300 (8 Hits) 
Percent Accuracy: 60%

Aiirobakuha(Blue Burst)- A semi-powerful ki attack that does some damage to the enemy. Not much more then a blast of blue energy that you gather in back of your head by pulling one or two hands back, cupping them together and straining energy until it grows large enough in power and throw it forward, hitting the ground in between your enemies legs, creating a huge explosion from the ground and raising a pillar of blue energy from beneath them.
Requirements: Pl= 36,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 26,000 
Percent Accuracy: 75%

Eaa Panchii (Air Punch) - This is a physical attack, done much like the Aero attack, except it is strictly for punches, and instead of a cutting wind, it creates a sort of bowl shaped fist of wind by way of the speed of the punch, which flies at your opponent.
Requirements: Pl=1,000  Sp=5,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 220 
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Eaa Kikku (Air Kick) - This is the same as air punch, except it is made by a kick, and it is slightly more powerful and a bit more coned/foot shaped.
Requirements: Pl=1,200  Sp=5,500 
Normal Damage Delt: 275 
Percent Accuracy: 65%

Akumaitokosen: This is a special energy wave designed explicitly for a quick kill of one's opponent. When the wave strikes its victim, the evil in his heart expands and causes his heart to explode...Of course the victim then must have some evil in his heart for the attack to work....
Normal Damage Delt:1000 for evil/250 for nonevil (Shadow)
Percent Accuracy: 85%

Ashige No Kisei- This is pretty much a move package and a combo ability that deals either combo damage of individual damage for each kick:
Doroppukikku: A drop kick attack   Normal Damage Delt: 250
Dorfinkikku: A dolphin kick that you jump into the air and dive downwards with both feet
             outwards   Normal Damage Delt: 300
Hasamikikku: A scisscor kick attack, like a soccer players  Normal Damage Delt: 350
Tookikku: A powerful kick to the chest that sends them into the air
Bakuufuukikku: A finish kick that allows you to grab onto the waist of your enemy by
               standing on your hands and latching to them and throwing them up and
               kicking them with a mule kick   Normal Damage Delt: 500
Requirements: Pl=30,000  Must know Kick and Link Combo  Percent Accuracy: 60%
*note* This can be used as a combo or the attacks individually

Bakuhatsuha: By raising 2 fingers, the user of this attack can create a large explosion that will totally decimate the surrounding area or the ground under an opponent......
Normal Damage Delt:1,250
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Barrier: This purely defensive technique forms a Ki shield around the body that protects the user from Ki or similar attacks. (No Ki Blast will do any damage while this is up....)
Requirements:PL=15,000 Lasting rate: 3 turns

Big Bang Attack: Big Bang Attack is a huge ki ball of incredible destructive power. The person holds one flat palm forward towards his enemy and launches the ball.
Normal Damage Delt: 8,000
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Kinausai (Burning Dash)- You ignite your arms in flaming ki energy and run at your opponent. As you go faster, the ki energy becomes greater and greater until it gets so great that your body absorbs it and pulses it throughout you. You then smash directly into the enemy.
Requirements: Pl=20,000
Normal Damage Delt: 8,000
Effects: Burn
Percent Accuracy: 20%

Yoen Panchii (Burning Ember Punch)-A powerful, fiery punch that is composed of Ki Energy. You ingite your hand in flaming Ki spurts and smash it into your enemy. Extremely effective but not very accurate.
Requirements: Pl=5,000
Normal Damage Delt: 500
Effects: Burn
Percent Accuracy: 40%

Yoen Kikku (Burning Embers Punch)- A little more powerful then the punch but less accurate.
Requirements: Pl=5,500
Normal Damage Delt: 550
Effects: Burn
Percent Accuracy: 35%

Powered Up Kamehameha: This is not big deal, it's just a Kamehameha a little boosted up.
Requirements: Pl=550  
Must know Kamehameha  
Normal Damage Delt: 750

Chobakuretsumaha: Done when you power up the blast between the palms of your hands in front of the chest, then releasing the blast with your arms extended........
Normal Damage Delt: 900
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Chonoryoku: the user challenges his opponents move (on opponets turn)....causing them to get in a power blast war...the winner being the one with the largest Power Level....
Normal Damage Delt: Varies
Percent Accuracy:100%

Cry: You begin to cry in an annoying matter. It gets so powerful, you send out shock waves that hurt the enemies ears to a state
that they can't hear and are paralysed.
Requirements: Must be a Child
Percent Accuracy: 80%
Effect: Paralysis

Crasher Ball: The Crasher Ball is a ki-ball that is produced from the palm of the hand....
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Distructo Disc: It is a flat , disc-shaped ki blast, which can be used to slice through its target with great accuracy..( Note, when your PL reaches 500,000 and you face an enemy  much weaker then yourself, this attack automatically reduces them to half Hp)
Requirements: Kami's Training
Damage Delt: 1200
Accuracy:90% Percent

