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To Dave:
Thanx for the Birthday present. Oh oops, u never gave me a present
To Rob:
I thank you for the birthday present. Thank you thankyou. I also understands how u feel when we kept asking you for rides when u r the only one who has license and a car. I would never do that again because now i know how it feels to kept being asked. I truely thank you again for the gifts and the rides u gave me.
To Ed:
Happy Birthday, my friend...
To Al:
Cant stand Baker, she knows too less to be a teacher!
To Joe:
This place sux, I bet Arizona has more fun than Holmdel
To Aneesh:
To Gary:
Hi again
To Lundy:
Still a porno obessessed guy.
To Victor:
DO Well in MCAT, so u can be a doctor
To Steve:
Hate you asshole, no one cares about Lee
To Elvis:
May the force be wit h you
To KW:
One of my good friend who doesn't take advantage of me.
To Exotica:
Kiss my sorry @$$. Even my basic instinct can blow you away.

There are people want to put on but no messages to you or you have no internet access. Mail me when you have or you just want me to put you up.
There is a purpose to the song on my Message Board, the name is "Truely Madly Deeply", not so much for your GUYS, but maybe some girls.......

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