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This section features newspaper/magazine articles about Martin Milner and his work.
"Traveling Man"
Short article about Route 66.

"Hollywood's Strangest Marriage Bargains"
Short piece containing Milner's section of the above article.

"Even Polio Didn't Keep Him Down"
Short article from TV Channels, 1973.

"Martin Milner: Vagabond Family Man"
Nice article about Martin Milner and his family traveling Route 66.

"Marty's Off to Russia to Teach 'Em How to Fish"
Article about Milner's life since Adam-12.

"Vacation at Home"
An article, written by Milner, about travelling Route 66 with his family.

"George is Back on the Road"
Article about George Maharis' return to filming Rt. 66 after illness. Includes information about Martin Milner.

"The Route 66 Faithful Congregate in Tampa"
Very short article from Corvette Quarterly about a 1990 Rt. 66 reunion.

"How to Live Out of a Suitcase--And Like It"
Article about Milner and his family traveling to Route 66 locations.

"Duarte Route 66 Parade to Celebrate 75 Years on Highway to Dreams with Grand Marshal Actor Martin Milner"

"The 'Other Star' of Route 66"
Article about Milner and his work on Route 66.

"Marty Milner: 'Route 66'"
From Route 66 Magazine, a recent interview with Milner.

"If You Were the Wife of Marty Milner"
Short article about Milner and his family.

"Tod and Buz 30 Years Later"
Article about Milner and his work on the Route 66 TV series, with production info on the show and interviews with Milner, George Maharis, and Sam Manners.

"Fishing Fans Do Know Him from Adam"
An article about Milner and his co-hosting of the fishing radio talk show "Let's Talk Hookup".

The Ninety Day Mistress: Martin Milner Biography
Milner's biography from the program for the Broadway play The Ninety Day Mistress.

"Gettin' Their Kicks In a Corvette: CBS Television's Route 66"
Article about the Route 66 TV series with info about the origins of the show, with quotes from those involved.

"Faces Familiar"
Short article/biographical profile with a photo of a very young Milner.

"Romancing the Road"
An article about the origins and production of the Route 66 TV series, written by Kermit Park.

"TV Stunt Men Battle in Flats as 'Route 66' Leaves Beaten Track"
An article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about a Route 66 episdoe being filmed in Cleveland.

"Marty Milner Sets a Style"
An article/biographical profile from 1958.

"Do You Rememember?: Route 66"
An article from TV Collector Magazine about the Route 66 TV series.

"Reunion: Martin Milner"
A short article from TV Guide about Milner's radio show from the 1980s.

"Going Places and Doing Things"
Short article about Martin Milner and George Maharis and the Route 66 TV series.

"Pro at Work"
A nice biographical article about Milner.

"Martin Milner: Off Duty"
Article about Milner's Fallbrook home and his family.

"Roots of Route 66"
Article about Martin Milner, George Maharis and Route 66.

"After 7 Years, Even the Rookie's a Pro"
Article about Milner, Kent McCord, and Adam-12.

"Martin Milner: 'Tunnel of Love' Bio
Biography from the souvenir program from the play "Tunnel of Love" starring Martin Milner and Kent McCord.

"Route 66 Profile: Martin Milner"
Short article by Milner about working on and traveling Route 66.

"Easy Does It"
A short article about how Milner's children keep him young.

"How Hollywood Men Take Care of Their Bodies"
Short section of an article in which actors discuss exercise and health.

"Milner Takes the Defense"
Short article in which Milner defends the quality of Adam-12.

"Have Family Will Travel"
Great article about how Milner traveled to Route 66 locations with his wife, kids, dog, etc., all packed into a van.

TV Guides 1968 review of Adam-12

"The Fears that Haunt Martin Milner"
A very melodramatic title, but basically about how he worries about his family. Nice article.

"Route 66"
Article about Route 66.

"They Come to Blows: Route 66"
Article about Martin Milner and George Maharis. But they never come to blows. It's really a story about how the "rift" stories were overblown.

"Marty Milner Rushed to Hospital: Mystery Illness Puzzles Doctors"
Story from 1972 about Milner being very ill with blood poisoning. Interspersed with information about Milner's family and childhood. Found out he is, in fact, an only child.

"Talk About Putting the Show on the Road"
Article about traveling to locations filming Route 66.

"Public Eye"
Article about law-and-order on TV, includes Adam-12 and Dragnet.

Short article about the "new show" Adam-12 from TV Guide's Fall Preview Issue 1968.

"TV Q&A: Martin Milner Traded His "Adam-12" Badge for Fishing Pole"
Short article about what Martin Milner, Kent McCord and William Boyett are doing now, from the News Tribune, Tacoma, WA, 1998.

"Do You Remember?: Adam-12"
An excellent article from "TV Collector" magazine. Tom Williams, Cynnie Troup, Martin Milner, Leo Gordon, and many others give insight into the production of Adam-12 through interviews and anecdotes. A lot of great information about the show and the actors. A must-read!

"They Day They Told Me 'You'll Never Walk Again'"
Article about Martin Milner's bout with polio.

"The Quiet Man"
Article about Milner being the "quiet man" of Route 66.

"Where Are They Now?"
Short article about what Martin Milner and Kent McCord are doing today, from the Louisville, KY Courier Journal.

"TV's Top Stars of 1963"
Short article/profile.

"The Private Life of a Cop"
Article about Milner, life on his Fallbrook, CA ranch, and his family.

"Heading Up"
Short profile about Milner from a section of "Movie Stars" magazine about up-and-coming actors on TV.

"Honesty is Marty's Policy"
Article about the end of Adam-12 and Milner's new series, "Swiss Family Robinson."

Martin Milner, Bio from "Gale Research"
Short biographical sketch from Gale Research (probably the most reliable biographical source available) including a short (though incomplete) filmography.

"Home is Where the Family Is"
Article from 1962 about Milner traveling to "Route 66" locations with his family.

"All About TV's Forgotten Man"
An article from 1961 about Milner being the "forgotten man" of "Route 66" and about how he feels about his family.

"The (Nashville) Beat Goes On"
Article/interview from a Canadian TV magazine that was published when "Nashville Beat" premiered in 1990.

"Hiding Away With Marty Milner"
A nice article about Milner and his family and a bit about his acting history.

"Law and Order's Peter Pan"
Interview with Milner from TV Guide, 1974.

"Behind the Wheel Again"
Nice article about Milner returning to TV in Adam-12, from TV Guide 1968.

"When Being Clean-Cut Isn't Square"
Article with short biographical sketches about Milner and McCord

Corvette Quorum
Milner's remembrances of driving the Corvette in Route 66 , from an article about the Corvette's 40th birthday.

"Biography.Com--Martin Milner"
This is the interview from the website. The link on that site doesn't work, so here it is.

"Where Are They Now?: Martin Milner"
Short article (from 1995) and photo about Milner's post-Adam-12 life.

"Adam-12: To Protect and to Serve"
Short article (with a great photo!) about Adam-12

"Blowout on Route 66"
Article about Route 66 and the ailing George Maharis, written shortly before he left the show. A combination of an interview with Maharis (complete with inflammatory remarks about everyone involved in the show) and info/interview with Milner.

"The Last Child in the Family Has Rights, Too!"
From "TV Radio Mirror Magazine," an article, written by Milner, in which he discusses his children.

"Still Behind the Wheel"
Article about Martin Milner's return to TV in "Adam-12."

"The Making of a Cop"
Article mainly about Kent McCord, but some about Milner and Adam-12.

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