Dodonpa: A blast shot from one finger which explodes on impact...
Normal Damage Delt: 1250
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Daichiretsuzan: With a swipe of the hand with 2 fingers extended, it creates an invisible cutting beam that goes a long way....
Normal Damage Delt: 9,000
Percent Accuracy:90%

Dynamite Kick: This is the real version of the Dynamite Kick. When you smash your enemy with your foot, you leap away and soon after, the point that you hit explodes with ki energy. This counts as a physical attack and not a ki attack.
Requirements: Pl=2,500  
Damage Delt: 1000 
Percent Accuracy: 75%

Enajjieru( Energy Gain) - The complete opposite of Chikaraotoshi, in fact, this is the ability to gain power by other means of Kaioken or such abilities. This is only a small power boost but can be used by anyone in any situation. This gives your stats a slight power-up; Pl+6,000  Sp+600
Requirements: Pl=6,000 Must know Chikara 
Normal Damage Delt: None
Percent Accuracy: 100%  
Effect:Raises Pl+6,000 and Sp+600

Freeze Frame: It shoots a Ki blast forward using both hands and traps your opponent in a shocking field of energy from which the opponent can't escape...letting your team mates fight him or letting you gather energy......
Effects: Stop

Gaijochuu(Man Seduction)- This is the ability for a women to wow a man in anyway she wants, be it showing her clevage or undressing completely, hell, maybe just a wink or a blown kiss, stunning a man.
Requirements: Must be a women 
Effect: Enemy dazed for 2 rounds

Gekitotsu Pow-Pow Ram Attack: This is for two fighters and deticated to the attack used by Pensui and Zidane against Slimm and Biggs. This is where you grab your partner by the arms and spin them around rapidly and toss them straight into the enemy for immense damage. Both users must know this attack though.
Requirements: Pl=250 
Normal Damage Delt: 175 
Percent Accuracy: 65%

Gotenjochuu(Lady Seduction)- The ability to awe the ladies by using your man-like charms to daze any female character for a few rounds.
Requirements: Must be a man 
Effect: Enemy dazed for 2 rounds

Ice Wolf Bite- A powerful attack modeled after the Wolf Fang Fist. You leap into the air and gather around you a blue aurora and charge down, slamming your energy with an open fist claw-like jab and following up with a combo of open fisted punches that go so fast, they send off a cold aurora that freezes the enemy for 3 rounds unless they are hit with any type of attack.
Requirements: Pl=27,500 and must Know Rogafufuken ( Wolf Fang Fist) 
Percent Accuracy:70%    
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000 (Ice)
Effect: Freeze

Kakusandan: Shoots a blast from each hand. The control the blast so they merge and then directs it above the heads of the enimies. There upon split the blast into many similar Ki bolts which rain down upon the enemies....(10 Hits)
Damage Delt:3,000
Percent Accuracy: 90%

Kakusanyudokodan: Fires many Ki bolts around your opponent(s), surrounding them, then controls the bolts so they all shoot towards there targets.......(10 Hits)
Requirements:PL=25,000 Must know Kakusandan
Damage Delt: 12,000
Percent Accuracy:100%

Hankokubikurisho: This is when you push your arms out and trap your enemy in a powerful shocking field of electricity that traps the enemy for 4 turns but the attacks you do on the trapped enemy , deal 100 damage to yourselfwith electricity.
Requirements: Pl=750  
Damage: 200 to enemy 100 to yourself when attacking with physical (Lightning)
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Galic Gun (Galic-Ho): It is created just like a Kemehameha (Vegeta's answer to the kamehameha) but when fired both hands are pointed up( *note* When the kamehameha goes up in strength, the Galic Gun goes up as well and when a character uses Kamehameha, this attack automatically can be fired and counter it and whenever this attack is fire and the opponent knows Kamehameha, it counters aswell)
Requirements:PL= 2,500
Damage Delt:600 
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Genki Sokidan: One of Yamcha's special attacks after he meet with King Kai. Using the power of the Spirit Bomb and the manuverability of the Sokidan, he created a smaller Spirit Bomb that required no charging and was just as powerful as the larger version.
Requirements: PL= 35,000 Training with King Kai and Sokidan
Normal Damage Delt: 15,000 (Holy)
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Genocide Attack: A series of Ki Blasts shot into the air, which seek their targets upon being fired..
(6 Hits).....Requirements:PL=8,000
Damage Delt: 1,200
Percent Accuracy:100%

Gururguru Gum( Giran's Merry-go-Round Gum): You spit up strange sticky substance at your opponent. The gum then wraps around your opponent, inhabiting his movements....
Effects: Opponents can't move for 1 turns

Ginyu Blaster: This is a beam that the Ginyu Force created to blast away unsuspecting enemies.
Requirements: Pl=20,000 
Damage Delt: 8,500

Kamakazi Attack: You latch on to the enemy and you begin to gether your energy until you explode in a blast that can destroy anyone! * Note* This attack gurantee's certain death to the character who used it.
Requirements: Pl=1,000
Normal Damage Delt: Fatal Blow to the character that used it and half hp drained from other it was used against. (Fire)
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Gravity Bomb: You gather energy in your palms as they are turned upwards. the energy holds intense gravity that gets more powerful the longer you take to fire it.You charge it for a minimum of 1 turn. when fired, the attack holds the enemy in place in very intense gravity giving you time to attack again and harming him at the same time...
requirements Pl=50,000
Normal Damage Delt: 3,000 - 10,000
Effect: Enemy frozen for 1 turn

