For the past few months, I've been playing through games in my collection and writing my thoughts on them in my blog. You can check out those postings here.

- last updated October 28, 2008

What's Here?

Space Hulk Solitaire, a short set of rules I came up with for playing games of Games Workshop's Space Hulk when you can't convince your friends to play with you.
The Links Archive, a collection of gaming-related links to other cool sites on the Web.
My Tunnels & Trolls page, which contains a number of articles that will enhance your games of this fine old classic.
Dice!, a very useful freeware dice roller that can even roll impossible dice like a D17. I highly recommend it.
My own home-brewed strategic battle game. Pretty good for handling maneuvering and associated issues for a tactical miniatures campaign.
A set of pages with information on the Play by Email RPG that I am running for three friends. This includes descriptions of the characters, the cosmology for the setting, as well as copies of the narrative flow from the various Acts in the game.