The Minature Bottles shown below contains Whisky or Brandy as described and contains 50ml ( 5cl) of contents. To place an order, please e-mail me. To see description, please move mouse over the picture and text box will open with descriptions. Prices of each Minature Bottle is $15.00 except for # 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 the cost will be $20.00 each.

1.Johnnie Walker Blacklabel. 1a. Johnnie Walker Blacklabel - Same as # 1 but picture at different angle. 2. Barcardi Limon 0. 3. Campari , 23% liquerur. 4. Chivas Regal - Blended Scotch Whisky. 4a. Chivas Regal same as # 4 - picture at different angle. 5. cutty sark  blended scots whisky  50 ML 43%liquerur 6. Dom  benedictine.

6a Dom - same as #6 but picture from the back 7. Jack Daniel. 7a. Jack Daniel - same as # 7 - picture at different angle. 8. Jade Otard 8a. Jade Otard - same as # 8 - Picture at different angle. 9.Martini Bianco. 10. Martini Extra Dry 50 ml 18% liqueur. 11. Red Label.

12. V.S.O.P. Hennessy. 13. V.S.O.P. Wagon Brand Special Reserve . 14. XO Hennessy. 15. XO Otard. 15a. XO Otard Box - same as # 15 .

16. Bols mini Mixables - Blue Curacao, Misty Peach, Coconut Creole, Bolws Kibowi & Kontiki. 16a. Bols mini Mixable - same as # 16 - Minature Bottles inside box.

To contact, e-mail us at malaysiancollectibles@yahoo.com

Postage Rates

Postage will be by registered air mail

For the first Minature Bottle the shipping cost is $9.90. For the next 9 bottles from 2 to 10, please add $3.00 for each bottle. For every additionl bottle above 10, please add $2.00 per bottle.

Example : If you order 20 bottles, the postage cost will be $9.90 + $27.00 + 20.00 = $56.90.


Insurance is optional. For every $25.00, cost of insurance is $1.00.

Mode of payment

If cost of Cans excluding postage is less than $10.00, payment to be in CASH only. If cost of Cans excluding postage is more than $10.00, payment can be by personal check, money order, cashiers check or credit card (accepted through Bidpay.com).

My Mailing address is :

Victor Jebamani
39 Persiaran Tawas Baru 14,
Taman Tasek Mewah,
30010 , Ipoh, Perak,

If paying by credit card,
the address to be entered into the box will be as follows :

Name : Victor Jebamani
Address : No.39 Persiaran Tawas Baru 14
Address : Taman Tasek Mewah
Zip Code : 30010
City : Ipoh
State : Perak
Country : Malaysia

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