Kaioken x2: This is the kaioken but stronger. Pl+20,000 Sp+2,000
Requirements:Pl=20,000 Trained with King Kai
Effects: Stats Increase (Holy)

Kaioken x3: This is the next  Kaioken. Pl+30,000 Sp+3,000
Requirements:Pl=30,000 Trained with King Kai
Effects: Stats Increase (Holy)

Kaioken x5: This is one of the kaiokens in the lines of kaiokens that you can use. PL+50,000 and Sp+5,000
Requirements: Pl=50,000  Trained with King Kai 
Effects: Stats Increase (Holy)

Kikoho: You put the tips of your fingers of both hands together, forming an O between his fingers and thumbs. Then you shoot a very powerful Ki Blast through the  at his opponent...
Damage Delt: 17,000
Percent Accuracy: 95%

Laser Eyes: same as an eye beam only way stronger...
Requirements: Pl= 15,000
Normal Damage Delt: 2,000
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Makankosappo(Special Beam Cannon): A penetrating blast shot from 2 fingers. it is actually 2 blasts, the blast going straight and the blast coiling around it. This attack drills through everything it hits, and eventually blows up when it hits something big enough.... You must charge this for 2 rounds until you reach a Pl=5000, after that, only one turn and the damage goes up to 5000 and finally, at PL=50,000, you do not need to charge and the damage goes up to 15,000.
Damage Delt: 950-15,000
Percent Accuracy: 85%

Makosen: This is a common ki attack that does good damage and seems to be know by all with advanced Ki skills. This is when you fire a stream of energy from your hand at your enemy that works well. When your Pl reaches 500,000, this beam can be used to track down your enemy and hit them all the time.
Requirements: Pl=1500 
Damage Delt: 1250  
Percent Accuracy: 75% ( 100% at Pl:500,000)

Double Makosen: This is merely a Makosen with two hands instead of one, doubling the power of it.
Requirements: Pl=3000 Must know Makosen  
Damage Delt: 2500 
Percent Accuracy: 95% 

Makosen Energy-Dan: This is the same as Makosen but you fire a large amount of beams that detach like missles and hit the enemy for multiple hits.This one is fired from both hands when they are brought back and forth rapidly.
Requirements: Pl=8500 Must know Makosen and Two-Handed Makosen 
Damage Delt: 1,500 ( 10 His)
Percent Accuracy: 85% ( 10 Hits)

Rei Makosen: This is when you grab your opponent and hold onto them tight, then you grab their stomach and pull off, releasing a burst of two swipes of energy. Then you put both hands out and hit them with a powerful blast of energy like that of a Two-Handed Makosen.
Requirements: Pl=15,000 Must know Two-Handed Makosen and Grapple
Damage Delt: 15,000  
Percent Accuracy: 80% (4 Hits)

Masenko: This was Gohan's special attack in the show that they showed as a strange over the head Kamehameha when in actuallity, it is the attack Masenko. It was soon corrected in the Garlic Jr. Saga though. It is when you hold both hands behind your head, palms open and over lapping and gather a ball of energy and throw it foward at the enemy straight out in front of you.
Normal Damage Delt: 975 
Percent Accuracy: 75%

One-Handed Masenko: This is a powerful Masenko even stronger then the regular one. This is where you raise one hand, gather energy and fire the huge beam at the enemy.
Requirements: Pl=3,000 Must know Masenko 
Normal Damage Delt: 2,500 
Percent Accuracy: 65%

Triple Masenko: This is the strongest Masenko, being it is the normal Masenko fired three times in a row at the enemy for massive damage, being more powerful then both and seemingly, even though it is supposed to just be a Masenko fired three times, even one blast is much more powerful then a single Masenko... ( 3 Hits)
Requirements: Pl= 7200 Must know Masenko and One-Handed Masenko 
Normal Damage Delt: 4500  
Percent Accuracy: 85

Moui Batsu (Fury Strike)- This is a different attack that sends you into a fit of rage, making all your attacks +5000 to damage and lasts for 3 rounds and your SPx3, allowing you to go again if your SP becomes higher then your enemy. After the 3 rounds though, you msut recharge for 1 round and all the bonuses go away.
Requirements: Pl=35,000 
Normal Damage Delt: +5000 to all attacks for 3 rounds
Percent Accuracy: 60%  Effects: Spx3 and all attacks +5000 for 3 rounds but must recharge 1 turn after.

