Welcome to my comics page, where I will regale you with all sorts of interesting information about the vast world of comics. While this definitely includes standard american monthly comic books, it also covers non-American comics (European, Japanese, martian, whatever), newspaper strips, Internet comics, and anything else I come across that uses sequential art to tell a story. I have been reading and collecting comics for a number of years, so I feel that I have enough experience to actually make some sense. I'm not totally sure what I'll post here, but it'll all be related to comics in some form or another. Anyway, welcome, and I hope that you enjoy your stay.

An article about why I don't feel bad about being a grown man who reads comic books.
A listing of my favorite comic series with information about them and links to discover even more.
What I've read recently
A list of the webcomics I currently read. This page was designed for my own use, but feel free to use it yourself.
Links to the comic-related web sites I visit the most.
The Small Press Spotlight.