A part of life that is growing at a rate, which is snow balling out of control, to the degree that government officials are fighting to do everything they possibly can to close the gap, along with foundations, organizations and missions, through out every State, yet because of the constant rise in the economy and  unemployment, many families are finding it differcult to keep up, causing this debilitating act to become an alarming rate that has lead to what is now known as Christian Vision Ministries.


I remember being so hungry, I comtemplated eating the scraps you might have discarded and on many occasions, i've witness a hungry person doing just that, People are going hungry everyday and thanks to many missions, organizations and foundation, some have a place they can depend on to get a wholesome meal, but there are still so many, who are not getting such blessing,  So Christian Vision Ministries have joined in on helping to feed people in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area.

About Christian Vision Ministries

Christian Vision Ministries provides food, clothing and very soon housing to men, women and children and we are able to do so, by having volunteers hold onto and collect recycling items, such as empty soda cans, plastics and bottles...differcult to believe we know, but true, which enables everyone in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area to get involved.

We are also affiliated with sites that sell quality merchandise, from paintings, clothes and households, which enable us to do many great things with the funds accumulated,  A long with sites that will provide a way for all to an extra income, while also helping us help others.

We are affiliated with a greeting card site that allows out banner on it, so if you don't send one of our writings to your family and friends, you may want to send a greeting card.

So you can see this place is a bit different, yet is moving in the same direction as anyone who want to help others, who are unable to help them selves and maybe encourage to lift them selves up and want to pay it forward.

Click on the Home link which will lead you to many thoughts, that are about the beauty of God, relationships, friendship. and others, which may touch your heart and cause you to want to share them with others, which is another wonderful way you can help us.

God  bless

Brother Larry De Baptiste

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