Saiko No Kogeki: This is a powerful blast that you gather in front of your mouth and fire across the ground, hitting the opponent but isn't very accurate.
Requirements: Pl=4,000 (Must know Kiai)
Damage Delt: 1,750 
Percent Accuracy: 55%

Satan Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch: A little harder than a normal punch....
Damage delt: 250
Percent Accuracy:100%

Sokidan:This is a round energy ball shot from one hand....
Damage Delt: 700
Percent Accuracy: 60%

Sokidan Energy-Dan: Same as the Makosen Energy-Dan or Renzoku Energy-Dan but now this one fires a lot of Sokidan attacks. This deals major damage as it hits over 20 times!... (20 hits)
Damage Delt: 700 (20 hits)
Percent Accuracy: 50%

Spirit Gun: Okay, this is a special attack used by Yusuke Yurimeshi to blast the... well, shit, out of his enemies. There are a few versions of the Spirit Gun but this is the basis for them all. You make your hand into the form of a gun with your pointer finger and thumb. You gather a small ball infront of your pointer finger and fire a shot of ki that may look weak but is in fact is very powerful indeed. The only problem is it can only be used once per battle and drains half your Ki.
Requirements: Pl=3,000
Normal Damage Delt: 3,000 (Every 1000 Pl the user goes up the Gun gets 2X as strong)
Percent Accuracy: 75%

Chou Spirit Gun: The powered-up Spirit Gun but it is fired a different way then the others. You use both your hands, clamping them together and using both your pointer fingers and thumbs. This time, you hold your thumbs down and gather the energy again but instead of just a shot of energy, you fire a straight, thin beam of energy. This is much like the Special Beam Cannon but without the drilling power. This works in the same "One per battle" effect and half Ki drained as the regular Spirit Gun.
Requirements: Pl=12,000  Must know Spirit Gun
Normal Damage Delt: 12,000

Spirit Shotgun: This is an extremely beefed up version of a Spirit Gun. The user gathers all there energy in there hand, and aims their fist at then opponent releasing a million blasts at once.
1st level covers a width of ten feet. 2nd level does 20 feet.
(Meaning it can hit more enemies at once.)
Tidal Surge: This covers the ring in a pool of water created from within you. Your eyes go blank white and water appears from no where, trapping both you and yur opponent underneath. Unless you have Barrier on or are a race that can breath water ( Merman, Aquian or else), you can only stay under for 2 rounds before having to take a full round to go up for air. Your opponent is stunned for 2 rounds and must go up every 2 rounds as well after being stunned. This lasts for 10 rounds.
Requirements: Pl=25,000 
Damage Delt:750-2,000 (Water)
Effects: Paralysis; Ring turned to Water
Percent Accuracy: 200%

Hekireki (Thunder Dive)- You power-up, sending waves of electricity through your body and leap into the air, gathering it all into your lower body. You then drop, your body resembling a bolt of lightning and crushing the enemy.
Requirements: Pl=12,000
Normal Damage Delt: 5,000
Effects: Paralysis and Weaken
Percent Accuracy: 30%

Banrai Panchii (Thunder Punch)- A shocking, electric attack that has a chance of stunning the opponent. You don't even tough the opponent, just send off a fist-shaped jolt of electricity.
Requirements: Pl=2,500  Sp=500
Normal Damage Delt: 300
Effects: Paralysis
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Banrai Kikku (Thunder Kick)- Same as the punch but a little more powerful.
Requirements: Pl=3,000  Sp=750
Normal Damage Delt: 375
Effects: Paralysis
Percent Accuracy: 75%

Tsuihidan: Its a Ki blast that tracks its enemies, it is formed like the Kamehameha but when fired, it breaks off and appears to be as a comet of some sort.....
Requirements: PL=8,000
Damage Delt: 2,000
Percent Accuracy: Always Direct Hit

Double Tsuihidan: This is the same attack but you put your hands out, both palms open and bent slightly, pointing toward the enemy. At this point, the two Tsuihidan Beams will fire off and track the enemy for a double-powered attack.
Requirements: Pl=16,000  Must know Tsuihidan
Normal Damage Delt: 4,000 
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Watch the Birdie: This is Raditz only Ki attack that does a fair amount of damage in battle. You bring your palm up in front of your face and move it extrememly fast, creating a ball of energy within the palm, saying "... Watch the Birdie"... and throw it forward, laucnhing a beam of energy that hits while the enemy is distracted.
Requirements: Pl:1,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 750
Percent Accuracy: 65%

Whine: The ability of nagging so bad that it confuses the enemy and makes them prone to attack.
Requirements: Must be a Child
Percent Accuracy: 50%
Effects: Confuse and Weaken

Yoikominminken: Its a hypnosis techniqueused to put people into a deep sleep, by using strange voices and hand movements......
Effects: Sleep

Yokaieki: The only move used by saibaimen besides punches and kicks....they split their head in 2 and shoot a stream of acid at there opponent.....
Requirements: Must be a saibaimen....
Damage Delt: 550 (Shadow)
Percent Accuracy: 70%
Effect: Poison
PL= 50,0001 - 500,000 Moves

