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Hi, Welcome to my history homepage. I hope that this site will help all history students who want to find suitable resources to help them with their history lessons. I know that all too often you can go on the internet and either not find what you want or end up with too much information. Let me know if you don't find what you need and I will try to help. To find what you want look through the guide for students and look for your year group. There are images etc. for you to use in projects or homeworks.

Don't hesitate to e-mail for additional help and if you like the site leave a comment in the guest book.


On this site you can access some of my lessons that I have made. Feel free to download them and use them if you wish. You may also find the work I have done for GCSE students of some use. I have lots of help for students in developing essay answers. This was seen as a particular strength of my work by OFSTED in their recent inspection of my last school. If you like the resources I have made don't hesitate  to send me a blank CD and I will copy the rest (about 40) for you to use as you want. I strongly believe in sharing good practice and letting as many people as possible  use my work. What goes around, comes around and you can send me copies of whatever you may have developed.

Good luck and keep in touch. Counter

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