My Diablo Cheat Page
My Diablo Cheat Page

HI, all you Diablo fans. I am a big Diablo fan, but I usually don't cheat. However, to cheat in a game like Diablo is not a very bad thing. So I decided to share the newest cheats for all of us. If you wan them, good, go on. If you hate cheats, well,too bad. You can click here to find out what you like. Wish you enjoy the link and if you ever change your mind, be sure to download my cheats.


The best trainer ever made by Raymond. It's a very nice trainer, it lets you save your character as a *.cha file. It also has the ability to convert *.dmp from Enigma's Trainter to *.cha.
By using that trainer, you can also save your items into *.itm, it is only about 400 bytes. An item viewer is also part of the trainer. There are many other great other cheats. Download it to find out.
Click Here to visit his hompage and download it.


A cool Diablo Monster Morph. It allows you to change your golem into other forms of monsters of your choice.
Pretty fun.
It is also from Raymond
Click Here to visit his page and download


This was a common cheat for the old version 1.03. But, many people had made new ones for version 1.04. There are many different file around, but this one is the one has all of the general cheats so far.The DiabloHack with the new dat file. This one is a good one, it contains variety of cheats. But, in my opinion, the trainer is still better.
Click Here to download, it's 34.8 KB.


The Coolest Diablo font is finally here.
Click Here to download.
This is Diablo font


Have you ever wonder what's in the *.mpq that is in the Diablo CD?
Now you can!! Click Here to download it. It's easy to setup, but it might not work for WindowsNT.


The newest add-on for Diablo from Sierra is red hot. But do you have any difficulty?
well, you can now find a trainer at to download it. It's kinda stupid that the way it's setted up. But it might be useful, I have not tried it yet, though.


The finest software made a guy that allow Hellfire to play online!!! It's capable of modem, Local Area Network, and direct cable connection. Everything except playing on Sux.
if you want it, Click Here to download.

I have the tavern and lazarus' speech soundwaves, if you are interested in them. E-Mail me then I will give them to you. If you need any cheats for version 1.00 or Version 1.03, please Email me at to get it. since I am going to "give you", you hould tell me verion, what cheats, and your E-Mail Address.

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