Bakuhabyouuchijuu(Rivit Blaster aka Shotgun)- A powerful attack made to send some major pain through the enemies body, not really made to look fancy. It's created like the Kamehameha as you gather a ball of energy in your hands while their back and bring it half-way forward and fire a barrage of energy needles at your enemy for some major damage.
Requirements: Pl=400,000  Must know Ki Shot and Kamehameha 
Normal Damage Delt: 6,750
Percent Accuracy: 80%  (20 Hits)

Bakurikimaha: An Ultimate Ki attack, this is an extremely powerful ki blast shot from one hand, the other gripping the shooting hand's wrist for support.....
Normal Damage Delt: 50,000
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Body Change: This technique is used to switch bodies with an opponent. Spreading his arms out, shouts CHANGE and shoots a bolt of energy, and if it hits it target, the 2 switch stats....The only way to reverse the effect is either defeat or if he Changes back.....All though it can be blocked but only by a team member...that member may throw something in its way to cripple the effect but the team member has only 5 seconds to stop it........
Requirements: PL=10,000
Percent Accuracy:99%
After Effects: players switch stats

Energy Kyushu: It absorbs energy, either from people's bodies or their Ki blasts, through the holes in the palm of their hands.....
Requirements:PL=1,000 (Must be android)
Effects: Absorbes the damage and adds it to ones HP and Pl (Metal)

Eraser Cannon: This is a huge beam fired by covering your mouth with your arm and pulling it away, firing a HUGE beam of purple energy that spreads over the area, hitting everyone in your party for huge damage.
Requirements: Pl=60,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000( 5000 to all other team members) 
Percent Accuracy: 100% ( Hits all partners as well as whoever it was aimed at)

Frieza Beam: A beam of energy fired from one finger...aimed directly at someone...
Normal Damage Delt: 75,000
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Honoo- A burst of fire from glands in your mouth, some what like a dragon but this is a more demon like ability that traps the enemy in a tube of fire.
Requirements: Pl=500,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 120,000 (Fire)
Percent Accuracy: 70%
Effect: Enemy is trapped for 2 turns, Burn

Kaioken x10: This is the next Kaioken and the third strongest in the line of Kaiokens. PL+100,000  SP+10,000
Requirements: Pl=100,000  Trained with King Kai 
Effects: Stats Increase (Holy)

Kaioken x20: This is the second most powerful kaioken. Pl+200,000 and Sp+20,000
Requirements: Pl=200,000   Trained with King Kai 
Effects; Stats Increase (Holy)

Super Kaioken: A Kaioken when in Super Saiyan form. This doesn't do much, but if you want a good boost it helps.
Requirements: Must be a Super Saiyan in any form. Trained under King Kai(of course)

Kasenhari(Burning Arrow Beam)- One of the niffest attacks around, this gathers in your palms like the Masenko and when fired, it comes out as a pointed beam that cuts through your opponent hard, also, if this is used on your turn, it can counter any ki attacks your opponent may have used the turn before and go right through it, hitting them.
Requirements: Pl=80,000  
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000 (Fire)
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Prism Ball - This is a powerful attack, charged by holding one hand forward, pointer finger out, and charging a ball of energy out in front of your finger, the ball growing to the size of a basketball.  The energy separates into ten different colors of the users choice, and when you are ready, each bit of color fires out as a small but powerful beam.
Normal Damage Dealt: 18,000(10 hits)
Percent Accuracy: 75% (10 hits)

Physic Explosion (Kazuya's Mystic Heahache)- When a person gets a headache, they can release a powerful telepathic attack that shakes the area.( Really just a rip-off of Psyduck's Confusin by Kazuya)
Requirements: Pl=25,000
Normal Damage Delt: 7,000
Percent Accuracy: 100%
Effects: Confuse

Reishou- The ability to crush ones hope and fill them with doubt by whispering in their ear about how they can never accomplish anything. This makes them downers and lowers their defense, making them less resistent to attacks.
Requirements: Pl=400,000  Must know Channeling 
Effect: Weaken (Shadow)

Suka-Suka Bang Attack: This is a powerful attack, despite the name. You rush at your enemy and use your ki, mixed with a slight hint of magic learned from the Tao Book of Spells and turn them into a ball of energy. Like you would Haiyuken, you begin knocking it around against objects, dealing serious physical and ki damage. This is considered a physical attack, not a ki.
Requirements: Pl=62,000 
Damage Delt: 14,000  
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Suylitsu Blaster: You gather energy in your feet and blast into the air, turning around at high speeds and releasing a barrage of over 50 Ki Blasts from your body that tracks down all the enemies you are fighting or just one.
Requirements: Pl=75,000   Percent Accuracy: 100%
Single Damage Delt: 2,000 ( 15 hits)
Multiple Enemy Damage(3 Only): 400 Each  ( 5 hits each )

Youkouro ( Furnace Blast)- This is the ability to blow a beam of fire at your enemy from your hands. You put your left arm to the right and your right arm crossed over your left to the left side. You then bring them in, half-cupped and gather a ball fo energy and fire a beam of energy engulfed in flames.
Requirements: Pl=60,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 15,000 (Fire) 
Percent Accuracy: 45% 
Effect: Burn
PL= 500,001 - 5,000,000 Moves

