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I'm the 1st site in Yahoo 4 Noah Bastian! Thanks every1!
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·Added a great dream of mine; Added a lookalike section
· I added a concert review! They were grrrreat! :)
Rumours have been confirmed; they signed a contract a while ago look out for that series!
Who is Noah Bastian & why have I decided to do a webpage on him? A great actor is who he is and in this webpage, you will learn about him and his career.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2000
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I'm still working on gathering on info on Noah; there isn't anything about him around, so just please be patient while I get my 411 2ge+her (get it? LOL) :)

I would like 2 take the time to thank everybody who's been so supportive of Noah &my site. Thanks so much, it means the world to me!

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S . i . s . t . e . r . . S . i . t . e . s . . Do you know how I spend all my time? Crying all the time..thinking of you..~as Chad in 2ge+her

WAV: Buttload.wav ~~ *Chad: I think this band's gonna be a kickass opportunity for all of us. I mean I have this dream that I don't tell many people about. And that's to own a sea-doo. And I plan to get one too because I plan to make a butt-load of money with this.
-Doug: A "butt-load"? How much is a butt-load?
-Chad: a $1000 (sarcastically) I based that on the fact, that one time, I fit $5.00 up my butt and, well not to brag or nothing, but I think that I can fit way more up there. way more. easy!

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