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Pansy Border
Terrific Terrier Tales Told By
A Silky Terrier Named

Pansy Border

Hi! My real name is "Elizabeth Of Cerritos", but everybody calls me Lizzie or Liz.
I'm a Silky Terrier girl (mom says I'm a Silky Terror). On August 4, 2000,
I was born at Delayre Kennels, in Sun Valley, California. When I was four months old
I went to live with my new Mom & Dad in Cerritos, California.

This is me at four months!
This is me at four months!

Pansy Border

I was pretty scared when I left Sun Valley to live in Cerritos, but
I'm not scared anymore 'cause this is a real good place to live.
I can do just about anything I want to do around here,
and I don't get into very much trouble when I do something I shouldn't!

I have lots of toys that I really love.
I have stuffed toys, lattex toys, rope toys, and socks from dad.
My favorite pastimes are sleeping, playing, eating & chewing
everything I see. I really, really, really love to chew things!

Liz and Toys
See what I mean about chewing?
This picture doesn't show all of the mess I made - sorry Mom!
I had the urge to rip the stuffing out of the duck
and give him a good shaking, so I did it!

Pansy Border

I love to play with Daddy's socks when he takes them off at night.
He gets kinda mad at me when I steal his socks,
but he can't stay mad at me for very long!

My Sock Now
Peekaboo! HeeHee - look at what I have!
(Click here to see more pictures of me and my sock.)

Pansy Border
Here I am, sittin' on daddy's lap!

Pansy Border
Liz In The Oregano Patch
I'm checkin' out the oregano for Mom...
I hope she makes Oregano Chicken soon!

Pansy Border
Liz Laying Down
I'm taking a break from playing with my sock.

Pansy Border
Liz Looking Up
Look up there! I see a possum sittin' on the fence!
I betcha I could catch it if I wanted to!

Pansy Border
Oooohhhh Nooooooo!!!
I see a bottle of puppy shampoo sitting on the counter and I know what that means!
I pretend that I don't like baths very much, and I pretend that I don't like being groomed.
But, you know what? It really doesn't bother me, but I'll never admit that to Mom or Dad)

Liz getting a bath
Mom, why are you doing this to me?

Pansy Border

Guess what! I have an older sister now, her name is Honey.
(Click on her underlined name to see her very own page,
or you can click on her picture below to see her page).

Honey was abandoned, she was tied up & left in front of a dog pound.
She had to stay there all night until the staff found her the next morning.
Honey told me that she was real cold and real scared from being tied up outside all night.

Mom & Dad adopted Honey from the Silky Terrier Rescue group on August 21, 2001.
Honey was eleven years old when she came to live with us.
She has cataracts and doesn't always see real good.
Sometimes she doesn't see me standing there and she bumps right into me!!
(I think she does it on purpose but Mom says I'm being silly to think that.)

Mom & Dad think Honey is soooo cute when she sits up and begs.
Now, I'm not saying this out of jealousy, but I don't understand
what they think is so cute about Honey sitting up.
If I wanted to, I could sit up too ya know!

2 pix of Honey
My Sister - Honey!

Mom said one reason she wanted to get another dog was 'cause
she thinks I sleep too much. She thinks I'm bored and I need a dog friendOh yeah, almost forgot to tell ya, Mom said this picture of us was not
what she had in mind when she said I needed another dog to keep me company!

2 Sleeping Dogs
Yep, that's right!! ~ We're bored! ~ We're sleepin'!

Pansy Border
Honey has a "Rescued Pets Pictures" page.
Click on the graphic below to see picture of other rescue pets,
but don't forget to come back here when you're finished looking!

Pansy Border
Mom asked me if I'd put some pictures of the other dogs that she and dad used to have
on my web page. She said she thinks I would have liked them all if I had met them.
I said sure I'd do it, it didn't bother me to have pictures of other dogs on my web page.
What else could I say? I didn't want to hurt her feelings. And, it really is okay with me
'cause even though she's never said it, I know she loves me best!
I'm not jealous, really I'm not. So here they are


This is Brandy, she was a Corgi mix. She used to live here with Mom and Dad
before I came to live with them. Mom told me she was a real fun dog
and she said she loved Brandy a lot.