Bodirangeeji(Body Control)- This is the powerful ability to control your opponent through painful ki consumption and such, wrenching their body around like a doll, either using them to attack your enemies or even themselves. This only works on characters at least a pl-50,000 less then yours.
Requirements: Pl=750,000  Must know Channeling 
Normal Damage Delt: 1000 for both turns
Percent Accuracy: 75% 
Effects: Foe under your control for 2 turns

Burning Attack: A powerful energy blast shot from both hands.&nbsp; its done when holding both hands forward, while doing some strange arm moves, then put both hands forward again, index fingers and thumbs touching, Then release the blast.
Normal Damage Delt: 750,000 (Fire)
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Death Ball: This is a small ball of energy which can be created from either the tip of the finger or with both hands. This attack is small but to destroy a planet....
Normal Damage Delt: 200,000 (Shadow)
Percent Accuracy: 75%

Hell's Flash: Fires a Powerful blast from cannons under the wrists....
Requirements:PL=800,000 Must be an android
Damage delt: 200,000 (Metal)
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Ineruo (Inferno)- A powered up, white version of the Masenko that doesn't do much more damage but it is powerful.
Requirements: Pl=550,000  Must know Masenko
Normal Damage Delt: 50,000 (Holy)
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Goorudeninernuo(Golden Inferno)- An ability of those who have reached the level of SSJ Lv.1 and must be a saiya-jin. It allows you to fire a huge, gold version of the Ineruo that bursts out with energy.
Requirements: Pl=2,500,000  Must know Ineruo, Masenko and SSJ Lv.1
Normal Damage Delt: 150,000 (Holy) 
Percent Accuracy: 90%

Shounetsujigoku( Hell's Inferno)- You gather an Ineruo but your body is engulfed with a huge black ball of energy as it lifts you off the ground, charging the attack and then throwing your arms forward, setting off a barrage of Masenko-like blasts.
Requirements: Pl=2,500,000  Must know Ineruo, Masenko and must be Evil
Normal Damage Delt: 500,000 (1,000,000 to good characters) (Shadow)
Percent Accuracy: 90%

Jihadooinernuo( Holy Inferno aka Holy War)- It is gathered the same as Shounetsujigoku but it takes a turn to gather energy. You take one turn gathering the energy and heal yourself in the process and then you let it all out in a huge blast of white energy.
Requirements: Pl=5,000,000  Must know Masenko, Ineruo, Goorudenineruo and must be good
Normal Damage Delt: 750,000  (1,500,000 to Evil Characters) (Holy)
Percent Accuracy: 150%
Effects: Heals 50,000 Hp

Super Kaioken: The strongest kaioken that powers you up to glow a bright red after use.
PL+1,000,000 and Sp+100,000
Requirements: Pl=1,000,000   Trained with King Kai...
Effects: Stats Increase (Holy)

Koshoku: You can eat Light of Ki blasts.....
Effects: Takes off 50,000 damage from Blast attacks and adds it to PL ( You can also eat the excess PL off of Super Forms)
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Pow-Pow Attack: This is a strange attack that has 3 different ways of use..
1- You can leap above the enemy and smash them in the back hard with your fists and knock them into the ground with major damage being their was Ki behind those blows- Damage Delt: 200,000 
Percent Accuracy: 95%
2- You gather a ball of energy in front of you and smash it between your fists, making a huge explosion that hits all of your enemies with a huge, nuclear-like explosion- Damage Delt: 100,000 ( To all enemies) 
Percent Accuracy: 100%
3- You reach into your true energy and increase your Pl and Sp by +150,000 and attack with full force with a rampage of random punchs and kicks that all deal 50,000 damage. ( This lasts for 5 rounds)
Damage Delt: 50,000(each) ( 5 hits each)
Percent Accuracy: 45%

Sekikatsuba: This persons saliva will turn whatever to stone until either the battle is over or the enemy is defeated. If you lose a battle in this condition, you gain no stats.
Damage Delt: 1000-5000 (Shadow)
Percent Accuracy:50%
Effect: Enemy Turned to Stone until Enemy Destroyed or treated with Cure-All Elixir

Tienzankisei( Death Disk)- The evil version of the  Destructo Disk, formed from the heart of an evil person who can use this attack to defeat an enemy automatically with damage or anything if they are weaker then them.
Requirements: Pl=1,500,000 
Normal Damage Delt: Lose to anyone weaker then self (Shadow)
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Tri-Beam: Tien's special attaqck that only he has matser so far. By making a triangle with his hands, he fires a huge beam of almsot invisible energy that shows up a faint yellow color that almost the explosive power of the Kamehameha and the Final Flash combined but takes a lot out of the user.
Requirements: Pl=1,500,000
Damage Delt: 1,000,000
Effect: Must rest for 2 turns after use.
Percent Accuracy: 125%
PL= 5,000,001 - Above Moves

