DMGI Announces New Digital Distribution Agreements for Classic Television Shows
Includes Route 66

Three favorite films have big anniversaries
Mentions the anniversary of Milner's film "The Sweet Smell of Success".

Martin Milner's profile at
NNDB is a sort of internet "Who's Who."

Webshots Photo Album--Martin Milner in Olympia, Washington - March 16, 2002
A fan's Route 66 event photo album with shots of Milner.

Route 66 Caravan
Another Rt. 66 event page with a few pics of Milner.

1-Adam-12: Continue Patrol
A great new Adam-12 fanfic site!

Tac 2: Adam-12 Fan Fiction
Tac 2, the first Adam-12 fanfic archive is back up!

Homepage for Route 66 magazine, which features a column by Marty Milner in each issue.

Uncle Al's Time Capsule
A photo of Marty and Kent at an autograph collector's website.

a synopsis and pics from Martin Milner's appearance in the "Yahoo" episode of Laredo.

Dragnet: The Big Producer
Watch Martin's early Dragnet appearance, "The Big Producer" at "Like Television's" website.

Route 66 at IMDB
The "Route 66" entry at Internet Movie Database (IMDB) with cast, production info, etc.

Subscribe to The Adam-12 discussion group at Yahoo! Groups.
Join the Adam-12 discussion group at Yahoo! Groups. Just click on the link above to join in friendly conversation with other A-12, Martin Milner and Kent McCord fans. Discuss Adam-12, Martin Milner, Kent McCord and other aspects of the show.

Subscribe to the Martin Milner group at Yahoo! Groups.
All Marty Milner all the time ;)

Subscribe to the Route 66 Yahoo! Group
Discuss Route 66, that awesome 1960's TV series starring Martin Milner and George Maharis.

Internet Movie Database: Martin Milner"
Filmography, links, etc. for Milner at Internet Movie Database

TV-Now: Martin Milner
Martin Milner's TV Schedule at TV-Now.

Martin Milner Fan Club at Yahoo! Clubs
Discuss Martin Milner. This site hasn't been too active lately and seems to have become a haven for spammers, but it's still there.

Knightwriter Zines
You can purchase "Adam-12" (and other) fanfic zines here.

Life with Father
Info about the film.

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