The picture on the left was taken on Thanksgiving day when Brandy was just a pup,
about two years before she came to live with Mom & Dad.
The picture on the right is her in our back yard, she was about four then.

2 Pictures of Brandy.jpg
Brandy Girl

This is Mom holding "Sugar Pops" -- Sugar was a Silky Terrier.
Mom said this picture was taken right after she and dad got back from
a vacation in Hawaii. I asked her if that was a long, long, long time ago.
She just gave me that look she sometimes gives me and rolled her eyes!!!

Mom and Sugar
Mom and Sugar

This is a picture of "Ginger 'n' Spice" and "Gypsy Brandywine".
Ginger was a Yorkshire Terrier, Mom said she was high-strung but
she loved her anyway. That's Brandy sitting next to her.
Mom said Brandy was very smart and VERY stubborn.

Being a Silky myself, I can honestly tell you that stubbornness is a
VERY UNUSUAL trait for Silkies, and I don't care what anyone says,
no one will ever get me to change my mind about that...never ever!

Ginger and Brandy

Pansy Border

This is my Mom's sister Donna and her puppy Pork Chop (a Pekepoo).
Aunt Donna had fixed pork chops the evening Uncle Gail brought home this tiny puppy.
The little pup ate a bite of pork chop with such gusto that they named her Pork Chop!

Hahahahahaha, I just laugh so much everytime I hear that story.
I laugh because it's such a cute story and a such cute name too!!
I do have to tell you though, I'm a lucky dog because
when I think of how Pork Chop got her name I realize that
Mom & Dad could have named me...

Donna and Porky
Aunt Donna and Cousin Porky

Other People's Pets
DOGGONIT! I can't believe it, I thought this was MY web page.
Now Mom wants me to put pictures of her friends and relatives pets on here!
Oh well, like I said I'm not jealous so just click on the puppy below
to see pictures of other people's pets.

I just love a good critter joke, story or poem!
Click on the laughing dog below to see some of my favorites.
Mom told me that she really likes the jokes 'n' poems, and
she especially likes the dog's letters to God.

Laughing Dog

click here to see my photo gallery

Cartoon Picture of A Camera

Awards, Cards & Gifts!!

Click on the picture
to see my awards!

Recipes For Dog Treats

Click on the dog chef below to see some good recipes. I think you're really gonna like the first recipe...
it's a crockpot turkey recipe that my sister Honey & I made up!

Quotes About Dogs

Mom and I like to read quotes about dogs. Click on the picture below
to see some of the quotes we like.
I got mad when I read the first quote, and I was going to take it out, but
Mom made me leave it in. Grrrrr!!!

Birthday Balloons

Birthday Cake with One Candle
One Year Old
Saturday, August 4, 2001

You wouldn't believe what a great day I've had today.
Today was my birthday. I'm so happy, because I'm one year old today!
Mom & Dad gave me a bone, a stuffed pink flamingo & a big ole stuffed jack.
I jumped on that flamingo and gave him a good shaking the minute I saw him!
After I showed the flamingo who's the boss in this house,
Dad & I played a game of jacks. We chased the jack around the floor
till Dad got tired and had to rest.

Birthday Cake with Two Candles
Sunday, August 4, 2002

I'm two years old today! My birthday dinner was really delicious...
two boiled shrimp in my dog food. Yummy!
Honey had four shrimp (Mom said because she's twice my size) and
Mom & Dad ate the rest of the shrimp with cocktail sauce!

I got a blue monkey & some flavored chew sticks for my birthday, but
my favorite present was the surprise gift from Mom!
She gave me one of her diaries that she had when she was a teenager.
It's a red diary with a picture of a girl with a ponytail on it, she's so pretty!
(I think the diary's probably an antique or somethin'
'cause Mom had it since she was a teenager.)

Special Internet Friends
I just love the Internet! I've found some new doggie friends on the Internet,
we have exchanged emails and some of my friends wrote
their own webpages just like I did! like to see smart dogs who know
how to do emails and how to make their own webpage. Click on their names below
to meet my friends who wrote their own webpage and/or write their own email.




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Good Bye For Now

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A Note from Elizabeth's mom...
This web page is dedicated to
the memory of my sister Donna.
(And special thanks from Mom to)
Pansy Border

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