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MaSCL Minutes
Sunday, November 2nd 2003

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Attendance:  Tiffany, Jeff, Russ, Matt, Mark, Yomari, Nate, Janet, Lisa & Denis on speakerphone

Location: Jeff's place

Time: Meeting Started at 2:10 PM.

Mark's Corner:

  • Distribution of checks to the people who went to Nationals.
  • Mark called Brookline bank about the 2 forms of addresses. Statements are still sent to Russell.
  • Any suggestion of good banks that doesn't tackle fees onto our account, please let us know!
  • Flowers sent to Paula Smith.

 Paula Smith Update:

  • MASCL note to Paula Smith:
  • Magistra Smith, nos in foedere MASCL volumus ut tu mox valeas.  Tibi sunt magna virtus perseverantiaque.  Petivisti, pugnavisti et triumphabis.....
  • 3 wks into radiation and no effects so far might be attending BU classics day, might be coming back to teaching this upcoming December

 Janet's Corner:

  • BU Classics Day on 12/1/03

9:30 - 11:20 AM ; Workshop 1
10:30 -11:20  Workshop 2,
11:30 - 12:30PM Lunch (  $6.75/ person = Lunch FEE)
12:15 - 1: 15 PM Skits

Prof. Henderson will be speaking at the skit. As for BU Classics Day (Dec. 1), if anyone intends to come, they need to let Janet know ahead of time! Janet Fillion's email : rockberries@mindspring.com

Key Note about BU and Silber: We were planning on getting Goldin or Silber to have a talk, but with the current events and etc...that's change to Prof. Henderson. Silber was responsible for keeping teaching college behind bars intact; people learn roman and latin history. BU played a major role in retaining the classics  

  • Certamen Questions due on 12/15/03

Writers for Certamen Questions:

Writers for Certamen Questions:

Novice Language (Nathan -13 questions, ____________ 13 questions)
           Myth (Amanda 8 questions, __________- 8 questions)
           History/Life ( ___________ - 8 questions, ___________- 8 questions)

Lower Language (Nathan -13 questions, ____________ 13 questions)
          Myth (Russell 8 questions, Mark - 8 questions)
          History/Life ( Russell - 8 questions, ___________- 8 questions)

Upper Language (Lisa -12 questions, _____________ 12 questions)
          Myth (Viet 6 questions, Viet - 6 questions)
          History/Life ( Ty - 6 questions, Ty - 6 questions)
          Literature ( ___________ - 6 questions, ___________- 6 questions)

  • We need people to write Test questions for the MJCL Convention.We have the following topics on the tests:

Myth, History, Life, MAQ ( Models, Abbrev, Quotes)   ---> Nate is the primary person who wants to do this, Grammar ( Upper and Lower not definitely...will be discuss at the MJCL E-Board Meeting), Derivatives---> Mark might be possibly planning to do 25 questions, Adam might be planning to do it if Janet permits!!, Penthalon, Vocab

Please email me @ matthewchan@verizon.net with what you want to write so I can finalized the forms for Janet!

Yomari's Corner:

Audition for the Frogs will be held at Harvard

No update on PK and the rest of the harvard crew.... 

We need more harvard   PPL!!!!!!!!!   No participation 

Amanda's Corner:

Amanda wasn't here!!  =(

Tiffany's Corner:

TE is still up in the air. If we want to do TE , it will be @ the Art room used last yr. Auditions of TE: Indiana didn't have any audition.  

Suggestion: Registration of TE people with sponsors ???? A Skit????

Email to MASCL on people who would be going to AMHERST 11/15/03 by friday 11/7/03.  Yomari, Tiff, Mark ??? would be going....please email Tiff on whether you will be able to provide transportation 

Session ended @ 3: 40PM

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