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On Conception: A treatise about Making Babies in the Middle Ages  PDF Version

It's a Saturday in 1253 in Dublin.
What's for lunch?
My redaction of some recipes related to 13th century Dublin.
Chart of Plant Remains from Dublin

Medieval Teeth and how to take care of them. 

Research and Documentations Handout. The basics of doing research and documentation in the SCA. Some information is specific to St. Louis but a lot of it is general.
Updated 9 December 2004

Brian Boru article. Not my best paper ever but I still like how it's structured. It needs a little meat on its bones so please email me if you know of any other good sources on Brian. The figures have not been added yet.

Elsewhere on the Web

A bibilography of
Medieval Ivory Carving - This was current as of 1996. I need to update it.
Two Ideas for Hobbyhorses   - if you would like to use this in an SCA newsletter please let me know and I will send you the illustrations I made for it.

Abbot Suger's Abby Church at St. Denis: The Light Metaphor in Theory and practice   This started out as a paper for a Medieval Philosophy class. I edited out the really esoteric junk.

The article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch where they talk about the
set design contest that I won.  This link is now dead. Whaaaaaa

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Art Stuff
15th Century Portrait - Jack of Banyard's Lily Portrait. Opens to PDF

Ink - My experiements with making Walnut and Iron Gall inks.

Gouache G-what?: A modern substitute for Period Paints. The handout from a class I did about our favorite paint.

A small sample of my
Calligraphy and Illumination work

Drawing in Period. A history of Drawing in SCA period and a little about how to apply it to being a scribe. Again no pictures but on this one it's for copyright reasons.

A little bit about
preprints from the Reign of Fernando and Lyriel
I hope to add the pictures soon. Better late than never.
Buffy Related Pages

My alter-ego -
Slaine the Vampire Buffer

Pictures from the Buffy Site Location Tour and the PBP2003  

My favorite Buffy discussion board.
Still going strong!
The Bronze Alternative

Clutter and the Modern Medieval Home PDF Some tips on how to control Clutter in an SCA home. NEW

The Or Pages (Heraldic for Yellow Pages)
This is a listing of places in St. Louis to get that SCA stuff you have been looking for. 
My most popular page!

Open letter to a new
Demo Co-ordinator in the Barony of Three Rivers

Society for Creative Anachronism

Kingdom of Calontir

Barony of Three Rivers

13 Century Women's Headdress

Notes on a handsewn 14th century cote.
PDF version 

The handout from my Gambeson Basics class held at Lilies 2005.  PDF

Images for 13th Century Irish Garb

Some examples of
Garb I've made

Last Updated June 30, 2005

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