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Enrollment Process

What to expect:

Initial Telephone Interview - I am usually very  busy during the day so I prefer to speak with prospective parents in the evenings, it is possible the answering machine will pickup during day care hours.  During the initial telephone interview I will answer most questions. Generally parents are interested in hours, rates, openings, etc. I will ask the parent similar questions, such as the age of the child, previous childcare arrangements, developmental milestones, etc. During this interview we will set up a time for an evening interview where the parent can meet me and see where their child would spend their days.  If for any reason you cannot make your scheduled interview, please call to cancel or re-schedule. I will offer the same courtesy.

Evening Interview with Parent and Child
- This is where we meet and discuss in detail my program and references.  I will go over my policies and procedures and answer any daycare related questions.
After a parent has expressed an interest in my services and I have decided to offer the spot the parents will need to fill out all required enrollment forms. They will also be required to pay a Enrollment Fee / Holding Fee if necessary. No space is considered filled until the required fees have been
First Day of Care - A child's first day of care is often times difficult. The parent is asked not to delay leaving because it makes it more difficult for the child. More times than not, a child is fine after the parent is out of their sight. The parent may call to check on the child during the day.  If an email address is available I will try and email a first day photo of child in care.  Tuition for the first week/month are due on the first day of care.  

Trial Period - There is a two week trial period for every new child. If for any reason the parent or provider does not wish to continue services, a verbal notification can be given. After the trial period is up, the Daycare Contract will go into affect and a two week notice for termination of care will be required.

Required Fees - There is a non-refundable enrollment fee, this covers the cost of all paperwork.  No child care spot will be held without an enrollment fee.  Other fees may apply if requesting an extended holding period (more than 2 weeks).  Tutition payments for the first week/month are due on the childs first day.  

Parent Responsibilities- Open communication, on time payment of fees, on time for drop-off and pick-up, keeping medical records up-to-date, furnishing supplies as needed, and picking up their child or keeping their child home on the occasion that it is necessary.

Parent Policies - All families are required to adhere to the policies set forth in the parent handbook and contract

Required Forms - All families are required to maintain up to date forms designated by the state.

Provider Responsibilities - Open communication, maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for each child, being reliable, and supplying receipts and end of year tax information. My goal is to provide all of the children in my care, a clean, safe, comfortable, loving environment, where they can play and learn. Respect toward self, others and the environment will be emphasized. I believe in the value of both structured and flexible schedules. Structured activities will include the use of regular reading times, arts and crafts, and musical activities. Out-door play, free play, birthday parties, children's videos and favorite children's television programs, are some of the more flexible activities we have. The most important priority is to have FUN! Please don't expect my home or your child to be perfectly clean at pickup time. We may do messy activities, but will do our best to maintain cleanliness and order. The fun and the well-being of the children will always take precedence over cleanliness.

Day Care Contract

Additional forms are needed for daycare services. Please
email for more details.
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