One-Handed Kamehameha: This may not seem to be the strongest attack in the world but this attack is much more powerful then the normal Kamehameha Wave, even though it is only one handed. This takes 1 turn to charge though.
Requirements: PL= 50,000,000  
Normal Damage Delt: 50,000,000
Percent Accuracy: 95%

Chou Kamehameha: Ultimate Kamehameha.... A powerful attack that deals devistating damage. It is the same as Kamehameha but is much large and varies in lengths and distance.
Requirements:PL=75,000,000 and Kamehameha
Normal Damage Delt: 65,000,000
Percent Accuracy: 110%

Big Kabang Kamehameha: The Second strongest Kamehameha, only possible when both the Big Bang Ball and the Kamehameha have been leanred. Is is formed by putting both hands out as if you were going to fire the Kamehameha at the end, pushing all your energy to form a ball in front of them that resembles the Big Bang Attack and fire a huge beam off at the enemy, which is the Big Kabang Kamehameha.
Requirements: Pl=150,000,000 , Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack 
Damage Delt: 100,000,000
Percent Accuracy: 95%

Final Kamehameha: The most powerful Kamehameha around, that is only possible through a fusion and needs two of the most powerful attacks in the game, Final Flash and Chou Kamehameha. You put your arms out as if you were forming the Final Flash and gather energy, then bring both arms down as if forming a normal Kamehameha and fire the beam in Kamehameha form but with a huge array that spreads over miles.
Requirements: Pl= 500,000,000, Fusion Dance, Final Flash and Chou Kamehameha 
Damage Delt: 300,000,000,000
Percent Accuracy: 125%

Adazaruka(Cherry Blossm)- You power up a redish-pink ball of energy in front of you and make it explode and concentrate it into an energy sword that you can wield that does a lot of damage.
Requirements:  Pl=25,000,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 120,000 for every sword swing
Percent Accuracy: 95% This lasts for 5 turns.

Akogoudan- An evil release of energy that allows any evil character to create a duplicate of himself formed of pure evil that has the same stats and attacks as the user. The duplicate may be a perfect copy but at the end of 5 rounds, it disappears.
Requirements: Pl=40,000,000  (Must be Evil)
Effect: Create Perfect Duplicate of self (Shadow)

Buu Big Bang Attack- Buu's own rendition for the Big Bang Attack but with him, he just releases energy from his body with firing from his hands and blows the shit out of everything around him!
Requirements: Pl=100,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 750,000
Effect: Hits all Enemies
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Buu Cannonball- When Buu decided to destroy Kami's Lookout, he turned himself into a ball and rammed right through it. Now you can do the same. This effect lasts for 2 rounds and allows you to smash through the opposition.
Requirements: Pl=7,500,000
Normal Damage Delt: 500,000 ( Lasts for 2 Rounds unless stopped by an attack that Stops, Paralysis or Freezes)
Effect: All attacks on you doubled for 2 rounds
Percent Accuracy: 50%

Yakikorosu (The Burning End)- The ultimate attack in the line of burning attacks, you start off by igniting your entire body in flames, rising your power immensely. This acts as Kaioken and helps out in the damage of the attack. You then begin with a marvelous but deadly, string of attacks. You start off by merely running up to your opponent and simply punching them. Even though this punch is quite powerful and may be enough to defeat some enemies, you decide to devistate them even more. After several moments, the whole area turns into a red-skied inferno and you begin the assualt. You hit the opponent with a string of devistating kicks and punches, each backed with an ample supply of energy behind them. You then grab your opponent by the arm and swing them around as in a Giant Swing and let them go into the sky. You then follow them up and continue with a combo, each hit smacking them further and further up into the air. You then finish them by grabbing them by the torso and diving down head first. Before you collide with the earth, you let them go and watch them plummet to the ground. Before they hit, you blast them down hard with any energy attack of your choice.
If anyone survives this, you are in some deep shit.
Requirements: Pl=12,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 90,000 (70 Hits + Whatever Energy Attack you Used)
Effects: Burn
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Brolli Atomic Bomb:  Basically Brolli's green atomic bomb type attack he uses in the movies...
Requirements:  Pl=15,000,000
Normal Damage Delt:  7,000,000
Percent Accuracy:  80%

Charge!!!: Another one of Gotenk's retarded attacks is when he turned himself into a giant  ki-shielded ram and bashed into Buu. This is the same and counts as a physical attack.
Requirements:  Pl:10,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 30,000
Percent Accuracy:  85%

Denkouinuero( Lighting Inferno aka Blitzeirg): The most powerful of the Inuero. This is the only one usuable by the forces of evil. Almost equaling the power of the Final Kamehameha and Genki Dragon Punch, the Denkouinuero is gathered the same but this time, a ball of electricity surronds you and raises your power immensely, even though you dispel a large amount of energy in the process.
Requirements: Pl-50,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 20,000,000 (Lightning)
Effects: Pl+10,000,000 SP+1,000,000
Percent Accuracy: 200%

Final Flash: Ki is gathered in both your arms while they are straight out from body. Soon, the energy will flow to your hands. Hands are slamed together and a HUGE blast of ki is shot at the opponent. This takes 2 turns to charge, one for each hand.
Requirements: PL=20,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000,000
Percent: 90%

