My Profile

My Name: Ching Yuan, Click 1, 2, 3 to see some pictures of me
Age: 17
Birthday: 10-13
Gender: Male
ICQ Number: 1817133
E-Mail Address:
School I go to: Holmdel High School
Town I live in: Holmdel
Interests: Baseball, Basketball, Girls, Movies, and Chat
Hobbies: Play Red Alert, learn new HTML, JAVA, C++, and download WAREZ
Usually Hang Out Pace: Rob's house, Multiplex theather, and basketball court
Nick Name: Magic Man, Stalker, and Wild Ching
Favorite Movies (right now as 5/26/98): Face off and Air Force One
Favorite Songs (right now as 5/26/98): As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games With My heart, Torn, and a Chinese song.
Favorite Games (right now as 5/26/98): Red Alert, GoldenEye 007, and Magic: The Gathering

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