Finish the Job- If you want to finish someone off, just blast the hell out of them with a simple ki blast from your hand. It's what Gotenks did to Majin Buu... Then Again, Gotenks also spat out ghosts and created a Donut from his ass...
Requirements: Pl=5,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: Finishes off the Enemy if their Hp is 1/4 their Max
Percent Accuracy: 100%
Effect: (Can only be used when your enemy has 1/4 Hp Left)

Fushichounessen(Pheonix Ray)- A dangerous and powerful technique that raises your body temperature to alarming rates and gives you the ability to use a very powerful technique. After charging the heat in your body for one turn, you gathering energy like the Kamehameha and bring it up, firing a rainbow-like beam into the sky, firing it multiple times into the sky as a heat cloud will form, in that heat cloud, they will gather more energy and then when it cannot build or harnest no more, it will fire down like a rain of destruction, hitting with about 20 falling star like beams of energy with thick heads, almost like meteors. They will crash to the earth for some serious damage, exploding in a huge mess.
Requirements:  Pl=75,000,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 30,000,000 (Wind) 
Percent Accuracy:250%

Galactica Donut- You run around your opponent at super-fast speeds and release Ki Energy from your.. ummm, ass. This wrapps around them and clenches tight, doing both damage each turn it is there and keeping the enemy from moving.
Requirements: Pl=30,000,000
Normal Damage: 500,000 ( 100,000 Every other Turn it is Attached)
Percent Accuracy: 75%
Effect: Enemy Trapped for 3 Turns ( Unless they are Stronger then You and then it is Only 2)

Kidan(Hurricane Disaster)- A powerful and long combo where you don't even touch the opponent. You begin to fire kicks and punches rapidly from far away until many small tornados come about and crash into the enemy, making a huge hurricane that will slash and cut the them. You then leap into the hurricane with the opponent and begin throwing Air Punches and Kicks, smacking them from a distance and then smashing them out of the hurricane with any Ki Blast of your choice.
Requirements: Pl=12,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 50,000 (100 Hits)
Percent Accuracy: 90%

Jijioujunia- THis is a strange ability that allows you to create a few, tiny versions of yourself that you spit out of your mouth that fight for you. You can create up to 3 with the following stats:
You Jr's:
Hp: 150,000
Moves: Any 4 of your moves, 2 must be punch and kick
You control them in battle.
Requirements: Pl= 15,000,000  Effect: Creates copies of yourself

Renzoku Shine: A more powerful Rezoku Energy-Dan......(50 Hits)
Requirements:PL=15,000,000 Must know Renzoku Energy-Dan
Damage Delt: 50,000 ( 50 Hits)
Percent Accuracy: 65%

Screaming Banshee Attack (Gotenks Super Galatic Energy Rings): An attack created by Gotenks on the spot when fighting Buu, it is also called Gotenks Super Galatic Energy Donut. This is merely a spire of capturing rings that go around the opponent and materialize into strong, plastic like substance.
Requirements: Pl:35,000,000 
Damage Delt: 0
Percent Accuracy: 100% 
Effect: Paralysis

Super Ghost Ballon- Another one of Gotenks retarded attacks that really is like the Super Ghost Kamikazi attack but you blow a huge ballon of ki energy in front of your enemy and blow it up, releasing tons of tiny little ghost forms of yourself that circle the enemy and ram into them, blowing up in their face!
Requirements: Pl=20,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000 (20 hits)
Effect: Enemy Blinded for 2 turns
Percent Accuracy: 30%

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: It spits out a ghost-like figure form closely resembling the person. The Ghostlike form has a mind of its own. and when it hits anything, it explodes, severely damaging whatever it hits..........
Requirements:PL=15,000,000 Must know Kamikaze Attack
Damage Delt: 10,000 (11 Hits)
Percent Accuracy:30%

Ikazuchi (Thunder Clap)- This is a strange thing to do for a finisher but it works. You send electricity to one of your hands and simply walk up to your opponent. You then smash them in the face with a shocking hand for umbelieveable damage!
Requirements: Pl=12,000,000
Damage Delt: 5,000,000
Effects: Paralysis, Weaken and Stop
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Ultima Prism Bomb - A more powerful version of the Prism Ball attack.  It is charged by putting your hands out in front of you, charging a beach ball sized, hollow ball of  energy, filled with a large number of different colors.  When it is ready, you throw the ball forward, and it bursts forward into 50 different colored, small beams, which surround the enemy, zigzag about, and finally converge on the enemy suddenly.
Requirements: Pl=7,500,000 (Must know Prism Ball)
Normal Damage Delt:90,000(50 hits)
Percent Accuracy: 125%(50 hits)

Jikken Kagirinai (Unlimited Power)- This is a great attack that does a large amount of damage by tripling your next Ki attack which makes it easier to take out those enemies with a lot of hp.
Requirements: Pl=10,000,000
Effect: Triples the damage of your next ki attack, costs Ki=50,000
Percent Accuracy: 100%